Comments for Disney Parks Reports $3.5 Billion Increase In Q2 Revenue Since Last Year

bob chapek standing next to mickey mouse

Credit: Disney


  1. JR Burnett

    Maybe Disneyland 2027

  2. CalledIt

    Is that bad? 🙂

    1. Pippi

      For the company, no. But when you’re taking away perks that were previously included and charging significantly more for less, then yes it’s a bad thing for the people paying thousands to go there. It used to be a fun experience without being nickeled and dimed for everything. The only Disney park I’ll set foot in now is Japan (which, to give some perspective, costs about $60 for a ticket as opposed to $200 or whatever Disney world is now)

  3. JOE S. HILL

    Disney has become a rodent stench, and when they blatantly choose to peddle LGBTQ values onto little children, then they won’t last long! If their late founder could only see what they’ve done to his beloved empire, he’d be as angry as we are! Good for Ron De Santis taking the action that he did in Florida, because Disney has crossed the line, and they need to get corrected, and boycotts will be the next step to remind CEO rodent Chapek and his company, Buena Vista, that you cannot peddle Gay and Transgender values onto children, which is inexcusable!

  4. Ray W

    Yeah charge more and keep taking away perks and charge for what used to be included. No kidding you are going to make more. Eventually people will catch on.

  5. cb

    My friend and i was at Boardwalk Resort and she had to use the rest room,3 African American ladies with 2 children came in there .My friend was washing her hands and the other sink wasnt working and the one woman said will this one is not work and the other one must be for white people .My friend didnt say anything and came out and really was upset .Its people like that cries about racism but continue to cause trouble. I have been around Black Americans all my life and had good friends but yet others still cause trouble and cry foul

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