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mattea roach smiling at jeopardy podium

Credit: ABC


  1. Walt

    Plot Twist: She is a lesbian…

    1. P. Murphy

      What’s the difference how she uses her hands or is a lesbian. I’d like to see anyone who objects to her get up there and do what she’s doing. Probably the most intelligent, knowledgeable 23 year old and is a very refreshing contestant to watch.

      1. Lucas

        No one doubts her intelligence, she’s obviously brilliant. With that said, she is without a doubt the most annoying Jeopardy contestant to ever grace the stage….sorry but it’s a fact so get over it.

        1. Jason

          i remember ‘annoying’ contestants over the years. they did not last long enough to become something of a meme, though.
          one guy in particular, a short Bostonian, took such an attitude when Alex jokingly suggested the contestant could be a Yankees fan (or was it the other way around – he was a New Yorker and Alex suggested he root for Boston….).
          I thought that guy was so douchey, even with the post-commercial chatter early in the program.

        2. T TeeTee


        3. Deborah

          Most annoying ever!

          1. A show off craving attention. Thank God she’s gone!

        4. carole Torri

          Totally agree that she is brilliant but extremely annoying with her facial expressions and comments.

        5. Cp

          100% so happy she lost. ANNOYING

      2. You are so wrong. Why can’t u appreciate a young person’s brilliance?

        1. Joseph

          It has nothing to do with appreciating her brilliance. No one denies she’s an extremely intelligent woman. I personally couldn’t care less about her sexuality. It’s simply her mannerisms, the comments, the constant waving of her arms all over the place, etc. It’s honestly the same way I found Matt Amodio extremely annoying as well.

      3. Yes she got beat. Lol I mean did she learn sign language lol.she flails her arms around like a car dealership inflatable man. Also always when it comes to the last question she always says O last one?what the flip??? It’s good she is off the show 🙂

        1. rain dancer

          She messed up…While brilliant she sucks at math.

    2. I think she is silly. I don’t care what her sexual preferences are and it is nobody’s business. I think she talks too much (I should’ve bet more). She is just too silly. Say what your next clue is and get on with it! I don’t care for her comments in between choosing. She is taking too long. It is not allowing for the entire board to be used. Just shut up and get on with it.

      1. Lila

        I totally agree with you. She is annoying and too chatty and silly. She is very intelligent but she shouldn’t take up all that time chattering, and waving her hands around. Just answer the questions and act dignified.

      2. Chris

        AMEN! she is so f-ing annoying. Can’t wait ’til someone kicks her ass. Seems like a lot of Canada clues, too…..Hmmmm?

        1. Jason

          i know! ive noticed that, but that could be coincidence. but look – she knows quite a bit of United States history. I was so impressed that she almost ran the entire category related to US presidents. And, I was YELLING what I thought was the correct answer: MOBILE! MOOOOBILE! but actually Montgomery is the capital (sp) of Alabama. And yep, Matea got that right.

      3. OMG!!!!!!! What is wrong with you people????

        1. Bob

          It is possible that what she was doing was tactical. She is more chatty when she has a lead so if she can waste time and give people less chance of answering the big dollar questions for them to catch up.

    3. Gus

      Hey Lucas, go scratch yourself! Your the annoying turd P.O.S. that couldn’t pour pee outta a cowboy boot if the instructions was printed on the heel! Way too many negative, jealous people responding to this young lady. Live and let live. Go look in the mirror and blow a kiss to yourself

      1. Kitty

        I’m with ya Gus, world is hateful and jealous, not too many of these jealous freaks could do 1 percent of this girl! She’s over half a million, so how do you like her now…

  2. Donna

    What’s the big deal? She states that in her bio.
    Her constant chatter is whats the problem.

    1. Lsmk

      Exactly. If it’s part of your bio that’s how you’re defining and presenting yourself. Don’t be angry of others use that information

      1. Larry

        So there’s been a long run by a transgender and now a lesbian. What about a gay man? Has there been one of those? And which sexual orientation type will be next?

        1. Phyllis

          Angry straight man.

          1. AngryStraigntMan

            How much am I going to win?

          2. Beatrriz Beatiz dndhj@aol.com


          3. Vicki Preckajlo

            I don’t care if she sleeps with frogs! Make her stop flapping around like a wounded bird!!

