Comments for Disney CEO Bob Chapek Says New Films Will Be Successful Without Release in China


Credit: Disney


  1. EricJ

    “And we didn’t even need Shang-Chi ANYWAY!”

    (Uh, join the club, Bob…
    Did we just, y’know, suddenly find out that the Chinese don’t really understand superheroes or Star Wars?)

  2. Mary Fair

    Do you have anyone to proof read your article? I’m pretty sure China has more than $1.4 million people…(dollar sign, really?

    1. Jess Colopy

      Totally my bad! I think I read and heard too many $$ numbers yesterday. Fixed, thanks for pointing that out, Mary!

  3. Chapek is a spineless Leftist moron.

  4. drew who

    Here is a thought . If Disney stopped inserting its LBGTQ agenda into their movies ad infinitum maybe their films could release in China and other markets where they keep getting banned because of it .

  5. John Areiter

    Bob Chapek, Disney CEO, said he would bow to the demands of his master, Chairman Xi so Disney can make more money.

  6. Observer from SEA

    I don’t know why so many Americans are having such a hard time juggling with China.

    Since China don’t want it, then don’t export it!

    Simple policy, right? They don’t need international goods, so we don’t need to force ourselves onto them. We can enjoy these stuff on our own. Their loss if they don’t want them.

    I swear, this would be the downfall of capitalists, so greedy for money…

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