Comments for Fans Complain Disney Merchandise Has Become Uniformed and Boring

disneyland merchandise

Credit: Disney


  1. Lisa

    When I went last month each store seemed to have the same stuff, give or take a few items. I know every retailer has been experiencing supply chain issues- possibly Disney is too? (I still went home with a suitcase full of stuff.)

  2. Because of disability and a fixed income. I always wished I could of gone to Walt Disney World’s 50th Anniversary. So, that way I would of been able to purchase WDW 50th Anniversary Cinderella Castle Mickey Icon glass Christmas ornaments. I went to the 25th Anniversary Celebration and of course, I bought a boatload of 25th Anniversary souvenirs. I’ve seen the 50th anniversary ornaments. Very nice. I wish there was a way I could pay the base price for it. Not $80.00 on ebay. Disney should try to help out real old guest to get specialty item. Help me. I paid my dues. Theme part visits and cruise ship. Old and broken down shouldn’t put you on an exclusion list. Is there some kind help out there? I’d even buy the free poster of Cinderella Castle that is issued at the point of entry. I wish I could be there.

    1. Abby

      There’s Facebook groups that help people shop for park exclusive items

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