Comments for Gov. DeSantis’ Feud With Disney Could Push $2 Billion of Debt On Taxpayers

Florida Travel Restrictions Lifted


  1. Brooke

    You are literally the only organization reporting on this ridiculous, heat of passion move by desantis. The taxpayers are going to pay for this insanity. Disney has been paying for the infrastructure all along, 100%. Let desantis do this, and let him lose re-election. That will be fantastic.

    1. Walt is spinning

      It’s Orange County… who cares? They’re all demotards and wouldn’t have voted for him anyway.

      1. Jordan

        Nothing says you lack intelligence like name calling someone based on the political views. Way to show the world that America is such a “welcoming” place -_-

      2. Max

        I get it- for people like you, it’s not about politicians trying to help people, but about playing games and causing pain for people ‘not in your camp.’
        So should we point out that your ethical values are retarded? Yes, noted.

    2. P

      Haha won’t happen. He will be voted in again. Greatest Governor in the whole United States

      1. Mel White

        Are you f-ing kidding, He is almost as bad as trump, the mentally ill moron. What a piece of garbage, he is, hopefully he will lose and we will be done with that imbecile. 2 billion dollars worth of debt the taxpayers will be taking over.

      2. Denise

        DeSantis is the best governor in the country. He most definitely will be voted in again. Disney does nothing but degrade everything they touch.

        1. CJA

          How? By providing jobs?

          1. CC

            Reedy creeks fire department has several fire stations on property it takes many experienced employees to keep Disney guests safe. They will lose their jobs has anyone looked at their tax bill. I can’t afford an additional $2000 in taxes.

      3. He is a Very Very sick person… he’s saying that ” Florida is the most free state in the country” when in fact his total insanity by signing multiple laws that restrict the citizens of Florida show he’s drinking the same koolade as the insane, insecure and illiterate past president… Absolutely insane!!

    3. Chris B

      Brooke your problem is youre die hard Disney fandom is blocking your ability to think about whats really important. You read the article and you got sucked in to being on ITMs side. Disney hasnt been paying for infrastructure as long as the reedy act has been in place. You along with everyone else thats embraced Wokeness will soon realize that youre not going to get your way for long.

      1. molly

        TrumPutin gonna break all the woke heads. We will have white rule or no one will have anything!/s

        1. AH

          What an idiot.

      2. CJA

        And you have fallen down the Fox hole.

  2. Pete Bithet

    An example where hippocrate DeSantis says government can do better than private industry. Retaliation for being called out for playing to his bigot base. Dude wants vengeance and it’ll cost Florida billions.

    1. Walt is spinning

      Only Orange and Osceola… who cares?

      1. Walt

        Since Republicans hold political events at WDW every year, apparently they care.

        If Florida really believes in leveling the playing field, go after the other 1800 special districts. Let’s see how the Villages does when they have to compete like other Florida communities.

        Political retribution is un-American. Those who support it must love Castro’s Cuba.

    2. Cameron Debartolo

      He took away special privilege from a corporate business? Why is that hypocritical. It might have been motivated by this latest bluder by disney, but Desantis has talked about disliking privileges for big businesses for years. If anything liberals and all people should be behind this, Even despite your issue with the very reasonable legislation that never mentions gay. You clearly don’t have kids because if you did you wouldn’t want any of that crap discussed with them. Say this was a different topic one you were against like what if a teacher was telling your children that abortion was murder, or immigration should be stringent. You all would be mad, the problem lies in your principles should come from your parents, and your sexual orientation should not be discussed at a young age especially with a teacher. Teachers are there for education not social integration. So don’t throw words out like bigot those are not starters and usually only come from people who are bigoted themselves. Side note popular bill in florida amongst every type of political party, and when disney stayed that they would repeal a law that was written by legislatures voted for through the Democratic process, then they became a tyrannical corporation.

      1. JJ Pops

        I have children, Cameron. And I think the bill is horrible. PS — you’re a bigot.

        1. Sheep-are-Tasty

          …and you are a potential groomer.

          1. CJA

            This is the ridiculously evil Putin strategy to demonize those whom you disagree with. shame on you!

        2. Kim

          I have children grand children and think the bill is great. Sounds like you promote grooming. Sad.

