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  1. Tim

    I’m glad Dinsey picked this up and I hope this individual gets banned from DVC. We got scammed by the same person and had to rebook everything for our trip this fall.

  2. Christal

    Long Nguyen is his name for anyone wondering. He got me and I am in the process of a refund but haven’t gotten it yet. This man is a career criminal and a true expert at what he does. Hopefully this is the end of his schemes!

  3. I never buy online unless it’s with bank card that is set up to pay and detect fraud.
    The lady in the article should have ignored some of those simple but wording the same. Pay pal fraud came up get a clue lady. Don’t find ways around fraud alert.

  4. I guess not the happiest place on earth what do you expect when you send unknown people large sums of money next time engage your mind if you can find it

    1. Christal

      Aww. Are you the same David who Long used as a reference? The fraud was an elaborate ruse. He fooled over 24 families with fake reservation numbers and bogus contracts. Luckily we victims found each other and have banded together. There is strength in numbes.

  5. Mclovin

    Yeah once you deliberately go around fraud alerts from your bank, you shouldn’t be able to get your money back. Use some common sense, people.

    1. Brian Wood

      A fool and his/her/undecided money are easily parted.

      1. Shari22

        I live in the Tampa Bay area. 6 years ago I paid in full for a Star Wars Disney 7 day cruise to a travel agent. I found out the week before our cruise was set to sale that she had never even made the initial reservations. I found other people she had scammed. State Atty said she would get prison time because of the thousands of dollars she had stolen. I was interviewed by 3 TV stations. Disney did not care one bit because I had not booked through them. The judge sentenced her for time served. A whopping 4 months in the local jail. She has to pay a lousy tidbit to each family monthly. Doesn’t total $100. Found out in court that she had been convicted of stealing from a little League and unemployment fraud. Should never have been eligible for a TA License. I had paid for 3 side by side balcony rooms. Know who you are dealing with. Trust no one with your money.

        1. ChasUGC

          Sorry that happened to you. Yeah, people are real POS’s. Believe me, I know.

      2. Marti

        That’s what you get when you don’t use Travel Professionals.

        It doesn’t hurt to also call DVC and talk to them.

        You get what you get when you don’t go through the proper channels.

        1. Long Thanh Nguyen from Alameda, CA VICTIM

          Called DVC.. they don’t give you information unless you are the DVC owner. Verified that Long was a DVC owner. It was a long, elaborate scam, in which he made valid, short-term rentals, so that he can use those individuals as valid references. This guy is a professional con-artist.

  6. Linda

    Okay come on. Not 1, not 2, but 3 times your bank declined the transactions and you still continued. No sympathy here, yes I feel bad when people TRULY get scammed. Not in this case!

  7. Diane Mckiernan

    It happened to me years ago the travel agency was open for a couple of years one day it just took all the money and closed up

  8. Dave Hebler

    This is social media people! If you get back to the ways we used to accurately transfer payment this wouldn’t happen with a check! There was a tv show about people running this kind of scam in Africa. His name looks like he could be from there?

  9. Al

    Use a real company instead of Facebook for that kind of money.

  10. Esteban

    Once the bank , Apple Pay , cash app declined the
    Transaction as a fraud that was your signal to not pay this guy. I’m not giving money or paying any money over the phone to anybody.

  11. Roger Barr

    I wanted to take my wife and stepson to Disneyland resort years ago and I had found someone offering 3 day park Hopper tickets for $100 each. I bought 3 and paid them the $50 rush processing to have them sent via FedEx. After paying the $350, I waited and waited and waited and waited. I tried contacting the guy but never got a reply. It was then I realized I’d been scammed.
    In my Utopia, scammer people like this are hunted, found, and made to disappear!! I’m glad it was only $350 I lost and not more! Still, a curse on all scammers!! May they forever endure a life filled with stress, struggle, and hardship!!!

  12. ChasUGC

    Unfortunately, the world is full of people preying and taking advantage of others. I generally don’t like people very much. I trust my pets more than people any day. My dog gave me unconditional love. People lie, hate and stab you in the back anytime it is to their advantage. You have to understand the world we live in. Only use guaranteed transactions like paypal or your bank. And, if they detect fraud, stop right there.

    1. Marti

      And that’s why you use a seasoned Travel Professional!

      Sorry but you get what you get when you do it on your own without checking the right places.

      I was told always book directly with DVC. Not with people you don’t know.

      1. Jj

        And people wonder why I don’t use zelle apple pay or any of those things. Never buy online from an unknown person especially if you’re being declined multiple times by your bank!! That should have been the first red flag!

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