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Universal and Disney

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  1. J.

    Good for them, let’s hope they stay that way. It isn’t any corporation’s place to weigh in on something that is between the parents of small children and their local school. I could not care less what Universal thinks or doesn’t think and don’t want to know. Hopefully they are smart enough to stick to what they do best, which is entertain guests who want a break from normal life (which includes politics).

    1. Exactly

      Completely agreed! Just about to post something similar

    2. Mee2

      Another voice of reason.
      Thank you

  2. Chris

    Read the bill, it never says “Don’t Say Gay”, it simply says don’t teach sexuality at an inappropriate age and there is actually far more to the bill than that.

    As for Universal remaining silent, that’s what they (and all companies) should do.

    The only time that companies should get involved in politics is if it directly affects them. Say someone introduced a bill preventing theme parks from building new attractions for 25 years, the theme parks should fight that bill as it would directly and very negatively impact them. But the bill in question here has absolutely no impact on Disney, Universal or any other theme park and they should stay out of it.

    1. Z

      But, but, but…if people actually read the bill and know what it is about and don’t just stop at the name we associated with it to incite some controversy, they might not be as likely to just jump on the bandwagon blindly and go into hysterics about it being about hate. Do they REALLY need to know it is just about giving parents some say so about when very young children start learning about sexuality??? We need people to not educate themselves and actually just follow what we lead them to think. It’ll be better for all of us if you just listen to what we say. After all we know best…

    2. Mee2

      You have a voice of reason. Thank you

  3. Bobby Duke

    What a poorly written article. I counted three obvious typing errors, plus the overt bias in the way it’s written causes the author to lose credibility.

    1. Daniel McNeely

      Good call. That’s what I saw too.

    2. M

      Yep, here’s a particular gem:

      “the same law,akers that Disney was criticized for supoorting:”

      Who writes these “articles”, middle school students?

      1. Shawn

        Thank You, I lost track of the content in the article half way thru as I was distracted by the spelling and punctuation errors. That would not have been excepted 20yrs ago in a newspaper let alone with today’s technology and spell check!

  4. Dan

    1. Bill prohibits instruction on sexual orientation or gender identity (not “sexuality” or “sex”) without defining those terms. Sexual orientation is a broad topic that can encompass topics of sex or merely discussing the family of a student with 2 moms (that would be an acknowledgement of their sexual orientation). The law is poorly written and numerous attempts were made to amend it to be specific about what is prohibited, but those amendments were shot down. So the moniker “don’t say gay or trans” is actually pretty apt since it is very likely that any discussion of those words could be against the law as it is written. The courts don’t typically like vague laws and they tend to be invalidated when people don’t have a clear understanding what is and what is not in violation of the law.
    2. No one seems to complain when corporations donate to politicians, especially these same GOP congressmen who were receiving money from Disney in the past. You can’t give them the free speech right to support politicians without also allowing them to voice their opinions on political topics. The law impacts Disney employees and other stakeholders, so your logic on them only being able to speak out on topics that “directly” impacts their business is not really worth much.

    1. Mee2

      I do not understand WHY this is so important to ensure these YOUNG CHILDREN be exposed to any of this.
      They are in their formative years. Many want to “try on different hats”, many even want to be puppies and kittens. We would NEVER THINK TO TRY TO make THAT a REALITY!
      LEAVE THESE BABIES ALONE…. Fourth/Fifth grades soon enough.

  5. Nicole

    “Don’t Say Gay Bill” Lol.
    Are these people actually reading the bill? What I wonder is what type of people are upset about prek-3rd graders learning and knowing about sex? I didn’t start even having crushes until 4th or 5th.
    I repeat :
    I think it is sickening. It isn’t anyone’s right to teach children anything about it other than the PARENTS.

    1. Mee2

      Thank you for speaking up.

  6. Mee2

    Universal will be well served to KEEP QUIET.
    IT IS FOR ENTERTAINMENT!!! NOT “EDUCATION” for our children.
    The FACT is: the bill does NOT SILENCE “GAY”, it PROTECTS the innocence of our children- the INNOCENCE that Wait Disney PRIDED HIMSELF on providing and, thereby, building his Magic Kingdom.
    Young children need to be taught the EDUCATION BASICS, NOT BE CONCERNED ABOUT GENDER AND “HOW TO” of sex acts
    If you’re GAY – OR ANY LGBQTA+. – go ahead, introduce any significant other to the children, just DO NOT EXPLAIN THE ENTIRE PRICES OF ANYTHING RELATED to your union.

    1. ReeLynn

      As an educator and a Christian I cannot and will not teach any child against their parents wishes. I also cannot teach children about my faith and beliefs, so my point is why should the lgtqabc group be allowed to teach their beliefs? There is also something that no thinks or says but I will- This is a small group of people driving against this bill 3% to be exact.

  7. Pepsiman

    The Chad Universal and the Virgin Disney

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