        3. Kim

          I have children grand children and think the bill is great. Sad you are against children

          1. Mark

            Wake up people corporations are people this has been decided by the Supreme Court years ago so so they can do whatever they want..

            1. Tad

              “Some should be nationalized and have their jobs dictated to them by the White House”, one of the primary tenets of socialism. Lenin, Stalin and Bernie Sanders would be proud. Looks like someone slept through civics class 🙂

          2. CJA

            Please inform us how Disney is against children and “grooming” children in front of their parents!

        4. JK

          I have Children JJ… I don’t want teachers teaching my children anything like that… that’s my job..

        5. Chris B

          JJ Pops You need to reread what Cameron said. hes not for the Bill as he clearly states that its a bad thing. How is he in the wrong and how is he a bigot?

        6. Kevin

          “I don’t agree with you and don’t have a counter argument to your well thought out post so you are automatically a ‘bigot'”. Hate to break it to you, JJ but people can have a different opinion. Doesn’t mean you have to slander them. When you do that its shows you are just as, if not more narrow minded as how you perceive the person you are responding to. PS — get over yourself.

        7. Patriot First

          Then you are a potential groomer!

          1. Jim T

            You can’t be that stupid. Stop repeating Republican lies. It’s un-American.

      2. Gary L

        Do you really have a problem with teachers talking about sex to their class all the time down there in Fla? It doesn’t seem to be rampant anywhere else in the country. Keep attacking teachers and soon there won’t be any left. Then who will be your next target?

        1. Thats a falsehood re: teachers, there will ALWAYS be teachers, the only reason teachers will “run off” from the profession is because of stupid parents and unruly students and the ridiculous requirements that states want teachers to jump thru the hoops to stay in an underpaid profession … and most, and I stress most, teachers want nothing to do with teaching sexual preference or this BS to kids…. and thats coming from a teacher!!

          1. Duh

            Umm then you shouldn’t have a problem “jumping thru the hoops”

        2. Mike

          Based upon what you said, “what you don’t know won’t hurt you”. 90+% parents of public school children have no idea what is being taught in the class room, have no idea what books are in the school library, have no idea what the curriculum is. Might want to check your own backyard.

      3. So frustrating

        Exactly. There are private schools for a reason, if you want to teach religion, you have to create a private school, if you want to teach about your own personal beliefs with gender, whatever, form a private school!

      4. CJA

        Obviously inference was never taught to you. I’ll bet when the teacher told you to stop running you then began skipping, because she didn’t say don’t skip when you knew she wanted you to walk.

        1. Bigbotz

          They’re worried because teachers actually care about students and they are sick of being told to stop beating and abusing their own kids. They want the old days back where they can get drunk and beat kids.

  3. Scott

    Disney shouldn’t of supported sexual grooming of pre k kids. They only have themselves to blame.

    1. Harry

      I wish the straight groomers did a better job on me. Being a gay man is very difficult.

      When did you decide to be straight, Scott? What sort of grooming did you encounter, did your mom show you her lady parts,teach you about breasts?

  4. Andre

    I support the Governor 100%!! Stick it to Disney and Orange county in the worst possible way!!

    Also, did Disney donate to BLM? Any chance of charging them with accessory to fraud?

    1. U R Goofy

      If donating to individuals/organizations who commit fraud was a crime, twenty million trumpkins could be locked up tomorrow.

      1. U R Dpoey


  5. ryan

    All the state has to do is invoke a “special assessment” (tax) on the same property to cover the bill, and Disney can’t do anything about it. Problem solved! Not to mention billing them for services rendered. This is so simple.

    1. Patriot First


    2. Bigbotz

      You people think you understand any of this and it’s funny seeing some of the comments. The Reedy Creek government is not owned by disney, it’s setup as a completely different entity. Disney only has board members as well as the surrounding towns. Disney has a year to year agreement with them and Reedy Creek holds all debts. If dissolved all contracts disney has are dissolved as well. Try learning just a bit about tax law and maybe you’ll stop posting fairytale. Only way to get any of that debt out of disney would be some sort of agreement that would make disney more money since it’s a corporation.

  6. Sue

    Disney needs to stop interfering with government and pay attention to there parks. I would be so nice if Disney moved out of Florida and take all the liberals with them. I love the governor here. We need more like him. The only ones who would not agree are democrats bc they don’t like being told anything. You never hear of sea world or universal saying anything like Disney does or changing there parks so they don’t offend someone. Bull crap. Disney need to leave Florida if they don’t like it.

