Comments for ICON Park Investigation Reveals Seats Were Altered Before Incident, Park Offered No Warnings

Attractions at ICON Park Orlando

Credit: ICON Park Orlando


  1. R B

    Please look up what in lieu of really means before using it again.
    Thank you

    1. Kt

      Yeah. I think he meant to say “in light of”

  2. Jay Kosta

    The critical problem was that the harness was not able to be fully rotated into a completely ‘down’ position. That caused there to be a large gap between the top of the seat and the bottom of the harness.
    The attendant should have seen that problem and not rely solely on the ‘green light’. Probably poor training.

    1. Tom

      Actually the system should not have allowed a green light- it’s a manufacturer flaw. Period.

      1. Jay Kosta

        Or there was a local modification made to allow larger riders that caused it.

    2. Amanda

      He weighed around 325, not 380.

  3. Tom

    The Dollywood ride is NOT the same. It’s similar but has major differences.

  4. a secondary seat belt would have prevented this tragedy. But that would have added more time to each cycle. Safety should have been top priority for a ride of his magnitude!

  5. Phil

    If the seat on the ride is for a larger person how much would it cost to have them a different color or marked with a symbol? Certainly a lot less than a lawsuit!!

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