        2. She is absolutely annoying. She does take way too long to give the dollar amount of her wager. I fast forward when she’s about to talk. She just seems so narcissistic to me and all her facial expressions. She’d be a lot more tolerable if she just answered the questions

    2. Anita Mule

      Her constant chatter and her arm waving! I want to strangle her.

      1. Jason

        Actually, with risk of starting a firestorm here – its not THAT – her gesturing and so forth – that bugs me. Its the tattoo and the nose ring. Both are just so ugly. I dont care about current norms and trends and whatever else – they are ugly. She is a beautiful girl, with w flesh wound visible on her forearm and a mucous globule at her nostril. Ugh….it just seems….so trashy.

        1. Jason

          She is a bit silly and annoying at times yes. I’m just really hoping that she beats Amy’s records so that the women’s records are held by an actual woman.

      2. Deborah

        Anita, can I help?

    3. Brian

      Also almost every time she gets one wrong she exclaims “Oh!!!” as if she can’t believe she is wrong.

  3. Joseph

    Is this an effort to be woke? I couldn’t stand Mattea’s mannerisms, or personality. I was waiting for her to lose. But NBC outing her makes them look like they want to wave the Gaybow flag and say look at us.

    1. G Roberts

      Yes, she is VERY annoying, from hand gestures gone wild, to having to make some kind of comment on every category. Ugh…

      1. I’m glad to see it’s not just my husband & myself who feel this way. We could care less about her sexuality. We feel she is a poor sport. There’s nothing wrong with winning. But when you add arrogance with it then you’ve lost our support.

        1. Cali

          I totally agree. I dont care one way or another who or what she is. I just plain old cant stand her and cant wait for her to lose. She is literally ruining Jeopardy for me. I dont even enjoy watching it with her on

          1. Anita Mule

            I ,too, can’t wait for her to lose. Close to boycotting the show!

          2. Bianca

            Glad to see I’m not the only one annoyed with Mattea! It has nothing to do with her identity, age or hand gestures. She talks when she misses a clue – distracting & unfair to the other players as they still have a chance to ring in. She narrates her thoughts before wagering on Daily Double – why? She does things that take away from the pleasure of watching the game with its fast pace, not to mention cut into playing time & fairness to the other contestants.

      2. Robert Davis

        I agree, what bothers me most about her is the way she answers a question with a question. I stopped watching until she is history.

        1. mam0313

          I also stopped watching…can’t stand her constant juvenile ad-libbing. Agree with others that she is wasting time and question answering opportunities by doing this. Maybe part of her strategy when she gets far enough ahead, to prevent the other 2 players from getting any chance at catching up. Make a Jeopardy for Juniors show and move her there. Please.

        2. Sabre

          I could not agree more. The clue could be The of 2 + 2, and she’d answer with, “what is four???” like it’s a wild guess.

      3. Ben

        She is very annoying. Almost every answer has some sort of back story or unnecessary personal fluff to hear herself talk more.

        1. Anonymous

          Oh brother. She is the freshest breeze to flow through sometimes stodgy Jeopardy. Pray, let us all use Olde English lest we offend the oft offended.

          1. Rev Velveteen Sly

            Amen and A-wimmin, brothers and sisters!

      4. Lucille

        She is very intelligent- I get that. But all of the other stuff-the way she talks to Ken like he’s her buddy, the way she puts her lip up like Elvis, her condescending mannerisms, those flipping hands and limp wrist-are so distracting.

        1. Michael

          Wow, the judgmental humanity we have become. For freakin mannerisms??
          Forget celebrating that she’s a smart young girl… look at the way she moves her lips!!! 🙄

        2. Roberta Goldstein

          We agree totally.I can no longer watch her.She also dresses very poorly-all in black.Time for her to go.

  4. Lin

    I find Mattea, as a contestant, obnoxious and annoying. She tries to make herself the center of attention with her constant chatter, facial contortions, and never ending hand movements.

    1. H S

      It seems to me that probably her age or lack of maturity has a lot to do with the chatter and mannerisms. I too admit it does annoy me at times, as when there are guest video categories and contestants keep going back to it, instead of leaving it to the end. Then the host had to thank the guest in middle of game.
      Either way M Roach knows a boat load of stuff for being so young.

