Comments for ‘Doctor Strange’ Franchise Likely Continuing Without Benedict Cumberbatch

benedict cumberbatch as doctor strange

Credit: Marvel Studios


  1. Eddie

    Cant keep jamming in the comics with the mcu, Feige has stated time and time again they reference the comics, but dont translate all the way to live action. Besides wong is sorcerer supreme, probably by design

  2. Laer

    You know the writer didn’t actually pay attention to the film since Wong is Sorcerer Supreme which never happened in the comics. The assumption that they’re going to use the newest comic canon when they have 60 years of stories to pull from for Doctor Strange is also insane. Clea’s been around since the 60s; there’s plenty of content to be inspired by.

  3. Kay

    I’m hoping for a few more years of BC playing Doctor Strange. And hopefully, we will get a romance story between Clea and Strange as they together battle whatever enemies they may encounter. BUT Strange needs to be able to regain his title of Sorcerer Supreme. He lost it only because he was snapped by Thanos for 5 years and Wong was promoted to the title in his absence. By then, Wong will have his own series on Disney+ and Clea will be able to take over for Steven Strange when Cumberbatch/Feige decide it’s time for him to go.

  4. Todor

    What a stupid article. The author is a joke. Should kill himself

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