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  1. Roberta

    I watched the first two episodes. I was not reminded of the sad current happenings in our world. Why do people try to make trouble about everything.

    1. Why make trouble

      Exactly. Linking the two things seems a bit far fetched unless you personally have children involved in the recent incident. The two things are very separate, and linking them without being actually traumatized by the recent tragedy is just attention seeking behaviour.

      1. TearDrinker

        You both are Rockstars for saying what most of us are thinking. This virtue signaling for attention needs to stop.

  2. Bill Kilpatrick

    I watched the first two episodes. I found them mostly boring. Any time you start a sequel with scenes from another movie (in this case, three other films), that’s lazy writing. Despite the weirdness (I definitely noticed) of life imitating art, what most struck me was how easy it was to shoot long scenes of Obiwan moping around, with sad music to go with his sad, sad face. This was not like The Mandalorian or The Book of Boba Fett, where so much was crammed into each episode.

    As weird as it was for Star Wars to show us a literal school shooting in a galaxy far, far away, I found that scene to be among the best in the new series, as it involved action (a Jedi defending younglings) and suspense, not long shots of sad Obiwan moping around in the desert.

    I did like the development of young Princess Leia and Obiwan’s original rescue of her, including the chase scenes involving the Inquisitors. I think the series has potential, once it gets out of its own way. Hopefully, episode 3 will take us beyond the “pilot” stage, with less time wasted showing us more shots of sad Obiwan looking lost in the desert.

    1. Dave

      Definitely disagree. I want the series to show the emotional journey of Obi-Wan, not just fill each episode with empty action and CGI.

      1. Netsrot

        I agree to a certain point. However, i havr watched episode 3 already and Mrs Kennedys dislike for the original movies and actores is evident. It a fact, she just doesn’t like strong men.

        Also there are some flaws in the story itself.
        The initial violence brings sense into why Obi Wan has lost sense in fighting, its crucial.
        I however would like less Leia and more Obi Wan doing his thing towards Episode IV

  3. Mickey

    Gets paid to write. Doesn’t know what “polemic” means or when to use double quotes.

  4. Quijon Jinn

    Obi-Wan is unfortunately not done well, not written well, not directed well, very poorly produced and is an utter disappointment. It has some bad acting, some poor choices for some of the roles and felt like another flip. Kathleen Kennedy needs to go from. She cannot make a good star wars film or show. I was very sadly disappointed. Stranger Things on the other hand knocked it outta the park maybe Disney can learn from that series how to do something correctly.

    1. Netsrot

      Amen to that

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