    2. pgnd3r

      Agreed. I can’t stand watching her. What a moron.

  5. Rosie

    I could care less about her sexual orientation. If we are to not condemn differences, why does the news media point them out?

  6. Karen

    I simply can’t wrap my brain around this idiotic crap. Mattea is doing a great job on that show. I’m wondering if it’s the fact that she is a woman is causing all this hullabaloo. 🤔 if I was Mattea I would show up with a lawyer or three and put the screws to NBC.

    1. Scott

      User name fits. Give it up already.

    2. Julie

      To Karen: Your comment makes absolutely no sense. First of all, the network Jeopardy is on is ABC….and to bring on lawyers??? For what reason….the networks have done nothing wrong to her.

      1. Jason

        Wait…what? Julie, Jeopardy is on NBC.
        Always has been….could it possibly be syndicated, and so could appear on any network affiliate in different markets? In mine, its on the NBC channel…

        1. Lauren

          Ummmmm NBC??? I have ALWAYS watched it on my local CBS channel! Same as my Wheel of Fortune, Let’s Make a Deal and Price is Right. ALWAYS ON CBS. What’s going on here??

          AND Pa-leeez, I don’t like to say anything negative about anyone but the hand flapping and over talking is really driving me nuts!

          Finally, I had no idea Jeopardy was worldwide and not just for United States citizens.

    3. Kitty

      You are absolutely right! All these stupid are putting her down… she can giggle all the way to the bank! Only 23, geez ppl are HATEFUL!!! TERRIBLE WORLD WE LIVE IN…

  7. Jen F

    Congratulations Mattea Roach! So impressive! Keep going and ignore the negative comments.

    1. David O Bruce David O

      Hopefully you keep winning, keep your very likable personality and ignore the haters who watch this show not for education, but to criticize hosts and guests.

    2. Wayne

      I agree!!!

      1. Maddie

        Seriously a moron? Get real. She is smart, quick, and a little eccentric. You should be so lucky. Grow up!

  8. Lisa

    A champion is a champion…whether or not they are oriented differently or not. Yes, Mattea is a bit quirky, but she is in a position that (maybe) she never expected to be in – a multi-game Jeopardy Champion! I think this would be a bit hard for anyone to take if we found ourselves in this same, unique position. So give it a rest you naysayers!

    1. Olive Stemforn

      @ Lisa — Who are you to tell others to stop others to stop sharing their opinions, you tyrannical jerk!? Get off the forum!

      1. Silence Please

        WOW, to the entire comment section

        1. Tammy

          Wow, can’t believe the hateful comments on here! Everyone is different. If hand gestures and chatter are enough to make you stop watching, good riddance! She’s amazingly talented! Don’t know what her sexual orientation has to do with ANYTHING, though.

      2. Jason

        !!!!!!!!!!!!!! funny!

  9. Vicki

    Had NBC not told me I would not have known. My only complaint is the darned nose ring. I personally think they are gross and distracting.

    I notice that they didn’t label her opponent last night or the night before as a gay man eith pink hair. Why is tgat? Is it because it was obvious?

  10. Charles Stephens

    Mattea has a great mind with lots of knowledge stored inside. That is all that matters. Kudos to a winner.

    1. Olive Stemforn

      @ Charles Stephens — No, that is not all that matters. She is annoying/obnoxious and she is being certain breaks on answering.

      1. Thespian

        For 40 years I’ve loved watching and competing from my armchair against some amazing champions. For me her mind is definitely all that matters! She can flap and hover above her podium and turn cartwheels imho Go Mattea! You’re brilliant kid.

        1. Kathy

          Totally agree. For such a youthful person, she has a vast storehouse of knowledge. Yay Mattea!

      2. Michael

        Sorry Olive, I’ll clarify for Charles.. To normal non-judgmental sane people, that’s all that should matter. .. better?

  11. Kevin

    I don’t get it. The LGBTQWXYZ+-!? people complain when things aren’t diverse enough and they feel under-represented, then complain when a gay person is celebrated for doing something exceptional and the show they won made it a point to celebrate that she is gay. Make up your mind already! You can’t have things both ways unless you want to be perpetual complainers.

