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james holzhauer, ken jennings, and brad rutter jeopardy

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  1. Larry Dempsey

    First ever spinoff series? What about “Rock & Roll Jeopardy?”

    1. Scott Myrick


      1. If not enthralled with Celebrity Jeopardy don’t watch, I’m sure there are plenty who will.

    2. EricJ

      Did that come before Crackle’s “Sports Jeopardy”?

      (And as for Celebrity Jeopardy…let the SNL Sean Connery jokes begin.)

      1. Larry Dempsey

        Rock & Roll Jeopardy! was on from 1998 to 2001. Sports Jeopardy! started in 2014.

    3. Reed

      Clearly, the author didn’t do her homework prior to writing this piece.

    4. Will

      Also, don’t forget Jep! and Super Jeopardy!

    5. Glenna Baker

      MTV I think had a musical jeopardy at one time

  2. Margaret

    Enough is enough. Leave Jeopardy just for regular citizens.. I don’t like “celebrity” spinoffs. They are an insult to the real show.

    1. Steve

      100% agree!! We see too much of the celebrities the way it is.

      1. Bill

        I will say — tentatively — that I’m afraid that Jeopardy is going down a slippery slope called “over exposure.” I love the show because it makes me think about each question and the correct response.
        Five days each week is quite enough for me; a sixth evening of yet more Jeopardy is getting perilously close to “overkill.”
        In brief, don’t ruin a good thing by making it appear so frequent thatno one will look forward to the next program.

    2. Beth Howell

      Agree. The last thing id watch is actors and celebrities @ There’s nothing real about them.

  3. Rose

    Cancel Jeopardy
    Not good anymore
    Jennings and especially Mayim are losers

    1. CalledIt


      Old white lady who wakes up with piss in her Cheerios every morning. Sad.

      1. SS427

        Damn she is only 46, what is old to you?

      2. Mark L

        I fear that Celebrity Jeopardy will cheapen the brand. Adding celebrities is never a good move.

    2. Glenna Baker


    3. Duane Oliver

      So who you picking Ole wise one.

  4. Diane

    Love Ken jennings as. Host not her!! She’s annoying

    1. Deanna

      Agree 100%. Jennings is much more professional than her

      1. anna

        Jennings is the best regular or spin off

      1. Lorinda

        Mayims bobbing and weaving when speaking is sooo annoying.. and her speaking is way too precise and not at all comfortable to listen to .. doesn’t seem natural or comfortable with her role

      2. Yvonne

        I love ❤️
        Maximum Bialik. She’s funny and very entertaining.

  5. Linda

    Ken Jennings is the best choice for Jeopardy! He aligns more closely with Alex’s hosting duties. Myiam just doesn’t have the “spark” or the expertise for hosting this amazing program, JEAPORDY!!! Go Ken!!

  6. Deanna

    Ken Jennings is professional and fits as the host. He IS the best choice for Jeopardy! He is handles himself like Alex. Myiam’s body jerking is annoying.

    1. Mark

      I would hate to quit watching Jeopardy after all these years because Mayim Bialik is hosting. She just rubs me the wrong way. Ken Jennings is much more professional.

  7. Debbie

    I totally agree, Ken is the best choice. Myiam’s mannerisms are totally annoying and so is her hesitation when she is checking the answers.

  8. Theresa

    Mayim is not a good choice for either show. You will lose viewers. There are too many people that aren’t really celebrities that would likely be on the show and we will be saying “who are these people?”

    1. JR

      Install Ken Jennings as the permanent Jeopardy host already! Mayim looks too uncomfortable and jittery. Not suited for this type of program.

  9. Irene

    I love Myiam and think she’s refreshing to the show. We need a little Humor to Jeopardy. The contestants are often nervous and she helps them loosen up. Give her a chance Ken is good but too serious.

    1. Brenda

      I like Myiam and the way she hosts. I don’t know what Jeopardy is cooking up. Alex is gone and we are never going to find anyone that hosted like he did. So let’s going with someone different and isn’t trying to be Alex.

  10. Reed

    TO THE AUTHOR – It was Mike RICHARDS, not Richardson.

