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Black Widow at sunset

Credit: Marvel Studios


  1. Chuck

    This was one of the best comics I have been reading. Really impressive… probably more people would have been reading if they’d given it a chance.

    1. Envy

      I actually really enjoyed this book and bought some issues. Pretty bummed, liked the plot and quality of the art too. 😩

  2. Frank

    It was probably time to “retire” The BW lineage. Maybe a reimagining with another actress should do it. ScarJo did her character justice and gave a valiant effort to bring her to life on the big screen.

    1. Sean

      No, the reimagining needs to stop. That’s just plain lazy.

    2. Momma Jean

      The move that forced the Marvel actress to sue The Walt Disney Company due to contractual agreements allegedly being broken regarding box office receipts and the star’s salary is probably why it’s been dropped. Heaven forbid gender equality will ever be enforced. The fat old greedy white dudes should be exiled to Siberia!!!

      1. Gender Equalizer

        Gender Equality is happening right now with trans women in sports. I fully embrace Gender Q

        1. Jim

          Actually having the #462 ranked male declare he’s a woman to go beat up on actual women in sports is misogyny.

        2. CBT

          One incident does not “gender equality” make.

      2. Curt

        Marvel Comics and Marvel Studios are technically separate even though it’s all owned by Disney. This article is about the Black Widow comic ending (although it was incorrectly presented in this article as having anything to do with the MCU, including calling it a series with a photo of Scarlett Johansson, the comics and the MCU have nothing to do with each other beyond the MCU using characters from the comics and being inspired by the comics’ storylines). Ending the comic would not in any way impact wether Scarlet Johansen has any future involvement in the MCU

    3. John

      This is just the final issue in volume 15. This is absolutely nothing out of the ordinary for comics…there was no abrupt end as a result of marvel just wanting to stop the volume before the writer’s completed it. There will be another volume. And this has absolutely nothing to do with the MCU

  3. Curtis L. Pryor

    Yet another reason to be bummed about the current state of comics. Know that I love finally getting the chance to see so many marvel comics brought to life on screen (and that they have been shown the respect that is there due). success has I believe now we have a time that the life of a comic is govened by the performance of the film. It’s unfortunate that the Black Widow film had such a rough road to get to an audience. Yes if sure it may have lost out on its marketing drive but that is not take away from the quality of the movie. As for the current comic series, let me tell you as an older Marvel fan I only buy a limited number of comics on the regular, Those a Black widow, Daredevil and Elektra. Now is believe that the current run of Black widow has been outstanding. The creative tem has done amazing thing the book, taking the the Widow to new heights. Brovo to the whole team. Ladies you have much to be proud of . Shame on this new Marvel. Where is the LOVE.

  4. Victor Nazarian

    It seems odd. It almost appears that when Disney promotes a strong, kick-butt female character there’s a large chance that after exploiting the actress and character for a time they will then kill her off or cancel her for any of a variety of reasons. This seems to leave behind a string of strong but dead (or simply cancelled) women. In many cases this appears to leave most (not all) female characters that rely on emotion and magic rather than action and physical accomplishments. This is just a surface observation of how things appear but loosing the extremely strong characters like Cara Dune and Black Widow seems to pigeon hole remaining female characters into ‘soft’ power roles largely involving political leadership or magic. Those roles are good but seem limiting and their existence should not keep Disney from promoting and continuing more physically take-action style female roles. How about more self-made Rosie the riveter and Katee Sackhoff types and fewer tell-others-what-to-do or wiggle-fingers-for-magic types.

    Just a thought

    1. Rachel

      Absolutely agree with your comment! It’s exhausting as a woman to constantly be impeded by men with small minds and large insecurities. I used to love Marvel but after Endgame I’m done.

      1. Greg

        Did you ever stop YOUR small minded man hating whining long enough to see Marvel also killed off Captian America and Ironman as well? I know it doesnt fit into your victim mentality, but both of those characters were men.

        1. TTrent

          Those characters got three TIMELY movies apiece. She’s an original Avenger and should have received the same. Instead she gets her origin story AFTER their phase is finished. It’s complete BS.

      2. Mike

        What tf are you talking about. In endgame they killed cap, iron MAN, as well as many other characters in that story line. Black widow was the only women who died there. And this artical was written by a retarded feminist. A comic line was ended not the Entire character. And it also has absolutely nothing to do with the movies. Nothing else black widow has been cancelled except that comic

    2. Stop Hating on Marvel

      Uh yah this makes no sense given Captain Marvel, Scarlett Witch, and She Hulk are anchor characters going forward

      1. Greg

        It doesn’t have to make sense, kind of like how an ALL FEMALE TEAM is celebrated as diversity. All you need to know is… man bad woman good. Anything negative will be because evil misogynistic men abusing poor innocent little girls. Anything positive will be strong women showing evil men how things should be done.

    3. Becky

      If you’re looking for good female Marvel content, I suggest Agents of SHIELD. You have, of the main cast in the first season, an extremely skilled fighter, a hacker who is learning to fight (and later on in the show gets a lot more fighting screen time), and a brilliant scientist (who also gets some chances to fight physically, though more in the future). Every character has great emotional depth and it’s all around a great show. These losses suck but we can hold on to what we have.