    1. gdb


    2. Patti

      Thank you. My thoughts exactly.

    3. Karen

      Thank YOU! These people should just be shipped off to Africa if they’re gonna keep complaining!

      1. Ben

        Idiot. Why the fk ship them to Africa of ALL places?? You racist pos with a low iq. Send them to your mom’s house instead.

        1. Scot Bradley

          She goes by Karen

        2. Scout Miller

          Ben, Clearly you are the racist. What does the geographical location of the African Continent have to do with race? It is a fine choice for relocation due to the low population density.

          1. FK

            Please!! Then when not Antarctica??

          2. Jason

            Antarctica??? Why, you carnivorous, insensitive piece of human excrement! As if the icy continent isn’t victimized enough by humans! And what next? Penguin Meat Pie as a delicacy? You’re racist!!!!!!!

      2. Karen S.

        Because all the gays need to disappear from the face off the planet, that’s why! So immoral and grosss!

        1. stephen

          LOL! Since that is NEVER going to happen you should try pooping in one hand and wishing in the other and see which fills up first. I’m also very willing to bet that some of your closest family/friends are gay as well. You just don’t know it.

        2. Scott

          Typical right-winger. Can’t spell for anything. Yet you spew more nonsense than the average dolt.

          1. Kevin

            Typical left-winger. Instead of ignoring and/or responding intelligently you attack someone’s spelling and call them names. Might want to rethink calling others a “dolt”

  12. K

    She has been a fantastic contestant and very personable young lady adding to the watch-ability of the show …. I agree unless they intend to label every contestant with some catching phrase they should just stick to none colorful descriptors

  13. Donna

    Her sexual preference has nothing to do with her winning on Jeopardy. Why does that even matter. Haa nothing to do with her knowledge.

    1. You’re absolutely right her sexual orientation should have nothing to do with her being an excellent contestant with extreme knowledge.

      1. DK

        I agree Pam. However the contestants choose their descriptions in their bio. Mattea chose that. NBC ran with it.

  14. J

    Good grief, I don’t need to know anyone’s sexual orientation when it has nothing to do with the situation. Why in the world did they think we needed to know that over the contestant’s name?

    1. Marcy

      That’s exactly why they’re in hot water. Maybe she didn’t want this to be her “defining factor” and nbc didn’t ask her before they put in her title.

  15. Mary

    They allow her and Jennings to talk way too much. It’s really anniying.

    1. Olive Stemforn

      @ Mary — Correct.

      1. Thespian

        Jealous much!?

  16. Emma

    Isn’t recognition what all underserved communities are striving for? Since the Caucasian heterosexual male has purportedly dominated Western society for the last millennium, being recognized for your sexual orientation, skin pigmentation, gender, handicap or ancestry beyond the borders of Europe and North America should be acknowledged if that is the message the individual or organization wants to deliver. And yet some in the Twittersphere continue to be offended by “labeling”?? Hmmm

    1. Phyllis

      That’s why I vote to get rid of twitter. Tired of sites like this one making a whole article about what a couple people “said on Twitter”.
      In fact, social media has just been more of a downgrade to society. Let’s go back to talking face to face for gods sake

  17. I love her she is so perky and so smart a lot of energy.

  18. Mao

    Wait, this NYT article says Mayim landed the job as host. True?

    1. RCW

      Hey, it’s the New York Times, which stopped caring about facts long ago. As for Mattea, I LOVE the way she always answers as if she isn’t quite sure, even though she obviously has a huge wealth of knowledge. And her various comments shows she’s a real person with a lot of personality. As for her 1) being a lesbian and 2) wearing a nose ring, neither is any of my, or anyone else’s, business!

      1. Olive Stemforn

        @ RCW — Her answering as if she is not sure is annoying as Hell. You are to answer affirmatively.

        1. Thespian

          Is that what you did when you were a Jeopardy champion?

          1. DK

            Good one. 😂

    2. Kathy

      Dear god, I hope not … talk about annoying … Mayim wins in that category.

  19. Judy Doan

    Just let people be who they are. GOD MADE US ALL. I throughly enjoy watching her and love her cute mannerisms. She is one smart girl. YOU GO, GIRL!!!!

