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  1. Ashley Calise

    He will most likely be unceremoniously deleted from the roster. Not primarily for his actions but because Disney is filled with a bunch of entitled pricks that will oust him just because they feel he hit their bottoms line. And they feel they won’t make millions if he is identified as Thrawn before they do it.

  2. Steve

    Thrawn was introduced in the 90s…

  3. Chris Wood

    This is all just gossip as far as im concerned. Until there is proof Thrawn will be Disney plus villian. This is just speculation at best

    1. Anonymous

      Rosario Dawson confirmed that Thrawn will so appear in Live action, along with Ezra and Sabine. You call that gossip and speculation?

      1. Johnohn

        Personally I think Rosario as Asoka was a bad choice. Her depiction in the mandilorian was wooden and just bad.

        1. Someone Somewhere

          Subjective either way. Though her naming him live onscreen sealed their commitment to show the same.

  4. Cj

    Timothy Zahn’s books are canon. In fact they were the 1st books approved by Lucasfilm to take place after episode 6.

    1. Danners

      The old Zahn books *were* canon. They were later retconned from canonical to expanded/Legends status.

      The CHARACTER Thrawn was made canon when he was introduced to the CGI Rebels series, and Zahn has since written a newer Thrawn trilogy that begin in 2017 and is classified as canon, but the Heir to the Empire trilogy that introduced the character in 1991 (NOT the 1980’s, as the author could have gotten right with a five second Google search). If you need more confirmation that Heir to the Empire is no longer canonical, the trilogy was more recently republished in “The Essential Legends Collection”.

  5. Nunamus

    James Arnold Taylor had a moderate role in an Obi-Wan fan film and was still able to do voice work for Star Wars

  6. Matthew Day

    I am not familiar with the workings of this particular fan made video. However, I do know that Lucasfilm (since the buyout) has given their approval to some fan made films given these films followed certain directions regarding funding and advertising/monetizing. On the monetizing part essential they can’t. The issue on this one is the article says it was crowdfunded and from what I’ve seen Lucasfilm doesn’t approve of that as a funding source.

  7. ImmortalAbsol

    Who do we @ saying it would be stupid for this to be the reason it isn’t him?

  8. CJ

    It’s too speculative to know what Lucasfilms will do until it is released …. 🤷🏼‍♂️

  9. Bill Meyers

    First I would like to commend this site for allowing comments on their articles. Too many sites are afraid of “Free Speech and expression” now day if it is not in line with their way of thinking and so you rarely see articles where you can comment any more. That being said, I have said good bye to Disney by cancelling my subscription. Its no longer the Disney I grew up with and while I will miss the Star Wars Franchise as it too was a great part of my youth I am sure there are other content creators out there who can develop and produce good story lines and such.

    I would note that Star Trek did the same curtailing of fan made content and I think it hurt their fan base and end product. JMHO

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