Comments for Disney+ Still Isn’t Profitable, Chapek Confirms More Price Increases

family watching disney plus

Credit: Disney


  1. Cory

    I would like to see some more retro content. I can remember watching Vault Disney when I was younger where they showed all the old cartoons and TV with Walt himself in it. That’s the kind of stuff you can only get from Disney and wouldn’t be available anywhere else. It would definitely make it worth the price for me, an adult who doesn’t have kids and is not into Marvel. I mean even the Nat Geo adult shows are on Hulu so they could use more content for my demographic. As it is I’ll probably cancel my subscription after I get the resort discount in September.

  2. William

    It’s almost as if Bob Chapek asked his ‘woke’ board of directors “What’s the worst possible thing we can do?”
    “OK, let’s do that!”

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