    1. Maria


    2. stephen

      Eh, not all of us believe in an invisible sky buddy watching over us and don’t feel that they had anything to do with our creation. So feel free to leave those references out in the future.

  20. Emma

    Who still watches jeopardy? 🤷‍♂️

    1. Scout Miller

      Tens of millions of people ever single day

      1. stephen

        Not tens of millions abut about 8.5-9m depending on the time of year and the host lately. But still quite a lot. Double or triple that would put the show into primetime NFL territory and they aren’t anywhere near that number.

  21. Jeff

    Well if Ms Roach can’t handle the heat , maybe she should go back to Canada where she belongs ! Y’all know Alex has to be turning over in his grave . If this garbage is what’s going to be played on Jeopardy , maybe they need to end it . I’m tired of that garbage being thrown in our face . It’s biblically wrong .

    1. Will

      Respect gets respect, “Jeff”.. you don’t seem to know how to respect your fellow neighbor?? You don’t deserve it.

    2. cali

      It is showing up more and more lately. The heterosexual man/woman is def a minority these days. I agree Jeff, biblically WRONG

      1. EmiEm

        The Bible is a bunch of stories written by man. There’s nothing godly about it. The only important principals in it are to treat others as you would like to be treated, aka the golden rule, which is present in some form in all religions, which is how you can tell it’s genuinely important. Biblical passages that promote hate, of any kind, are out of date and don’t hold the spirit of religion, which is that we all get along and help one another. Religion is mostly pro social, in the instances where it isn’t, that’s mostly because religion is dated. It’s thousands of years old and not fit for purpose in the modern era..

    3. Logan

      Oh my gosh. You need to get over yourself and join this century and let God do the judging when the time comes. I am pretty sure He is a lot more accepting than you!

      1. stephen

        Lots of us don’t believe in a higher being and couldn’t care less about being judged or sent to fire and brimestone forever for our alleged sins. Also how do you know it isn’t a woman overlooking you instead?

    4. Logan

      Oh my gosh. You need to get over yourself and join this century and let God do the judging when the time comes. I am pretty sure He is a lot more accepting than you!

    5. Carol


  22. Mark P

    Look to the origin of this story: it first ran under the banner of NBC Out, which “showcases feature stories .. about, and of interest to, the (LGBTQ) community,” NBC News then ported the story to its main outlet in situ, w/o editing the lede for a general audience.

  23. Mb

    She’s intelligent and unique. That’s why people have a problem with her. She answers questions that most people don’t have a clue about. She also gives you insight of her thought process verbally. It helps people see what she’s thinking as shes thinking. Appreciate different people.

    1. Wayne

      Totally agree! She is simply someone who thinks aloud. I appreciate her quirkiness since it makes her more relatable.

  24. Al

    Unbelievable! NBC is the epitome of political correctness along with ABC and CBS. Did they get their usual crossed wires get double crossed? Probably this stunt was to try getting better viewership by creating controversy. Who cares what she is. Does that make her any less smart? While I don’t support LGBTQ…. etc…. A smart person is a smart person no matter what! NBC get a grip on your stupidity!

    1. EmiEm

      I find this statement to be interesting “While I don’t support LGBTQ…. etc….” What does that even mean? You don’t support people being as they are? In reality LGBTQ+ people are not asking for your support, they are simply asking that you don’t discriminate against them. I’m bisexual so I can say with a fair amount of certainty that no one is asking for your support, it is not required, the only thing required of you, is that you not discriminate against people based upon their sexual orientation, just as you wouldn’t discriminate against them based upon the color of their shin, or any other immutable characteristic. You don’t have to agree, it’s not your life, you simply have to not treat us any differently than anyone else. It’s a pretty low bar.

      1. Logan

        Excellent response!

      2. Scout Miller

        LGBTQ+ (or whatever the collection of letters is being used this week) is a political movement, not people wanting to just live their lives as the people they are. Any gay, bi, trans, etc person who wants to just live their life does so without having to make a statement about it. They live their life. It is easy to love and support people (all people) without supporting the LGBTQALPHABET political foray.

      3. Kevin

        I have NEVER discriminated against C3P0 because the color of his one shin is different than the other.

