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  1. EricJ

    Homeowners can’t sue “injury” over taxation, but Disney can still sue (and WIN) over DeSantis using a “Special session” to change Reedy’s district status without local voter referendum.

    Sorry, average folks, this one’s for the corporations and the expensive lawyers to fight out.

    1. CalledIt

      And Disney has an endless army of lawyers to fight it. DeSantis really stepped into the crap with tbis one.

      1. NopeICalledIt

        Nope, he didn’t. As Charlie Sheen once said “Winning!”

      2. Not a sheep


      3. Denise

        DeSantis knows what he is doing.

      4. S1

        And Disney’s lawyers will lose. One word: Corruption. DeSantis has big people in his pocket much like Al Capone.

        1. SG

          S1 I’ll bet you’re right

  2. Dan

    Corporate executives need to understand when you leading a mega corporation, you cannot take such strong and radical political positions. Disney cannot operate in Florida and spout politics of southern California and maintain a good relationship with Florida. It’s simply not going to work. For many years Disney walked that fine line of quietly supporting LGBT issues but not doing it outwardly and forceful enough to cause waves or capsize the boat. And now in the last few years, they fully embraced woke publicly and very forcefully.

    It’s not just the Florida law either. They change attractions to be more politically correct. An executive recently declared all Disney characters from now on 50% will be LGBT or about the struggles of “disadvantaged” populations. We get “cultural sensitivity warnings” on Disney+. There are cast members who hold conservative views say they now feel threatened on their jobs. A couple say they’ve even been fired for supporting Trump or DeSantis on their private social media. Disney has gone fully political.

    This company has lost sight on what made it great. People go to Disney World to vacation and escape the real world. People watch movies to be entertained. They don’t go to Disney or watch these movies to be lectured about culture wars, politics, and social justice. Not everything has to be about a political statement or a social commentary.

    1. Vince

      I guess they can only tell so many stories about another white, priviIeged princess doing anything including giving her life for the “chance” to be validated by a white, priviIeged prince. But I’m assuming THOSE are the “good ole” stories you miss, and think are the “whoIesome” and “great” examples for your children.

      1. CalledIt

        These people have their head so far up their own fat white privilege asses they have no idea that Hollywood including Disney has spent nearly the past hundred years whitewashing stuff for them so they can be in a “safe space”. Even the Lone Ranger was whitewashed for them. But the moment these companies stop doing just a bit as they finally realized “wait a minute? There are nearly eight billion people on the planet and most of them are not white. Plus whitewashing it’s racist bigotry” they blow a headgasket and cannot handle it. Whenever they call someone a snowflake it’s just an confession of who they really are.

        1. drew who

          But of course this isn’t about race its about sexuality . The LBGTQ community have white people in it so if someone opposes LBGTQ content how can that be “whitewashing” .

          Said it before I will say it again . You are not the brightest of bulbs .

          1. Brad Miner

            DeSantis, like Dolt 45, is a bully, whose national political ambitions will leave Florida citizens in the lurch.

      2. Ron Desantis

        I like white princesses and beef.

        1. CalledIt

          Does Mrs. DeSantis knows about this particularly when she is getting chemo treatments? 🙂

      3. Jerry

        A lot of Disney’s animated features are rags to riches tales like Cinderella or Aladdin. I wouldnt call that privilege. Most protagonists are not privileged, at least they don’t start out that way. Disney’s movies are supposed to be fantasies, magic, and dreams. So you have the character achieving their dreams by the end. That’s how it’s always been. Many are based on old stories and old fairy tales. They were never supposed to be political statements.

        Also it’s quite well-known that Walt was a Republican politically. And he didn’t like communists and was against labor unions. But he never really pushed his politics in his movies and cartoons. Which is why many feel he would be completely appalled at the ultra-left political directions his company is taking today….among other things. I don’t think he would approve of very much of anything this current management has been doing with a lot of things.

        It wouldnt be half as bad if they still created good stories. Many of the modern stuff is badly written and even cringe at times. The political views of the writers is not just clearly evident but punches you in the face. And now we are going to get even more of this woke stuff shoved at us by force.

        1. Kelly Connerton

          Well said Jerry

      4. Debra

        Vince…well said.

        1. CalledIt

          Why don’t you clutch your pearls a bit more.

          1. NopeICalledIt

            Why don’t you clutch your government handout a bit more and stop complaining about the people who actually pay into the system making your handout possible. FYI, they’re not all White either! See I can make assumptions too!

      5. drew who

        This really isn’t about race its about people not wanting their children exposed to LBGTQ content and education and an inappropriate age . There are plenty people from all races that don’t support what Disney is doing but in your mind anything you disagree with comes down to “white privilege” . I don’t think you know how racist that makes you sound .

        1. Jordan

          You act as if LBGTQ is bad. It’s no different than any other relationship. That’s kind of what people are trying to teach so no one looks at people and think they are weird for loving someone

      6. Who, me?

        Sorry Vince, I was too busy reading Federal Crime stats on white and Minority crime numbers. White privilege? Work my butt off to get what I’ve got as a Welder, and painter. Some days my wife could smell paint on my breath a day later even after wearing a mask. Nobody gave me or anyone I knew something for free just because I was white. No restaurant discounts, no monthly mortgage discounts or subsidies for me, just hard work. White privilege is just something to say when you can meet the bar in life.
        Try harder, don’t blame whites for your failure.

