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  1. Bob Chapek

    He’s more like Thanos snapping his fingers and Disney stock drops by 50%.

    1. CalledIt

      It was overvalued like every other stock though the most overvalued stock is Telsa.

  2. Jose

    My wife and I are at Disney World for 1st time in 2 years right now. Disney has definitely lost it’s Magic. Prior to Covid we visited 2 to 3 times per year on average. Based on this visit, we won’t be back!

    The cast members attitudes have changed. They are indifferent to the guests needs or worse problems. Many barely seem competent and on a couple of occasions sent us down wrong queue. There is clearly a training and morale issue. Instead of guest services, Lgbqt issues seem their priority. We even saw some disturbing displays of erotic behavior of 4 males guests waiting in queue at Magic Kingdom.

    The prices for food are ridiculous for the quality. The planning and reservations required prior to visiting, the expense cutting by Chapek is clear.

    He has done a horrendous job and has absolutely ruined Disney. He should do the right thing and resign. Being here now is like being in an alternative reality. It’s so so sad!!!! Won’t be back.

    1. Connie

      Well said, so sad. Hold onto your memories and photos and Sony handy cam tapes because as long as he is there It’s no longer Walt Disney World.
      How disrespectful!

      1. Lisa

        Could Bob C be sabotaging Disney World on purpose? Maybe the Walt Disney Company has an ulterior motive?

    2. Fox

      If all the homophobes like you stay out, perhaps the lines will be shorter for the rest of us?

    3. Jamie

      Totally fine! More room for us:-)))

  3. DFW Guy

    Bob. Chapek should be ousted. He is in the process of destroying a beloved company with a careless Attitude for a company’s biggest asset its employees and just going for the quick buck. I also refuse to go back untill the parks magic is restored. Disney plus shows are way to PC and woke.

    1. CalledIt


      Tell me your bigot by not saying your a bigot.

      1. Jose

        Your comment is juvenile and inappropriate

    2. Jamie

      Lol!!! Yes, how about you not come back until you find a little of your own personal magic that you lost some where in your life….. Sounds like you need a little “wokeness” in your life.

  4. Bill Hunter

    We spent the 1st week in April at the park. Disney has changed and not for the better. It’s kinda dirty. It’s pretty darn expensive and you spend your time in line whole trying to spend even more money to get on a ride. Disney needs to get out of the social media world and stop letting a few big mouths control their narrative. We’ll not be back under these circumstances.

  5. Pat

    Disney is in the business of spreading magic not socially driven agendas. The alphabet gay agenda is the only group that has their own designated Pride month. There’s no black month, no Brasil month, no England, European month. These groups make up a large majority of attendance. Just Gay Pride month. Chapek is allowing a minority population destroy Walt Disney’s vision.
    By caving into the 1%, he alienates the rest.
    It’s kinda sad to see something families dream of giving their children this magical being thrown away.

    1. Fox

      Cry about it, bigot. Cry about it at home.

      1. Clifton Brewer

        So in your mind everyone who wishes Disney just get back to the basics, and ignore the woke minority is a bigot in your eyes. If that’s the case, I’m assuming a large majority of the patrons of the Disney parks, who could care less who you’re shaping with, probably scare the crap out of you. Seems to me you’d have a terrible time at any of the parks constantly looking around constantly to make sure one of these boogie bigots isn’t going to get you. You gotta remember that they’re just like all the zombies in all the movies, they’re everywhere and coming for you.

  6. Mickeymouse3

    A gaffe? Nope! He intentionally changed the motto, just as he is doing with everything else Disney.
    Paycheck needs to go, but so does the majority of the board!!

  7. Gordon McRae

    Indiana University … not University of Indiana. The writer made a gaffe too!!

    1. Mash

      He needs to go. And so do all the rude cast members. Get back to focusing on customer service instead of working about who people sleep with and what teachers can and can not teach to 4-8 yr old children. News flash: Disney is not a government agency, nor do they have any power to repeal laws. Bring back the magic get rid of the obsession with politics. I’m a long time visitor every anniversary, graduation and celebration we’ve spent at WDW but this last time we went the magic was gone. CMs no longer care about guests.

      1. Jamie

        Well with an attitude like that it’s no wonder castmembers treat you that way. Byeee shorter lines for the rest of us.

    2. GrammaCate

      That’s what I came to say! Go Hoosiers!!

  8. Lawrence Weisberg

    Dump this chucklehead. I’ve dumped my season passes to Disneyland as they are not only too expensive, but they only care about money now: Parking is $30 now – that used to be a park ticket price!!! Why – you OWN THE GARAGE!!! Park is way too crowded, waits too long, nothing is fun anymore. It’s just a Hassle. Some suggestions… go back to TICKETS for rides… older patrons don’t ride as much, so give them just a simple park admission price so they can still visit with their families, but then sell ride tickets again for those who want to ride.

    1. Jamie

      I agree, the prices have gone to high. And it’s really hard for our older generation to keep up with making park passes, checking availability…. Its a lot

  9. Chris Wood

    He should compare himself to Tony Stark! He has a high opinion of himself of self worth and importance.

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