    1. JK

      If that happens, Florida economy will plummet… job loss, maybe even loose the no state tax.. you might start having to have to pay that…I don’t like what Disney is doing either.. I like DeSantis also… but Disney needs to stay out of this stuff and worry about their own problems.. and get rid of Cheapak

    2. Tony

      Disney will not move out of Florida, they have to much invested in Disney World to take that kind of loss over a political disagreement. Considering that the right and left agree on nothing and we have nothing in common anymore. This is the new normal
      I would hate to see if anything really bad happens that requires us to come together to fight it I don’t know if we could.

    3. CJA

      This is the ridiculously evil Putin strategy to demonize those whom you disagree with. shame on you!

    4. CJA

      How is Disney interfering with Florida’s government? As mentioned before, the Supreme Court has ruled that corporations can voice an opinion and contribute as much as they wish to politics they support. Because Disney disagrees with DeSantis, he’s stomping his feet like a man baby and getting revenge that will hurt far more Floridians than Disney.

    5. Bigbotz

      Good! Let’s all get money out of politics. Please, we been trying to do this for decades. A real issue that needs changing.

    6. Bigbotz

      It’s hysterical seeing all of you mentally retarded people scream and cry about free speech on Tuesday while demanding Disney be punished for daring to speak words against the far right.

  7. Chris B

    Gary L do you even go back and read what you typed? Try doing that and youll say to yourself “Oh I F’d up”

  8. Kevin

    The only way this article could possibly be any more biased is if they photoshopped devil ears and a pitchfork onto the pic of Desantis and had him eating a headless baby. Key word in this inflammatory article is COULD. None of this has happened yet and the writer, and Twit that was cited have no idea if it will. More likely Disney will wind up footing the bill (as they should since they incurred it) and taxpayers of just two counties will never have to pay a dime.

  9. Rachel Winiecki

    Some of the people and their comments are unimaginable. Although these folks actually do exist in the 21st century just shows what decades of republican rule over the educational system has produced. The “Woke” term baffles me as it has a positive definition rather than a negative one. It’s a shame Disney, or any other rational human would reside in this Backward environment.

    1. Harry

      Floriduh. What more can we say? Lol

  10. Mike

    About time all the businesses will now be on a level playing field. Now Disney will now have to put up with the same rules/regulations/taxes every other business has had too.

  11. Rick Berkshire

    You Left out the part where the $2 billion worth of debt will be serviced by $2 billion worth of revenue from Disney. What is really happening here is the local people are taking control of what Disney is doing instead of letting Disney just decide where it wants to spend it’s $2 billion worth of real estate taxes.

  12. Tim C

    Atta boy ron, you will show them who’s the boss.

  13. James

    Just make Disney pay for this by eliminating 100% of any tax breaks including property tax!

  14. Ron

    WDW has a $75.2 billion annual economic impact for Central Florida, provides 463,000 jobs and $5.8 billion in additional state tax revenue. This includes the greater Kissimmee/Orlando area
    The sales tax collected just on the 58 million Disney World tickets sold in 2018 was $409 million. That’s more than what the state of Florida will spend in 2022 on school construction and maintenance or the entire Department of Elder Affairs budget.
    Within the district’s 25,000 acres are theme parks, resorts and two cities, Bay Lake and Lake Buena Vista, governed by boards selected by the Disney company. All revenues that would have been paid to Orange and/or Osceola Counties since 1966 are plowed back into Disney, after expenses it’s essentially another revenue stream.

    Walt Disney wanted complete control of the land after he saw the neighborhood around his California park become over-commercialized. But that has morphed over the decades. Like any corporation, Disney is focused on the bottom line and increasing shareholder value. Capitalism doesn’t work unless companies are focused on the bottom line and trying to increase shareholder value. Disney is going to take a hit and it isn’t going to be small. Local taxpayers may be on the hook for a one time $2 billion bill (unlikely), but Disney shareholder earnings will be taking a big hit long term for sure. Moral of the story, Disney just do what you’re good at, entertaining the masses, and stay away from the political quagmire and social engineering.

