Comments for Trainer Claims SeaWorld Killed Hundreds of Animals, Warns of Impending Dangers

SeaWorld Orlando

Credit: SeaWorld


  1. Jody Mosier

    This guy is a bitter ex-SW trainer who was fired for violating safety protocols. He might have been good with the orcas, but he was terrible at interacting with people, and has even spouted off racist statements at times. He has had problems with paying taxes to the point where he had multiple liens against him, physically beat up his sister, and he became a so-called whistleblower because he needed money, and wanted attention, not necessarily because he was concerned about the animals. If he believed that SW really treated animals so badly, why did he wait 14 YEARS to speak out? He is NOT a nice guy, by any means, and I’m amazed that anybody would take him seriously at this point, except for maybe an ill-informed animal-rights activist!

    1. Phillip

      Who are you? A Sea World board member? He stated what he did and where. What is yours?

  2. Pete

    Disgruntled Employee !!!!You THINK !!! If you listen to anyone involved with Peta they are to the extreme.I love all animals but they care more about animals then they care about humans.Should I go on.

  3. Deb

    I dnt care what the ex trainer did or didn’t say/do ,but no animal should be kept in those tiny ponds just so you can sit and watch them perform ridiculous tricks it should be shut down .just my opinion

    1. Debra Yanke


  4. Merari

    Same old news, apparently recycling stories. Seaworld rescue and care for a lot of animals during the year, visit them and get a good story instead of just publishing old stuff.

    1. Carmine Crincoli

      I definitely agree and I want SeaWorld Orlando to still focus on both rides and animals and still keep its ocean theme with the Happy Harbor still having its ocean theme!

  5. Carmine Crincoli

    This is insane!

    SeaWorld can’t kill its animals! They need to help them and release them into the wild!

    I want SeaWorld Orlando to still keep its ocean theme and focus on both animals and rides and also have its kids area still have an ocean theme as Happy Harbor and not get reimagined into an immersive land based on a kids’ IP and that kids’ IP should get its own separate theme park in Florida and not part of SeaWorld Orlando and that kids’ IP should still have an ocean and harbor themed bay of play mini-land in the Happy Harbor section to continue the theme!

    1. Phillip

      Agreed !!!!

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