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Credit: Disney


  1. Chris

    Wow, there are many things to be critical of, but this isn’t one of them. They store the water they drain when working the lagoon, purify it and then put it back. Yes, they might loose a few gallons of water they need to add back in during that process, but the majority of the water is not from our states water supply and it wouldn’t work to release it back into our water supply either.

    Please do your research.

    1. Jp

      Well said Chris! Thank you

    2. Jenny

      Thank you!!

    3. AB

      So they imported water from another state to fill it up originally?

      1. Bella

        A billion dollar business can afford water , anyway they can get it

    4. Georgie Gal

      I was going to say if someone hadn’t already. It’s actually a well reported fact that Disney has a leased storage facility for their water when it is drained so it can be reused by them. It is also purified at that facility so it isn’t some stagnant nasty water. Definitely should have fact checked before they finalized the article.

  2. Leeann Jacket

    TPMvids said Disneyland has a partnership with the Orange County Water District, any water Disney removes from their lagoons is treated & stored at the Groundwater Replenishment System, when refilling Disney then reuses this water, it’s a more time consuming process but it does help to conserve water.

  3. This is silly. This is NOT an impactful amount of waste.

  4. stephen

    There is also a new water park going up in the Great Park in Irvine using the old Wild Rivers name and will open on June 20. Even with the drought several big water using projects are going forward.

    1. Paul

      If you understand who the big consumers of water are in the state then you’d realize that waterparks are not one of them. The water that fills the pools is recirculated and the loss is limited to the evaporation.

      Furthermore, if you want to focus on a specific type of recreation a waterpark with many individuals using the same bodies of water is a more efficient use than a private backyard swimming pool, for example.

      Also in these new projects, like Wild Rivers, the landscaping is watered with wastewater. The biggest user of water in California is agriculture. If you’re looking for consumers to conserve you’d be better off getting people to stop planting grass in their yards and instead opt for zero scape or artificial grass. That’s actually something that could amount to meaningful savings. Attacking Disney and the waterparks is pointless.

  5. Alex

    Like everyone else already said disney stores and reuses its water when draining their water attractions aka rapids, splash and Nemo (probablymissed one). Plus California is always in a drought so no news there.

    1. Dawn

      Rivers of America, World of Colour,Thunder and Matterhorn (neither have much, but it’s recycled none the less), Pirates, Storybookland, and Small World. I always forget how many rides have a water element to them in the parks.

  6. They do store the water when not in the lagoon. They return the water to fill the lagoon. Disneyland is efficient with water use and maintenance. The Submarine Voyage is the most dynamic, artistic and imaginative attraction in the park..albeit the most $$$$ to maintain and operate. Next to the Monorail, the Subs were very dear to Walt. The idea of a “World on the Move”, with ALL forms of transport, is the goal of Tommowland.

  7. Disnoidb

    The water is not wasted. Disney has an arrangement with Orange County: “To accomplish this work, 5 million gallons of water were drained from the lagoon and later reused thanks to a partnership created in 2009 with Orange County Water District (OCWD) when Paradise Bay in Disney California Adventure park was drained to prepare for “World of Color.”

    This partnership allows water to be treated and stored, instead of released to the ocean through storm drains. Now, each time the resort drains a large body of water, it is sent to the OCWD’s Groundwater Replenishment System, where it is purified and added to Orange County’s underground aquifer. The water is then refilled at the Disneyland Resort from the same system.”

  8. Andrew

    Could not be less gorgeous? Also if there was an 18% increase in water usage over 2020 that’s 33% more than Newsom asked for not 3% more. And I’m sure you figured out by now that you’re completely wrong about the water waste. This is just a terribly written article. Zero research went into it zero editing went into it. You’re bad at writing. You should delete this article.

  9. YMarie

    Speaking of using excessive amounts of water…let’s consider the millions of gallons used to irrigate GOLF COURSES across the nation…whether So Cal, Arizona desert, Florida or anywhere…that’s ok but not if it’s for a ride in a theme park???

  10. Don

    So, Disney could care less about the drought. I guess water conservation doesn’t apply to mega corporations.

    1. Dawn

      Disney is huge on Conservation…. The water is stored, purified, and replaced into the same location.

    2. Ken

      Didn’t do any research did you? Why don’t you look up about the golf courses? Try the Wynn golf course in Vegas. Water being wasted for a bunch of f00ls hitting a little white dimpled ball. All over water wasted on these golf courses that serve no purpose.

  11. CJC

    Maybe, if you are so concerned about water waste, you should investigate how many millions of gallons of water are being pumped out of California by bottled water companies, just to be sold to the people it’s taken from.

    1. Ken

      How is that wasting water? Bottled and bought for people to consume is NOT being “taken” but is being purified like it has been for decades.

  12. Elaine

    I did come to the comments to state exactly what has been said. They are using the same cleaned up, reclaimed water that was there before.

    It’s sad that some people are so quick to jump to conclusions.

  13. Ben

    This ride is boring, my family avoids it. It takes up crazy amounts of space as well. Personally I was hoping would get replaced.

    1. Ken

      Then if you avoid it why not avoid Disney Parks period? McDonald’s Playland doesn’t take up much space and sounds more like your style.

  14. Terry

    “Could not look less gorgeous”?? Really, do you think it looks that bad, or did you fail english?

  15. Common sense

    It’s comical. California recently killed a desalination plant. Yet people continue to cry about water. Listen the salt removed back into the ocean is fine. You know what’s happening with the oceans? It’s getting less salty due to the melt off from the caps. What happens there. The currents start to get changed.

    Adding the salt back could balance the oceans again if we can extract the fresh water. And most water half of it gets dumped into the ocean anyways. The majority of the other half is agriculture. Even if everyone took one less shower it isn’t going to do anything.

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