Comments for Expert Says Johnny Depp and Amber Heard Are Both “Putting On An Act” In Court

johnny depp amber heard trial

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  1. Cindy Lewis

    She is a horrible actress, even in the courtroom. The fake crying one second then the next talking normal. Picking lines out of movies to describe Johnny and his abuse of her and drugs. He is telling the truth and you can tell by the way he presents himself, not only by the way he acts but by the way he reacts to most of her statements. She is trying to get the sympathy of the jury on her side by acting like she’s crying but in fact she’s just hysterical and it’s just a performance where she has memorized lines like she’s auditioning for a part in a movie. You said everything correctly about both but Johnny is not performing, he is being truthful. #justiceforjohnnydepp #johnnydeppisinnocent Thank you for your interpretation of both.

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