        1. Jordan

          Actually, white privilege is when you get treated differently based on your skin color. Like how someone can get a lighter sentence for the exact same crime with very similar backgrounds, but one is white and the other is black.
          Make sense?

    2. EricJ

      That’s nice, dear.
      But tell it to the judge: DeSantis messed up, and now it’s going to be struck down.

      1. You're Fired

        Did you even read the article??? DISNEY had THEIR lawsuit struck down.

        1. Cal

          It’s one lawsuit not even from Disney. There be tons of lawsuits including one by Disney.

    3. Mari

      Dan, you are on point with all mentioned

    4. AR

      Well said. Thank you.

    5. drew who

      The Disney corporate executive you are talking about is Karey Burke who said “as the mother [of] one transgender child and one pansexual child,” she supports having “many, many, many LGBTQ more such characters in our stories” and that she wanted a minimum of 50 percent of characters to be LGBTQ .

      There is more proof of the LBGTQ agenda in leaked footage from a Disney teleconference when Latoya Raveneau told an all-hands meeting that her team works to push a “not-at-all-secret gay agenda” in programming aimed at kids and sought to add “queerness” to such content. You can check this out for yourself to confirm the validity of my comment . You can even see the video of Raveneau boasting about her agenda on youtube .

      I don’t think Disney employees have been sacked for supporting Trump or DeSantis in the cases that I am aware where people made this claim they appear to have been fired more for saying some pretty racist and controversial things on social media rather than their political affiliation .

  3. Vanessa

    For all you people spouting “white privilege” I’d love to take to a few neighborhoods where I grew up that are 100% white and have you go knock on the trailer door and tell them how much privilege they have. Don’t knock too hard though because the door might fall in.

    1. CalledIt

      And yet still had advantages minorities would only ever dream of despite being white trash.

      1. AnthonyG

        LOL! funniest thing I’ve read all day. Your comment would make total sense if there wasn’t anyone that was part of any minority community that succeeded in life. Last time I checked there are very wealthy people of all colors and race, just like there are people of all colors and race living in poverty as well. Try again though, you seem to think you know it all! 🙂 People like you are very amusing!

      2. NopeICalledIt

        You’re completely delusional.

        1. Jordan

          White privilege doesn’t mean they have a huge advantage over others. It can be as simple as being treated different or looked at in a better light than someone who is literally in the same position as you are

      3. drew who

        So you are saying Will Smiths children have less advantages than a white person who lives in a trailer park then .

        You can make the argument that black people are more likely to live in poverty but the percentage of them that go to college from a poor black background is about the same as those from a poor white background . The difference is that black students are about one and half times more likely to drop out .

        I think its not only poverty but the attitude within the back community that might be the reason that less of them from poor backgrounds achieve success . There is also the fact that a higher percentage of poor black people resort to crime than any other racial group within a similar lower income category .

  4. drew who

    I thought this was the likely outcome . Any legal action that was taken over the issue of taxation was bound to be doomed to failure . The place to show your disapproval is the ballot box not in the courts . I did have to laugh when I saw this news today because when the news of lawsuit broke a couple of weeks back there were so many woke commentators here that got all excited about it and now all their hopes have been dashed.

    I don’t blame the Republicans punishing Disney for their stance on parental rights . To me it seems the left is as bad the right at the moment . On one side we seem to have a bunch of woke idiots wanting to indoctrinate children into an LBGTQ lifestyle at an inappropriate age of development and on the other side you have a bunch of religious nutter’s who want to take away women’s reproductive rights .

    1. 99

      Exactly. This country has become an extreme playground pissing match. No one remembers how to listen to each other’s valid points anymore

  5. Brad Miner

    DeSantis, like Dolt 45, is a bully, whose national political ambitions will leave Florida citizens in the lurch.

    1. Who me?

      Gee Brad, I’d love to see YOU sit in front of some kindergarten kids and explain the process of Homosexuality to what more than likely will be a straight bunch. Have you had that talk with any of your families kids? Neighbors kids?
      I can guess no.
      One of the arguments is that trans or gay kids could be suicidal without this talk from K to 3rd.
      Well, what about all the straight kids that this will confuse? What about them? Oh, the minority needs mean more than the majority.
      Sorry, you wanted marriage… you got it.
      But don’t ever expect homosexuality to be accepted as normal. It ain’t.

      1. Vince

        Pure, consenting love between two adults.. ANY two adults will ALWAYS be much more normal than hatefuI, bigoted and narrow minded thinking. THAT’S what “LOVE WINS” means. Too bad you’re too miserabIe in your own little mind to see it.

    2. Denise

      I think you got that switched around. It’s Disney who is the bully.

    3. SG


  6. Denise

    We live near Disney, and I’m so sick and tired of their overreach and authoritarian attitude. They don’t really do anything for the community like they claim to do, and they make sure the police move the homeless further down the road so that the tourists don’t see them. They have become too political and too involved in special interest groups. They don’t give a crap about the locals let alone the state.

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