      4. Emma

        EmiEm, I would not know you were bi or non binary or trans or gay or lesbian unless you told me or advertised that in some way, so how would I discriminate against you? Many bi, non binary, trans, gay and lesbian humans do “advertise” their orientation, although you may not be one of them. Why do they do that? To shock, offend, distract or embarrass those around them, I doubt it. More likely to gain recognition, and subsequently support, for their orientation so they are not discriminated against. Because you choose to have sex with a man or a woman doesn’t entitle you to speak for the entire LGBTQ+ community, just as it doesn’t allow me to as a sibling of a gay person. He and his partner are successful and live a great life without the need to “advertise” they are gay.

        1. Mikey

          Thank you Emma, for being the kind of sister we all wish we had! ❤️😊

  25. Ed

    If a one arm, one eyed one leg 3 nostrils transgender wins you will have a grand time. Bigot idiot’s

  26. Carol

    Is it a secret? I’m more interested in what she does with her arms. It’s odd.

    1. cali

      I dont think she would be able to talk if you tied her hands behind her back.
      I have never disliked a contestant before. Dont even want to watch till she is gone

    2. Hank

      Holy hell, leave this poor girl alone!
      J! was great for openly having a transgender champ, now they’re bad for open lesbian?
      Angry white people, does this affect your life in any way? No.
      Saying horrible things about her affects her’s. Can we show a little empathy to this poor kid who just wants to play a game show?
      – A regular, straight white man

      1. stephen

        How do you know we are all angry white people just from our posts on the comments here? I think that says more about your mentality than anything else.

      2. Sabre

        Take your tampon out, Hank, you’ll feel much better.

  27. CuriousFactChecker

    Why is NBC bragging about “lesbian” contestants on a show that’s actually on CBS while using pics credited to ABC? I call BS.

    1. Kevin

      Jeopardy is on ABC in NJ where I live. Maybe its owned by the NBC parent company and NBC sells it to other networks to air. You know there is this wonderful site called google where you can probably find these answers.

    2. stephen

      Shows like jeopardy and wheel of fortune are syndicated. Which means that whatever local channel in your area that wants to pay the most money can carry them. Where I live the pair are on the local NBC affiliate. But 30 miles away they are on ABC. It just varies from city to city.

  28. Anna Rhoades

    Miss Roach is very enjoyable to watch. What is very irritating is the rambling of Ken Jennings at the beginning of the show. Someone please shut him up! Better yet , bring back Miram ( I know it’s spelled wrong)

  29. Crystal

    It’s LeVar Burton 🤷🏻‍♀️

  30. David Linkletter

    NBC is not stuck in the 90’s. It is totally 2020’s woke culture. Anything done that is positive by a transsexual/homosexual/woman/or non white contestant has to be celebrated and noted what they are. Or just can’t be celebrated as something by a nice human being.

  31. Bruce G

    She is good. I don’t if she can keep up with the two guys that ran the table earlier this season. It will be an interesting ToC for sure.

  32. I think she is silly. I don’t care what her sexual preferences are and it is nobody’s business. I think she talks too much (I should’ve bet more). She is just too silly. Say what your next clue is and get on with it! I don’t care for her comments in between choosing. She is taking too long. It is not allowing for the entire board to be used. Just shut up and get on with it.

  33. Penny McLaughlin

    Just 23 years old and what a mind!!!! All the complaing ing here about her physical gestures – get a grip folks – are any of you smart enough to even qualify for the the show??? You go girl!!!!

  34. Dale

    I thought she was a joke from the first show , but are stuck with her , someone has to beat here. what would ALEX say.

    1. Brenda

      Your comment is hilarious!! Did u not know that Alex Trebec is also Canadian. He would be very proud!!!

      1. JT

        Definitely the most annoying contestant to ever air on Jeopardy! And she seems to be allowed more leeway than others. She stalled on an answer and they gave her more time than others! Also, show is rigged with Canadian trivia like last nights “O Canada” for Final Jeopardy! Doesn’t anyone else see this??
        Move on from the flapping arms, endless rhetoric and ridiculous pie-hole mouth! I’m so ready for her to move on!!

