Comments for Fans Say Disney’s “Half-Day” Park Needs More Rides, Are They Right?

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  1. Walt

    Hollywood Studios has become enough of a major park our nieces and their families decide to spend two days here and only one day at each of the other parks.

    Fits for the pre-teens who love Star Wars and also want more thrill rides than the other parks offer.

    We now refer to AK as the half day park.

  2. Pretty simple fix for the author: don’t go. More parking for me!

  3. Chris

    It’s near impossible to complete HS in a whole day these days. It is defo no half day park. AK on the other hand feels like it needs something extra.

  4. AK is the half day park. My family is only interested in flight of passage, dinosaur, everest, and the Nemo show. I have to really push it for kilamangaro safaris. When we visited in March 2022, Nemo was still closed and everest was closed. We rope dropped flight of passage. AK was still a half day park for us. The park needs park transportation (train or skyride) too much walking. Some families can be there all day and enjoy it. It depends on your interests.

  5. iz

    theres a typo. you wrote ‘why or why bot’

    1. Caryn

      Hollywood Studios needs more rides and less Star Wars. Not everyone is into Star Wars. Enjoyed the shows and most of the rides but the Star Wars area took up too much of the park. Would like to see more old Hollywood. Animal Kingdom is a half day park and needs more interesting shows and rides and transportation system. The safari was great tho!!!

  6. Peter

    If they still had the free fast pass+ it would be a half day park. Not complaining, just saying!

  7. Jon C

    I wish Disney would buy Marvel from Universal and get Avengers Land at Hollywood Studios.

  8. ADEM

    How do you talk about about Toy Story Land’s attraction and NOT mention Slinky Dog Dash???

    Also agree Animal Kingdom is the 1/2 day park. Even after Everest reopens there’s a severe lack of thrill.

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