Comments for Disney Local Says Gov. DeSantis’s “Misguided Actions” Are “An Abuse of Power”

Ron DeSantis Disney World Reopening


  1. CalledIt

    Watch DeathSantis go into a Trump wannabe fit of insanity after being called out on facts yet again.

    1. EricJ

      No, Trump goes into insanity–
      DeSantis starts stammering, stuttering, backpedaling, and trying to reword his point, sounding like Maj. Nelson from the old I Dream of Jeannie series:

      “Well, yes, I mean, well, of course, Disney had a lawsuit, obviously, and yes, the law says we shouldn’t have used a special session, but y’see, Dr. Bellows, this was a special emergency, a-and so Roger and me, we felt, well, as I do, that er…..JEANNIE!!”

      1. CalledIt

        Valid. Still he has a lot of Trump in him besides trying to act and look like him. Why anyone wants to be an old obese orange guy who wears more makeup then a clown I don’t know. This whole episode is totally Trump as well which my understanding is DeDantis MO. Make a haste decision based on emotion and what appears to his white conservative bigoted base, do zero research, have it hastily thrown together by a staff that doesn’t have the combined mental capacity to turn on a lamp and then act shocked when it blows up in his face and he stares there looking like Wile E Coyote. His Jeannie btw is named Christina as in Christina Pushaw whose absolutely insane. So insane she is the one who really started all of this. Eventually I think Disney is going to personally sue her the moment she gets canned since like Trump, DeSantis administration has more turnover then McDonald’s since everyone hates working for him.

  2. Betty

    Inaccurate reporting. The taxpayers of Florida will not pay a single penny more since the current Reedy Creek district will be made into its own county (recently approved by the legislature) and Disney will fund that government and debt service. There were a total of six special districts that were impacted (not just Disney) and they were all out of compliance with Florida zoning & environmental regulations (again, not just Disney). The FL legislature created the districts years ago and it’s well within their rights to remove those districts. DeSantis is a Harvard lawyer and this legislation was carefully crafted to avoid it being overturned.

    1. CalledIt

      LOL! No he didn’t as Fat Orange DeSantis stepped right on the Acne dynamite on this one hence why his head exploded when it was brought up in a press conference. This thing is a legal nightmare and Disney has an endless army of lawyers. DeSantis doesn’t and all he is doing is costing the taxpayer in Florida more money due to his insanity.

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