Comments for Disney Guest Goes Viral Condemning “Offensive” Native American Display

Davy Crockett's Explorer Canoes native american imagery

Credit: John Barbachano (@johnbarbachano)


  1. M

    The “guest” can shut up and stay home.

    1. Kris

      M…yippee, clap and ditto in agreement.

    2. Based

      Get woke, go broke. I hope Disney doesn’t listen to these nutjobs. The shaman has been on that train ride forever. If they didn’t know about him, they clearly don’t spend much time or money at Disneyland. Don’t bend a knee to the agenda.

      1. LivaMrE

        Ah the conservative cancel culture is alive and well..

        1. Joe

          You are a massively bitter and lying filth.

  2. Dave

    At least they weren’t depicted slaughtering and pillaging.

    1. Sean

      Soo tierd of everyone getting offended about every little thing. History is History, we need to learn from it ,not hide. P

  3. Gennie Ballard

    I do not understand the If we can not see it, it did not happen way of looking at things.

  4. jane

    and if it wasn’t there ool would complain they weren’t represented…

  5. jane


    1. Seanb

      Soo tierd of everyone getting offended about every little thing. History is History, we need to learn from it ,not hide.

      1. BonBon

        Where has this turd been? It’s homage to history.

        1. Erik Jeffries

          Why are white demoKKKrats still trying to erase Native culture?

  6. Trevor

    I completely give up with people…. We might as well literally all delete everything that happened past 30 seconds ago in case someone somewhere takes offence to it, and we should all shut ourselves inside shutting every window and door so that we can’t upset anyone.
    Hopefully this will kill off humanity and hand the planet ove to some more deserving race…… 🤷🤷

  7. Dan

    Yeah, he would complain if they weren’t represented in FrontierLand — and instead he’s complaining because they are. STF already. When did the USA become the official country of whining?

  8. Jill

    I really don’t understand the gripe here. Native Americans did/do in fact live in teepees? What is so offensive about that? If we eliminate the teepees we should get rid of the pirate ship, the castle, the tree house, igloos, and of course, It’s a small world. Get a freaking grip.

  9. Bill

    Walt Disney is rolling in his grave. They are turning his creation into complete garbage.

  10. Anna

    Bitter and ignorant individual.

  11. oreo

    theyre condemning with a “lol”?

  12. Tvnutt

    What is his point other than trying to get clicks and revenue. Sick of these Iosers who think they’re influencers. Get a real job! There are many tribes that lives in teepees, some lived in quonset huts, other lived in clay dwellings. He’s pretty clueless if he didn’t know the history behind the Natives that have been showcased at DL. Back then they probably had tribes perform rituals of other tribes. But now? Nothing wrong with the current representation.

  13. CJA

    I don’t understand the problem – a historical display should offend no one. These are the types if things people learn the most from. Are we soon going to be hearing complaints about the Maya temple in EPCOT?

  14. Weagle

    What a great way to increase a child’s curiosity and interest in our culture and history. I love it. I have a lot of appreciation for the display. Much better than using Last if the Mohicans or Dances with Wolves.

  15. Chris

    Oh, lighten up. I’m native American and this isn’t anything to be concerned about. I’ve been enjoying the native American scenes since birth at Disneyland and elsewhere. Trust me, it’s a non-issue. At least they’re not showing the darker side of history with these depictions. Find something else to concern yourself with. There are plenty of things out there. Start with the economy.

    1. MrBoob

      ^^^ What he said^^^

      1. Jim Jackson

        I’m sure the guy knew it was there beforehand and was only looking for the likes and the mentions. So what were they going to do? Leave a blank area, not even mention the tribes existence, be “and on your left you’ll see nothing and to your right there’s nothing to see there either.”? Instead Disney decided to include a representation of tribal life from that time period that “you” might have encountered not “his PeOpLe”. Had they not, then the same person or “type” would have been “offfended” because “they” were “excluded”. Enough already! Were the village and portrayals outlandish and condescending (knowing Disney it probably checked all of the PR/HR check boxes) then complaints could be understood but this doesn’t seem to be one of those moments.

  16. Syndi

    I am half Mohawk and yes you are right.
    To many bad things has happened to our brothers and sisters, let’s focus on the economy, it has going out of control.

  17. Jeff B

    I don’t see why this is offensive. It’s called history and no offensive depiction.

  18. Rteker

    Someone is offended by a wigwam… they can go sit on “it” and spin. In other words that whomever is offended can go fu**themselves

  19. Rudy

    Native American here and I’m so tired of these little wokesters/crusaders who take everything Native American on display and take offense. I have always love the Native American characters at Disneyland since I was a kid in the 70’s and loved watching when Walt had Native American Dance groups performing and showing and teaching the Native American culture in a positive light. I have always wished that Disney would bring that back to frontier land. They tick tokers all they care about is their click bait stories to stir things up and gets likes and make thier dime. They act like they care but they don’t you will never see them putting any effort in helping thier local community, reservation or otherwise. Leave history alone and stop trying to revise it ,learn from it build upon the good and learn from the bad so that it may never be repeated again in through future generations.

  20. JohnF

    People choose to be offended and how they respond to things. That doesn’t make them right or pertinent. I think if the media paid less attention to the perpetually offended they might go away if they can’t find an audience.

  21. Woke Willie

    The Rodent Anti-defamation League would like a word with you … they are offended at the characterization of one Mickey & Minnie Mouse

  22. Jack

    I guess I could update the Indiana campground by replacing the teepees with a casino. 🤔 😊

    Truly, Indian teepees are historic, so get a grip, this is frontier land! Mark Twain and Tom Sawyer are way out of date as well, but that’s what makes it historic and that’s what makes a frontier land. Honestly, sometimes these people who complain or just self-righteous idiots who have to come up with a cause so that they can feel important, no matter how ludicrous that cause is.

  23. NuckingFiggers

    Shhut the place down, pedophile heaven, don’t go there

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