  35. Quimby

    She absolutely is annoying for all the reasons people have cited above: annoying gestures, ad-libbing way beyond what previous contestants have dared, her air of arrogance… I have never rooted for anyone to lose on Jeopardy until now. And I couldn’t give two blinks about her orientation. Not that I paid much attention to Amy Schneider’s orientation either, but I found her much more likable and I was rooting for her all the way. It all comes down to temperament. Amy’s: likable, Mattea’s: nauseating.

  36. Kriss Worthington

    Young people’s new styles and cultures may surprise or upset the status quo. But, in the words of Audre Lorde- “it is not our differences that divide us. It is our inability to recognize, accept and celebrate those differences”

  37. yoyo

    who cares who is sleeping with who. Its a game show. Its not she is announcing it in every show and trying to shove it down our throats. She is an intelligent player. She will be over run by when the tournament of champions comes but that has nothing to do with who she is sleeping with either. Each to their own as long I am not required to follow in others foot steps.

  38. Very very annoying

  39. JT

    Definitely the most annoying contestant to ever air on Jeopardy! And she seems to be allowed more leeway than others. She stalled on an answer and they gave her more time than others! Also, show is rigged with Canadian trivia like last nights “O Canada” for Final Jeopardy! Doesn’t anyone else see this??
    Move on from the flapping arms, endless rhetoric and ridiculous pie-hole mouth! I’m so ready for her to move on!!

    1. Wayne

      The questions are written several months before the show airs as Ken stated. It is luck of the draw. Mattea was great! Loved her unique personality.

  40. Fred

    She is very intelligent. Having said that, she reminds me of a young child who acts up, kind of like the kid who wants mommy’s attention. A chatty Cathy. It’s extremely frustrating. Answer the questions and move on. Thank you.

  41. Ginger Nelson

    I couldn’t care at all what her sexual preference is. What the hell does that have to do with the kind of contestant she is!? I simply find her soooo BORING!! She’s soooo safe, betting just a few dollars or as with tonight, not a dollar!! I like watching Jeopardy with contestants who have attitude of “nothing loss, nothing gained”. Because of her I didn’t watch for several nights, only to be disappointed that she was still on when I watched tonight! Also, with that being said, I do recognize that “wardrobe” has stepped in!! I was a wardrobe stylist for many years. I don’t care what you put on her, she just is not fun to watch, no entertainment whatsoever!!

  42. Jill

    For the first time in 30 years, I had to turn off Jeopardy? after 10 minutes of Mattea’s histrionics. And Ken Jennings seems to be enabling her with all the time he spends with her personally and seem to be approving of her behaviour. The game has lost it’s decorum. Alex might be rolling over.

  43. Mary Ann

    Agree about all said above plus this mattea is worst guest on jeopardy. Puke. Think she is cheating somehow. Jennings stinks too,changing channel. Alex is crying!

    May 5, 2022

    1. Wayne

      Mattea was brilliant and I will miss her unique and refreshing personality! Since questions are written months in advance of the show, there was no cheating. Mattea was a breath of fresh air!

  44. milosh

    I’m all in on the strangling idea. With her own limp, flapping hands.

    She does know a lot of things and I’d I didn’t have to see her or hear her, I might like her, too.

  45. Anne

    She is very intelligent! Great! I don’t care……….she has to be the most annoying contestant ever!

    I hope she gets her teeth cleaned and keeps them that way! It is hard to look at her!

    I think she took a dive….Good riddance!

  46. mike

    maybe she can take her winnings and go to college. or would she teach at the school. her actions seem almost like a female Rainman. That aside she has to be intelligent, I think

  47. Wayne

    I think Mattea was brilliant and I enjoyed her unique personality! While I am no fan of her nose ring, I certainly enjoyed her unique gesturing and funny comments. I appreciate quirkiness and also brilliant minds. Everyone is different and Cookie cutter type people are boring. Mattea will be missed since she made Jeopardy much more fun to watch.

  48. Anita

    Can’t wait for Amy to get a hold of her in tournament of champions!! Zip tie the wrists.

  49. rain dancer

    Well it is finally over, and she is very annoying and looks like she has metal boogers. While brilliant on other topics , I wouldn’t want her for a math tutor….she goofed big time….

  50. Jerry

    Judgement, judgement, judgement. Just how has she affected your daily life?

  51. no

    A pretentious, complete narcissist

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