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Bob Chapek with Mickey Mouse


  1. Joe Foss

    Make him go! Make him go! Make him go!

  2. S1

    At this rate I’d rather have Donald Trump himself running Disney. Make Disney Great Again.

    1. CalledIt

      Why so it go bankrupt like the rest of his companies? Gee you people really are in a cult aren’t you??

      1. S1

        Oh please Disney can survive on its name alone. And after I seize Disney I a hostile takeover, they will be. It’s Disney, and the average guest is a rube who will always come. Quoth P.T. Barnum: “There’s a sucker born every minute.” Disney could stay stuck in the 20th Century where it belongs and people will still watch their movies and go the parks.

        1. CalledIt

          You are talking about DJT. The guy has yet to find a company or a country he will not ruin if you put him in charge. COVEFE!

          1. S1

            You are outing yourself as an undesirable who isn’t welcome at Disney theme parks. The only guests who matter are the purists and traditionalists which include those that went during Walt’s lifetime and their descendants. When I take over Disney, “What Would Walt Do?” will be the guiding mantra again like it was for decades after his death. Walt would’ve also ratted you and the woke mob out to the HUAC as communist spies.

            1. Mason


          2. Help You

            Wow. You seem to have quite a fascination (obsessed?) with DJT.

      2. Kenny

        Chapel’s job is to maximize share value not be on the wrong side of a culture war. Fire him and sue for breach of fiduciary responsibility.

  3. Walt

    Chapek needs to be replaced.

    Forcing workers to move from California to Florida or lose their jobs when their is an extreme shortage of skilled workers is not something a competent business person does.

    Chapel’s decision forces families to decide which spouse loses their job.

  4. TimWar

    Chapek was forced to answer to the Woke SJW LGBTQ++++ against his will. This was likely caused by the Board of Directors. If he’s fired, it’s not his fault. They need to fire the Leftist groomers executives with their not at all secret gay agendas. Spare Chapek. Fire SJW Woke staff.

    1. CalledIt

      Projection and confession. That is literally all you people have left. Fun though to watch you talk about tough you are yet melt at the mere thought of two dudes kissing LOL!

      1. TimWar

        That’s weak sauce to say absolutely nothing.

      2. Not a sheep

        Spoken like a true Groomer.

    2. Fire Chapek and the wike SJW staff. Fire them all, let God sort them out…

  5. Anthony

    Chapek does need to go and to not be replaced by someone with similar or harder-lined thinking. Being “timid” is not a good trait for any CEO, but being a groveler for one extreme side over another is far worse. Stick to Walt’s vision of safe family entertainment and stay out of politics – especially the kind that publicly seeks to overturn legislation passed by a duly-elected body in a sovereign state. Disney had no business entering such a fight for reasons that are fallacious anyway.

    Katzenberg tried under Eisner to push the envelope as much as he could and ultimately left to co-found Dreamworks. That’s what separated other companies from Disney – we could always trust that certain lines wouldn’t be crossed. But now, there’s nowhere to turn for straightforward safe G-rated Disney entertainment. It all has to push some kind of agenda, and even the “PG” line is getting muddled.

    The latest quarterly earnings are not an indication that ‘all is well’ either. Most people want Disney and support Disney but still want things to be better. People are paying for Genie + because the experience is often miserable without it. It’s less than ideal and doesn’t always pan out. I will NEVER understand why they abandoned and will not return to the former Fast Pass system. That was the best, most efficient system they ever had. And it was FREE!

  6. Adam

    I just want a CEO that isn’t money hungry and had the same visions as Walt. Disney is an escape, and politics should’ve never been brought into this. Disney needs to do better, I felt like Chapek was a last minute choice, he’s failing the company.

  7. Big smooth

    He needs to go, a d be replaced by someone who understands that disney is a place to be to get away from reality for a while, escape all the crazy stuff and experience the magic of Disney. Leave political issues and other things up to others and get back to what Walt started years ago….a magical place. We’re it’s about the characters , the kids ,yeah a little pricey but a once in a lifetime experience…..leave political matters to the outside world . Enough already

  8. Robert

    Don’t let the door hit you when you leave.
    You’ve taken so much away from the Magic.

  9. Mickeymouse3

    Bob Paycheck IS the penny pinching, money grabber he claims he’s not. That’s evident by the recent changes made under his reign. He has been in charge of park ops for a long time. You’d think he would have a better grasp on what guests want.
    On the political side, he should have stayed away from taking a public stance and continued with the behind the scenes tactics. I don’t think he’s the one calling the shots regarding Disney’s recent stance on things. I believe that is coming from his board of directors. Maybe the shareholders are watching them as well.
    Quite simply tho, he needs to go, but, who would be his replacement?

  10. Pal w

    Yes . He should be removed..
    The stock is at its lowest point in years..( since purchase of Pixar , Lucas, and 20th century)
    The only time it been lower was when all Disney Parks were close, and movie were not being shown.

    He had damaged the comp. He did not act like a CEO , he act like a CFO , and government relations which he done terribly.

    The sun always shines on the Disney empire he acted like Nero.

  11. ron glee

    Kevin Mayer Tom Staggs
    Who thought this Bob was a good idea?

  12. Mason

    Disney needs new executives too. Since they want to indoctrinate and groom kids to become gender queer non-binary transgender SJW’s. People who run Disney are like politicians since they claim to be on the side of the people but care more about their elite status , and money that they get.

    1. Dawn

      Do you not understand that you are born LGTB+ or Cis…. you do not choose to be LGTB+. Nobody can “groom” anyone to be LGTB+.

  13. Phil

    Get him and the woke agenda out of Disney! Fire all the c-suite leaders that are promoting the LGBTQ agenda! Most of Americans are not interested in that nonsense!

  14. Fire Chapek and the woke SJW staff. Fire them all, let God sort them out…

  15. Ash

    Get him out! As a long time disney fan, I’ve completely given up on the company. This guy doesn’t care about anything except his money. It’s heartbreaking. I won’t be back until he is gone.

  16. Rich

    I do believe he should be replaced if Disney wants to be the company that Walt built. Chapel has decided the company. Disney was built on family and kids. Chapel has forgotten that. You don’t isolate the core of the people that made you what you are today. That’s what Chapek is doing. You don’t take sides. You include everyone. Gays, Male, Females, but you don’t takes sides.

  17. Bob Chapek

    Absolutely anyone could do better than Bob Cheapskate. Heck even the worst President in history, Joe Biden, could.

  18. Charlotte

    The sooner he goes, the better. Disney never should have hired him, he has completely ruined the magic of the parks. I hope whoever replaces him restores all the magic he took away!

  19. We need people like tom Staggs or Peter Rice to be Disney’s new CEO they restore the magic and give an apology to everyone

    bob Chapek need to be replaced and Fired now

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