Comments for U.S. Senator Introduces Bill Attacking “Woke” Disney’s Copyright Protections

disney world american flag with cinderella castle

Credit: Disney


  1. CalledIt

    Mr. Masculinity strikes again by showing how unmasculine he is.

  2. Rich Taliman

    Maybe the woke corps will not shrivel to a few loudmouths anymore.

    1. CalledIt

      You do realize you bigots are in the minority right?

  3. The Patriot

    This retaliation is something else, don’t mess with white nationalists.

    1. Dan Orlow

      Progressive Antifa militants are for Giant corporations riding the taxpayer backs now? Interesting

      1. CalledIt

        It’s incredible how many fictional characters you fight against:

        – Antifa
        – Mickey Mouse
        – Dr. Seuss
        – Mr. Potato head
        – M&M’s

        And you wonder why nobody takes MAGAers seriously.

  4. Jim

    It doesn’t matter what side of the fence you were on here, Disney should not have gotten into openly supporting one side or another on politics. There is a reason that Sea World, Universal, and basically every other major company doing business in Florida has not taking a official position. Plus the owners of Disney are made up of stockholders that have opposing views, and are only interesting in one thing, seeing the stock go up. And by taking a side, Bob has personally tanked Disney stock and it is at a 5 year low… lower then pre-covid and pre Disney+

    Bob was advised NOT to comment on either side by the head of Disney communication, and Bob did anyway, and he quit after only 3 months.

    You can make this political, but there is no point in it. The only think that Disney can do is to drive their stock down further and piss their core customer off more.

    1. EricJ

      They SAID they didn’t want to!!!
      But no, every Elsa fan and fangirl lesbian Pixar animators said “We’ve been betrayed, because Disney should be about rainbows and LGBT! The things we like should always be about us!”

      (And then, of course, Disney was “evil” for supporting pro-DeSantis politicians months before the DSGB was even talked about, back when DeSantis was still WDW’s most loyal crawling friend, and willing to cut them any deal they liked on mask restrictions or tourism.)

      1. CalledIt

        100 years of Hollywood whitewashing things for you. They stop a bit for five minutes and cannot handle it. Sad.

  5. EricJ

    Or, like the senator who wants to revoke Disney’s no-fly zone, “How to kiss up/pretend to be Ron DeSantis, if you don’t actually LIVE in Florida, and can’t do anything about their real-estate.”

  6. I find it sickening that the Republicans punish anyone or any organization that does not believe what they believe in! Totally wrong!

  7. Mo

    Just read all of the replies to his twitter message. It shows how much of a hypocrite he is when everyone is pointing out all the handouts “non-woke” corporations also receive. Politics is becoming a playground pissing match. Pathetic, but at least people are not just going to let hypocrites like this one go unchecked.

  8. Kurt

    Josh Hawley is a traitor to this country. Why is this monster not in prison for supporting the insurrection of Jan 6?!

    1. Independence1776

      And why don’t all of the liberals go to jail for supporting the BLM violence of 2020?!

      1. CalledIt

        Again deflection and projection doesn’t work.

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