Comments for ‘Harry Potter’ Star Reveals “Chaotic” Replacing of “Canceled” Johnny Depp

johnny depp as gellert grindelwald

Credit: Warner Bros.


  1. Squirrel

    You replacing Johnny in the Pirates and Grindelwald was the worst thing you could of done. I will not be watching any of those movies. I always bought the the movie after to add to my collection, I won’t be getting those 2 movies.

    1. Sherry

      I feel the same way.

  2. Bella

    They should never have replaced Johnny. I have no intention in seeing the movie now.

    1. Sharon

      Idiotic to replace him . Replace amber too! Wtf

  3. Sara

    He should never have been replaced! There personal and business lives should have been treated separately.

  4. Jet

    Johnny definitely should have stayed. I’m bummed because I wanted to see this newest movie, but since Johnny was removed due to allegations without the company even waiting to see if they were even true, I just don’t think I can support the film. It’s sad.

    1. Christensen

      They should have never fired Johnny Depp. He is the best actor ever. I hope when his case is over, all these movie companies, will have to come crawling back to him. We love his acting.

  5. JoAnn

    Why wasn’t Amber replaced? She’s involved in all of this too. Replacing Johnny was a huge mistake. I won’t see the movie now.

  6. rosinathecatt

    Mads Mikkelsen is the greatest actor of our time. I am even surprised he accepted this role since he deserves much much more By the way, his role in Fantastic beast should have been given to him from the beginning of the series. Nothing against J. Deep ,he has been a great actor when he was younger, but now I hardly recognize him.

  7. Ricardo Italien

    No Johny Deep i am not buying no ticket

  8. Carol

    Weren’t the wife beating accusations ruled on by a judge? He thought she had made them up. Johnny has been giving a bum rap IMHO. I think Mass will do a great job but Johnny has a presence like no other.

  9. Heike

    Johnny ist und bleibt der beste ! Ich werde Filme wo er ausgetauscht wurde mir nicht ansehen! Er hat sich sich alles aufgebaut und durch lügen und Intrigen alles verloren! Hoffe A.H geht baden ! JUSTICE FOR JOHNNY DEPP

  10. Susan Gressett

    No, Johnny Depp should not have been fired from any of his projects over false accusations! It was wrong! He’s an amazing actor, and the fact that all these companies were so quick to let him go over his ex wife’s lies and manipulation is flat disgusting and tells me that none of them ever truly had his back to begin with. I hope and pray he gets justice in the end! I will not be seeing this movie, which is sad because I really had my hopes up for it. I’ve been a Depp fan for a long time, and this “cancellation” of him is maddening, unjust, and ridiculous!

  11. Critter

    wb has proven they are hypocrite sexist and double standard I want see this movie but nope I will not over this treatment of jonny

  12. Naseem Mohammed

    I totally agree with everyone Jonny should never have been fired from his job it had nothing to do with his private life has an actor he was the best SO I WILL NOT BE WATCHING bring back JONNY ❤️❤️❤️❤️


    Jonny Depp should not be fired from his roles if Amber Heard is not recieving the same treatment. Both are found guilty until proven otherwise atleast that is the treatment hollywood has given Depp strongly. Why not treat them equally. Is it because Amber is a woman? Does she bring more viewers cause she is a woman? That should not matter. The case is on going so Depp should definately have been given the chance to continue his roles. #DEFUNDHOLLYWOOD#DOTHINGSRIGHTORDONTDOTHEMATALL#JUSTICEFORJONNYDEPP

  14. John Alvarez

    This is completely absurd, you can’t just remove Johnny Depp from the Fantastic Beast films without first finding out what really happened. The film industry deserves to be sued. Remove the film from the theater and remake it with Johnny Depp

  15. Christopher

    Whoever wrote this article doesn’t know the meaning of the word infamous.

  16. Alessandra

    Johnny Depp is one of the best actors in the world!! His personal should not matter. Johnny Depo is clearly the victim here…. Amber is a monster who tried to ruin his carrer because she is a psycho….

  17. BIG MISTAKE taking Johnny Depp out of Harry Potter or Pirates! Lost revenue I hope! It hasn’t been proven true of any allegations by Heard. What is true is the cuts, bruises and finger damage done to Mr. Depp

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