    1. Who, me?

      Ron, was going to post, but there was nothing I could add to make a better point than you did.
      Well done sir.

    2. Denise

      We local taxpayers won’t be taking any hit. The ones who continue to patronize Disney will be taking the hit. One who actually lives here can see the real impact that Disney has had on the area, and it’s not a positive one.

  15. Denise

    DeSantis is the best governor in the country. Disney has done nothing but degrade the area and everything they touch nor do they pay their fair share. They even hide the homelessness problem from the tourists by getting law enforcement to relocate them further down 192 out of sight. I’m sick of all the woke dopes and their crazy beliefs and views that were put into their heads during their formative years. Go get some counselling and stop degrading society.

    1. DK

      The best Governor. Excuse me while I spit out my coffee.

    2. Ernest

      He’s THE WORST GOVERNOR EVER of Florida!

  16. SG

    Absolutely the worst governor for Florida in my lifetime!

    Can’t wait to vote him out!

  17. Ernest


    If Disney moves to another state, thousands of Floridians that work there will become UNEMPLOYED and that includes REPUBLICAN EMPLOYES. All because of MR I WANT TO BE THE DICTATOR OF FLORIDA (DeathSentence I mean DeSantis)

    1. Emma

      Ernie, you silly silly boy. Disney World is not going anywhere. Perhaps you would prefer Democrat Andrew Gillum who was found by police in a Miami hotel room with 3 bags of meth and a male escort. You remember Andy, he’s that fine, upstanding citizen who was touted as an example for young men of color to emulate… and was defeated by DeSantis in the Florida gubernatorial race.

      1. Jim T

        DeSantis has turned Florida into the butt of jokes. Disney should stop development at their Lake Nona project.

  18. Disney World Affordable Housing
    Credit: Disney
    Disney World to Develop 80 Acres of Affordable Hous
    When people are asked what comes to mind when they think of Florida, one of the first things they will probably say is Disney World!!! NOT gov. DeSAntis=ass!. Disney is one of the largest employers in the state and brings millions of dollars every year.NOT gov. DeSAntis=ass! Disney has always worked closely with the state, as well as Orange County and Osceola County — the two counties the Walt Disney World Resort is located in. Many of Disney’s Cast Members live near the Parks, so Disney wants to work hard to improve these communities in innovative ways.NOT gov.DESAntis=ass!Today, Disney announced that it was earmarking 80 acres of Southwest Orange County to be developed as affordable housing. Disney Parks Blog shared more information on the new development that will soon be underway.NOT DESAntis-ass!This affordable housing area is not the first time that Disney has worked with the counties to help its low-income residents.NOT gov.DESAntis-ass! Disney VoluntEARS frequently work with charity organizations, like the Orange County Food Bank, to bring necessary items to residents.not gov.Desantis=ass! Every year, Disney also works with several area organizations to bring gifts to thousands of families in the Orlando area.NOT gov.DESAntis.-ass!Disney will offer Central Florida residents a variety of home choices that are affordable and attainable, in a great part of town near schools and the new and expanding Flamingo Crossings Town Center retail and dining complex. The development will be available for qualifying applicants in our region, including Disney cast members. but this wonderful worthless so called gov.thinks going after the only thing keeping florida from Bankruptcy ,is a great idea for all he thinks he represents! he NEEDS TO GO!!!!!vote no on GOV>DESANTIS-ASS!!!!!stop the DICTATOR now before florida is turned back into the swamp it once was! thank you WALT DISNEY for actually CARING!!!!!not gov.DESANtis-ass

  19. axt113

    Republicans love nothing better than hurting voters

    1. Jim T

      Party over country.

  20. Tim Myers

    Another hit job by the lowly left.Costing residents 2,200$ a family is a crock! As Governor DeSantis leads Fl.,USA and as the world is watching against the pernicious Leftist who now can add grooming and pedifeelia to their portfolio of deviant policies goals.Hey lefty way don’t you move to New York or out West.If you come up against Governor DeSantis next time you better bring a candidate that is not a crackhead like you did last election.

  21. Jim T

    DeSantis’ attack on the rights of children and their families is a disgusting appeal to his far-right base, nothing more. Disney was clearly wrong for contributing to the Republican party. I’m sure they’ve learned their lesson now. Future businesses will reevaluate moving to a state with a childish, vindictive governor.

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