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AMC Theater seating

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  1. Blu

    Who is going to actually buy tickets and then tell Disney they watched it for free – – there’s no way Disney can truly enforce this– we used to watch movies all the time no tickets necessary when I worked at regal and we didn’t tell Disney lol

    1. Matrix-54

      Just another example that proves that Disney cares more about profit then their fans!

  2. Sadbuttrue

    I can confirm this is true with Disney films. I worked for a theatre back at the end of 2019 to beginning of 2020 and we were told that we had to wait to see Disney movies for they were not allowed.

  3. MILES

    I would “Disney grow up and act your age. Nothing but cry babies. It is what it is. It is human nature if someone who works at a movie house with perks to watch a movie for free. Disney you make money hand over fist by OVER CHARGING admission into your theme parks. Disney grow up and stop being a baby about this, and move on.”

  4. Harry

    At least at the AMC I work at
    This isn’t true
    We had Dr strange employee screening on Wednesday before it came out and I can see it now if I wanted to but it might be just my managers being super chill or this is maybe a cinemark thing

  5. Julio

    If you can sneak into a theatre, sure…but in a time when the screenings are going to be sold out with assigned seating? Yeah your mere presence in going to cause a problem. I managed a film theatre and I’ve heard of this before. Honestly, if you wanna see it bad enough, just buy a ticket. I get that it’s a employee incentive (one that used plenty of times) but it’s a privilege, not a right. They conspicuously neglected the times that theatres dictate that you aren’t allowed to use that ability as an employee, namely during release weekends or possible shows that will sell out, and thats for any film. Overall, it’s a minor inconvenience. I tended to see movies in other theatres because I didn’t want to see them in my place of work anyway.

    1. AT

      It should be up to the theater, not Disney. If Disney owns the theater, then they get to pick. If Disney doesn’t own the theater, then they shouldn’t.

      1. David Tatlitug

        For those of you who don’t know, theaters have contracts with the movie companies. So it’s up to the contract even though I think it’s petty.

    2. David Tatlitug

      You can’t call it an incentive and then say it isn’t a right. If it’s an incentive it is a right. Perks are given because of low pay. Airlines give free tickets to all employees. So piss off Disney.

  6. Jr

    I work at a one screen drive in movie theater. The policy is no free tickets opening weekend, but we can come with one guest after that regardless of the studio the movie is from. This year we are likely only to have Dr. Strange from Disney. The owner does want to show Disney movies because he must keep them three weeks. By week three very few people want to come to a drive in for the movie and something else is likely to be opening which would be more profitable. I really believe Disney doesn’t care about theaters at all.

  7. bob smith

    And yet people still support Disney even if they treat people like crap and want to do pedophile type stuff to kids under the age of 10, creepy but hey let’s keep supporting greedy CEOs of Disney and Wack jobs

  8. Thomas

    There’s no way to police this, at my local cinema when I’ve gone to see a Disney there’s usually a cinema worker in there watching too for free and I go usually in the first week of it being released

    1. Brett Auld

      I had a buddy who was a manager on Thu nights, which is changeover night. So he’d change out the reels and run the new movies to make sure there weren’t any glitches. I’d be his guest for a 9 or even a 7 and 9 movie then watch a new one or 2 depending on what was coming out. Yes, there were weeks during the summer where I’d see 4 movies on a Thu for zip, zero, nada. This went on for 2 yrs he was managing. I’ll bet I paid for all of 5 movies during that time and saw about 100 for free. God I wish he was still managing there, lol.

  9. Liz

    This is not true for all theaters. I run a theater for one of the major chains and we don’t have a restriction in place from any studio. I’ve heard of some chains that do because they were giving away too many passes but it’s not across the board.

  10. Rick

    Don’t blame Disney. In 1999 Lucas/Fox wanted to ban all passes for Phantom Menace. Ushers were placed at auditorium doors to check tickets of all patrons leaving and entering auditoriums, to prevent tickets from being given to others. Trailers were to be returned or the theatre would not receive the new trailers, and banners were to be returned (most were stolen). Mine was stolen by an Assistant and her boyfriend. Guest passes were allowed to be accepted after theatre chains complained about that policy.

