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Hocus Pocus (L-R) Kathy Najimy, Bette Midler, and Sarah Jessica Parker

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  1. Dee

    There are always people who can may a tornado out of a silent rain!

  2. Lee Ann hoskins

    Bette needs to keep her stupid thoughts to herself.She’s evidently out of touch with reality and may have some dementia.

  3. Vercalos

    Eh. The backlash against her is overblown. Given how people are playing up how insensitive and thoughtless she was in her comment, I was expecting that she made some terrible joke at the expense of victims of a recent tragedy.

    This is nothing.

  4. Phil McCrevice

    Oh crap, I rolled my eyes so hard at the outrage that they got stuck.
    Remember when formula didn’t exist? Those babies got fed somehow. I was allergic, I got goat milk. People used to hire wet nurses, or make their own formula out of powdered milk, whey protein, soy, etc..
    We’ve grown so dependent on convenient little cans of powder that people forgot there used to be other solutions.

  5. Nick

    How come we can’t just say “you’re wrong” or “actually there’s more than that here’s why” without first voicing how sad and disappointed you are and claiming what someone said was damaging and hurtful?

  6. D Ellis

    Wow why do some people have to take stuff so personally/seriously??!! I happen to be one that had a hard time producing milk, I took no offense and find it ridiculous (in MY opinion) that others did. Sheesh peoples!

  7. Sandy Blue

    Well I don’t agree with miss bette because some women have stated they can’t produce milk.

  8. Antonio Flores

    OMG people..you act like noone is allowed to have an opinion any more. Sorry we have so many people that are so sensitive. People in this nation have become so thin skinned and easily offended it is sad. Noone can say anything against anyone lest someone get offended and their feelings hurt. It was a valid statement and she has nothing to apologize for. Get over yourselves and quit being hurt by anything not pc.

  9. Beth Hobbs

    Ever heard of adoption…idiots!

  10. Why do folks like Bette Midler get off making such thoughtless harmful comments? There are women out in the real world who have real legit reasons they can not or should not produce breast milk. Who is she to make such hateful derogatory comments? As And no I don’t think so it was misunderstood.

  11. Don

    If you want to make very public and totally ignorant comments on hot button topics, then expect a very public response that will include an education. It just goes with the territory.

    1. Keifers

      A public response now is translated into cancel culture.At least Bette Midler didn’t use foul language like Clara did with the F-Bomb.

  12. John

    She is ABSOLUTELY right. Woman have been having babies for millions of yrs. No Dr’s no formula. And we are still here. GID PROVIDED milk for all. Only man uses Formula.

    1. Keifers

      Agreed!.. Cancel culture needs no excuse…just hypocrites that think they are better, and without sin.

  13. Keifers

    What did Women do before there were breast formulas?Let He or She who live without sin cast the first stone,Right Clara? I see demonic cancel culture raising the serpents head to strike,or Black Lives Matter to have another soapbox to stand on to accuse (white’s only) of entitlement and racism.There’s no entitlement for folks like Will Smith and family, right?Racism knows all colors,every race has racists and those with entitlement.There are more important issues worldwide than this.Leave Bette Midler alone!…EveryLifeMatters.. until it don’t.

  14. Tontoe

    Why put out the hate dang if don’t care for something thats said or done leave it be walk away there’s other things you could do with you life then hate plus it’s a form of bullying you see or hear something one dose so you put it out there on blast just to hurt them

    1. Tontoe

      Sorry meant for another topic they won’t let me delete this sorry all

  15. She has been made fun of pointed and laughed at and still standing and pushing forward, says basically if you can’t produce what the baby is going to need you don’t need to be reproducing.

    1. Cherie

      If you feel shame or guilt that is on you. No need to take knowledge away from everyone because of your feelings.

    2. Cherie

      That’s bull. She said othing of the sort. She merely stated a common sense fact TRY Breastfeeding. She didn’t demand that everyone do it or don’t reproduce. What an ignorant thing for you to say.

  16. I struggled breastfeeding and I’m not offended at all. Allot of women can’t or won’t stop taking chemicals to breast feed. I did but only one breast would fill up, but it didn’t even do that as long as I used a pump. But when I put my baby on it’s few times my one breast produced one full feeding a day. That was it. And I did it for almost 2 years. Still I am not offended. My husband just told me they shipped most of the formula to the border. Why would any company not want to sell their products?

  17. Teresa Haviland

    I agree with Ms. Midler. Why can’t there be money made by women who do, or can, provide breast milk easily and abundantly. In ancient times it was known as a “wet nurse”. The providers can be screened and quality checked and give the industrial manufacturing monopolies a run for the money

  18. John

    This is what this world has come to… We DO still have FREEDOM OF SPEECH – CORRECT? What did she say that was so “insensitive?” Was the comment she made not true? People need to get off the sensitivity bandwagon and GET A LIFE. We’ve become a society of WHINERS. Shut up!

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