    4. Matt

      The Mandalorian’s Cara Dune wasn’t lost, she was dropped (by a woman).

  5. Nope

    Seemingly this, seemingly that.

  6. DLand

    What a true shame that Another Marvel FEMALE Character is gone 😞😞😞 They we’re the ones who got me into Watching these movies. Being a 57 yrs young Strong willed & minded woman myself may it Great seeing similar, but yet Beauty women in the big screen. I Loved Scarlett’s “Black Widow” in how she started off. Beautiful, Smart, Educated & then KICK BUTT, so was the Carra Doons Character. I grew up ALL TOMBOY & then Seeing Her up on screen made it OK & Beautiful at the same. She validated me being that way and it was Grand. The only real kick butt character Female role is Fenec ( Ming-Na-Wen) from “ The Book of Boba Fet.” Let’s see what they do with her.

    1. Big Ape

      While I’m a male and a big Hulk fan, the Avengers movies would not be nearly as good without Black Widow. Johansson (sp?) was the perfect Black Widow too! She was tough and beautiful…and the scene where she tracked down Banner was the best. I think MCU should have had more female stars. My biggest complaint is how they made Hulk nearly opposite of the comics. He was weak and everybody beat him to prove their toughness. I too am over 50 and have been a Hulk fan since I was a kid, the Avengers movies ruined Hulk. Outside of my Hulk issues, the Avenger movies were awesome. I’d just rather not have Hulk in there if he was going to be as weak as he was.

  7. Nunya

    How bout hiring people for the level of their skills rather than ticking the female box on everything. Going woke is just as sexist as the 1950s, just in the other direction.

    1. catchTwentythree

      Bro shut the hell up, if the whole team was male you’d never whine about them picking sex over talent. The simple fact is that a bunch of talented women decided to do a project together and tell a story without the male influence that has reigned over it for decades. You wanna cry about it, do it in your own shower where nobody else has to see you.

    2. John

      What does this have anything to do at all with this article?? This is only about volume I coming to an end…that’s it. That’s all that’s happened. There will be another volume of black widow comics, and it will also come to an end. After that, who can guess? Oh yes, another volume will be released! And, oh boy, you’ll never guess this one – but they’re all going to be done by different teams of writers, illustrators, etc., since that is what happens with comic books! Mind-blowing.

      1. PB

        You’re absolutely correct. I bet non of these people even read the article or have ever read a comic. It’s like people just want to go online and complain.

  8. david carter

    I don’t get it..

  9. Tammy

    I am seriously disappointed in them not going forward with the BW series I was truly looking forward to seeing where it would go. Nothing new always putting a female hero on back burners yet always pushing forward with the men Heroes. SERIOUSLY DISAPPOINTED!!!

  10. Connor

    That isn’t right #maketheBlackWiddowDisneyplusshow

  11. David

    May Scarlett find new challenges.

  12. John

    Uhh….. This is the final issue of volume 8. That’s literally it. This isn’t the end of the character. Marvel didn’t put a stop to this story. It is literally nothing more than an end to a volume. There is literally nothing out of the ordinary about this. There will be another volume, done by a different team, as is routine for comics.

    What a trash article. So poorly written.

  13. Fuq u

    Black widow isnt woke enough. The Black Widow has to be an eskimo transwoman

  14. Envy

    I actually really enjoyed this book and bought some issues. Pretty bummed, liked the plot and quality of the art too. 😩 (Sorry for the reply I added under user. Did this on my cell)

  15. Derek D Solomon


  16. Derek D Solomon

    Marvel scr@pping BLACK WIDOW. HMM, $$$$$$. START COLLECTING$$$$$$. If you have @lready been collecting(TWO THUMBS UP$$$$$$$$) HMMMMMM$$$$$

  17. Soul

    Cancelled because they can no longer define a woman, so they’re waiting to hire a biologist and a gender studies “expert.”

  18. Mike

    Disney is making a huge mistake by getting rid of all the originals. You have already changed the franchise enough do you need to get rid of yet another Fan favorite just because of something that they have done off screen and in there Own home. What the actors do off screen should not Be reflected on the big screen.

  19. Jim

    Just Disney being Disney and removing anything that doesn’t agree with them, maybe one day it will all go bk to marvel without them.

  20. Because Sca Jo had a row with disney and marvel. That’s why BW was nuked.

  21. Gabe

    Was it not selling?

  22. Jay

    My family, friends and I loved Black Widow. In our opinion this was the most engaging of all the Marvel movies. Terrible decision likely based on money and personalities.

  23. OnlyReason

    The only reason why they cancelled the character is because Scarlett Johansson sued Disney.

    It has nothing to do with gender equity. Everything to do with retaliation for being sued.

  24. EdSan

    Time to put the old dog down. ScarJo lost her sex appeal over a decade ago.

  25. David White

    Good. Cancel the series. Cancel the character. Cancel the actress. All were insults to anyone with intelligence. Sex kittens don’t appeal to any but the rabble. I’m so sick of the mindset of “pander to the viewers lust” mentality.

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