  11. Donald

    Meanwhile Warner Brothers rents out the Hollywood Chinese Theater for big movie premiers and gives employees and families free tickets and free concessions on premier night.

    1. CalledIt

      That is nice of then but keep in mind WB is honestly moving away from the movie theater model.

  12. Trish

    Seriouslt? Stop watching faux news … youre rotting your brain!!!

  13. TjValion

    No different than their parks. Disney blocks their cast members theme park access when a new attraction opens up. They have for years. Not surprised they do it with theaters.

  14. JF

    I guess this is specific to certain chains. I’ve worked at regal for a long time and I just saw Dr. strange for free Thursday evening; which is the preview night. I saw Spider-man No way home the Saturday weekend it came out.

  15. jamie coughlin

    Considering the movies they put out recently I’d say it was no great loss to wait a month! But if true this is very petty but typical of what Disney has turned in to. Spoilers? Anybody in the theatre that first day can spoil it. That makes no sense at all.

  16. Joem

    I just don’t understand how Disney would be able to police every theatre in the country. Or at least even a few particular chains. If some manager in East Bumfucc Iowa invites his employees to a showing of the movie, how will Disney find out?

  17. Joem

    I just don’t understand how Disney would be able to police every theatre in the country. Or at least even a few particular chains. If some manager in East Bumf Iowa invites his employees to a showing of the movie, how will Disney find out?

  18. Kubo

    To this day one of my favorite memories was watching Harry Potter 7 part 2 at 5 am with my fellow movie coworkers while people lined up outside to see the film. It allowed us to ensure the movie was set up optimally (sound, picture, trailers etc….) And it got us super hyped to work what would otherwise be a horrible day… for minimum wage. Clearly whomever pushed this down from Disney is out of touch and has no idea what a stupid idea that is…. But that’s ok. Sometimes we have to learn things the hard way…..

  19. Gabe Barber

    It’s true. I worked at a Cinemark theater for 3 and a half years from 2014 to 2018, and Disney banned us from seeing their movies for free for the first few weeks up to 6 weeks depending on the movie. As for their reasoning about spoilers, I think that’s stupid because as a employee I was the one that had to avoid spoilers from the customers which is incredibly hard to do, so I know that I would never spoil the movie for others. It has to be just about the money.

  20. Tyler

    I’m calling bs on a lot of this. I have 2 friends who work at theaters, one at an AMC and the other at Cinemark. They have been able to watch Disney movies for free within the first week several times. Hell one of them watched Dr.Strange opening night because it was her night off from work.

  21. CalledIt


    Bigot alert.

  22. Kevin

    Disney can “insist” on things all they want. They don’t own the movie theater chains so they have no power to enforce their demands. Just more hot air from Ditz-ney.

  23. Kevin

    They can’t. They could only enforce this in theaters that they actually own.

  24. Joey

    I work for AMC and not once have they told us or not let us see any movie for free as soon as it comes out. They let us come in day of any movie coming out.

  25. Mark

    Err….I’ve been at a large chain theater for 11 years (8 as a manager) and I’ve never heard of this policy.
    Yeah, Disney will threaten about silly things. They once threatened to withhold Endgame because I scheduled Penguins at 11:55 am Instead of noon. Lol

  26. SusieQ

    This is the most ridiculous thing I’ve heard of. Theaters pay to show the movies. They make that money and more back charging patrons to see the movie.

    What’s the difference between an employee and a patron seeing the movie same showing and then telling people about the movie?

    I can see special screenings be paid only. But if seats are empty why not let an employee attend. How stupid. I CAN however see Disney requiring that the new movie not be played before the official release date.

  27. David Tatlitug

    Airlines give employees free tickets. Many companies do these perks as part of the pay. Disney needs to spend time fighting Florida and stop being so petty. Bet they still send early screeners out to the academy. And what makes you think they don’t talk. What a joke.

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