  11. Linda

    I prefer Ken to Mayim. I think he’s very good. She’s adequate but not great.

  12. Carmen pierce

    I will watch as long as Ken Jennings hosts the show

    1. William

      I’m glad to see them doing something with celebrities again, I miss the celebrity tournaments that they used to have during the regular seasons

    2. Norman Frye

      What are people hollering complaining about Bialik. They’re not going to put Reading Rainbow man in her place. It’s a GAMESHOW people !! You’re gonna watch it anyways.

  13. Al

    I would like to see Ken Jennings as the Jeopardy host he had 70% of the vote it shouldn’t be even a contest

  14. anna

    I agree with you

  15. Ken is more at ease and not always adding to contestants answers. Almost never leaves clues unanswered. Much more professional.
    MB is choppy, slow, needs wardrobe and hair help. I don’t watch when she’s on and never will.

  16. Geri

    Ken is too corny for my taste. Because I really like the show, I watch it anyway. Mayim brings a different kind of expertise. I like it. Anyone who isn’t happy with a host, you don’t have to watch.

  17. Ken Jennings is my choice. He’s so much better than Mayim. She’s too animated with her jerking head and body. Ken has more interaction with contestants. He’s obviously intelligent, has a great sense of humor and he’s gotten a whopping 70% favorability. Just choose him PLEASE!!!

  18. Gary LaViolette

    I liked Buzzy Cohen as host. His love and excitement for the game seems to elevate the program.

  19. Paula

    Will be nice to have fresh new show on weekend vs reruns showing now jeopardy continues to be the best family educational program

  20. Jean

    I have been Jeopardy fan for many years. Personally, I prefer Mayim.

  21. Leah

    Celebrity Jeopardy will be a good and entertaining way to get more money from the pockets of the wealthy to charities. Let the shows begin! And for the record, my husband and I prefer Mayim over Ken. She’s intelligent, witty and a joy to watch.

  22. Lorraine Chay

    Just as long as MAYIM BIALIK is not any part of it. She is terrible!!!

  23. Norman Frye

    What are people hollering complaining about Bialik. They’re not going to put Reading Rainbow man in her place. It’s a GAMESHOW people !!

  24. Mark S

    Mayim’s done a great job as host. Not sure why so many complain about her but I just don’t see it. Ken’s been good too. He’s grown on me a bit. I would have no problem if they kept them both on for next season rotating the hosting duties. If they have to choose just one I’d lean towards Mayim. Her other show got renewed for a third season so if the Jeopardy producers are leaning in that direction it won’t likely be possible for next season.

  25. C. A. Mann

    I don’t mind celebrities if they are playing for charities.

  26. I like both hosts. I hope they keep splitting the duties. Sometimes I feel Ken gets too invested in the winners and makes inappropriate comments about them continuing their streak.

  27. Steve

    Tired of Jeopardy. Too many references to woke liberal concepts. And before I get accused of being a conservative, I detest both political parties. If you need a political party to tell you how to think, you’re doing it wrong.

  28. Beth Howell

    Agree. The last thing id watch is actors and celebrities @ There’s nothing real about them.

  29. Bruce

    Please, pick Ken as the full time host as he deserves it! This wondering BS has gotten ridiculous and sets the thinking your management is wandering aimlessly trying to please everyone.

  30. Ken

    I’ll never watch the celebrity series but if it’ll get Bialik off the regular show so Ken can be the permanent host, I’m all for it.

    1. Denita

      With everything that is going on in America today why is this even a topic?
      May is fine and so is Ken. As for celebrity Jeopardy why would they embarass themselves?

  31. “It is better to remain silent and thought a fool, than to open one’s mouth and remove all doubt”-A. Lincoln . I did not enjoy learning how few facts were available to Anderson Coopers in his own head on Celebrity Jeopardy. I’m sure I won’t like this.

  32. Jay

    I totally think Mayim Bialik would make the best host. She’s amazing and entertaining. Jennings as host is also good but a little more subdued than Bialik. Either way it would be cool just for the entertainment factor to have comedic celebs playing for charities. Part of me is also like just let the non-celebs play and become celebs. 🙂

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