Magic Final Four Round 2: Fantasmic or World of Color? Vote for a Chance at a $150 Disney Gift Card!

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Magic Final Four

Over 10,000 votes.   That’s right, over 10,000 votes were tallied last weekend in the first round of our 2022 Magic Final Four tournament to help determine Disney’s greatest parade/show.

Round 2 has arrived which means you can once again lock in your votes and enter to win a $150 Disney gift card!  Kick off your weekend by watching the Round 2 preview show, and comment on who you believe will win the tournament directly on YouTube!



Round 2 features some tremendous matchups.  Let’s take a look at some of them below:


Dream Along with Mickey vs. Mickey’s Royal Friendship Faire

For over five years Disney fans have argued over which Magic Kingdom castle show was superior.  The Friendship Faire replaced Dream Along during the summer of 2016 and continues with performances in 2022 (though with an updated name, and theme song).  Dream Along featured classic Disney characters from movies like Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, and Snow White.  The Friendship Faire goes with the more contemporary offerings of Princess & the Frog, Tangled, and Frozen.


Fantasmic (Disneyland) vs. World of Color

Two nighttime spectaculars from Disneyland Resort take center stage in round 2.  Fantasmic remains as one of the heavy favorites in the tournament, but World of Color had a dominating win over EPCOT’s beloved Candlelight Processional in Round 1.


March of the First Order vs. Star Wars: A Galaxy Far, Far Away

Two bitter rivals that alternated performances with each other since their debuts in 2016.  Both shows were essentially eliminated by the introduction of Galaxy’s Edge in Hollywood Studios.  The March ended in the summer of 2019, and the stage show 6 months later.

Vote Below:



Stay tuned to our video series to track the results and upcoming matchups throughout the tournament.  Enter your email below for a chance to win the $150 Disney gift card, and look out for ways to earn even more entries.  Good luck! It’s Magic Season!


in Disneyland Resort, Sports, Walt Disney World

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