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Expedition Everest ride vehicle ascending

Credit: Disney


  1. Laurie

    We were evacuated from Tower of Terror on Thursday, April 7th after waiting in line for 2 and a half hours. It stopped just before the slight turn to head for the elevator drops. One loud thunk and we stopped. After a minute or so, emergency lights came on followed by announcements. 10 minutes later 2 maintenance guys came followed by 2 cast members. We boarded an elevator and we’re given a lightening pass. Unfortunately for my visiting granddaughters, this was our last ride of the day and the last day of Disney for them.

  2. Jeena

    Our family was evacuated from the raft ride at this same park. Right before we were meant to topple over the falls it broke. We had to sit quite a while waiting for an employee. They drained the falls to about 6 inches and we had to walk in that water with our shoes on. We were not permitted to remove them. Two different people were wearing very expensive shoes and had a serious problem with this. Others were angry their sneakers would be wet the rest of the day. Park employees did not seem to care at all. It was pretty uneventful along the back side. A few long rows of stairs and we were out. We were also offered a skip the line pass and water. We moved on but a handful of people demanded their shoes be paid for. Not sure how that went.

    1. Chris

      There is nothing humorous about this guest experience
      As a former higher level manager at a nationwide theme park “Not named Disney”
      This behavior is unacceptable
      But Disney under Bib Chepak has cut so many corners in the last 2 years, and want to pay their skilled trades 1985 wages it is not wonder these things are happening
      How do I know
      Trust me – I know

      1. Brian Wood

        Not to worry. Disney will just hire more of those well-trained engineers crossing our southern borders.

  3. Chris

    Let me explain something to the uninformed
    I am an Electrical Engineer, a former Journeyman Electrician, and one who has worked in some the higher levels at “Other theme parks-not named Disney”
    I live in Lakeland, Florida and was interested in a position at Disney in my final years to slow down, and minimize being a road warrior.
    I passed the Disney proficiency test in such a way that they offered me a position the very next day
    Minor detail
    Their offered starting salary was so below the market rate for a highly qualified, specific skilled person was laughable
    It was 1985 wages
    That is why they can’t seem to make their rides work consistently I imagine
    They hire unskilled and uneducated people for $22.00/hour and expect things to work like clockwork
    I saw it very first hand
    I have worked for many multi national corporations who would have never tolerated the down time these people seem to tolerate
    There is nothing humorous, interesting, no enlightening about having to rove guests from a roller coaster and walk them down a maintenance ramp
    Any comments to that effect are from amateurs
    It is fraught with danger to the guests

    1. Brian Wood

      What I find highly amusing is those idiots who max out their credit cards to visit places like Disney, only to spend 95% of their time waiting to board a broken down machine! Very funny!

  4. Mike

    The ride actually opened early in the morning. We were there at rope drop and it broke down about 30 minutes after it started running, we we rounding the corner to get on when they said they were taking people off the ride. So the same thing must have happened in the afternoon when it reopened…

    1. Greg

      I was one of the lucky few that got stuck on Everest, not once, but twice on Saturday, April 16. One if the first rides of the day around 8 am and our car stops less than 100 yards from the station and we had to wait while they rescued the car stuck in the mountain. We were given Lighting passes for any ride (except Avatar). We rode again on the run mentioned in this article but our train stopped in the section pictured in this atricle. We sat for probably 45 mins in the direct sun and at that angle of the accent; not a comfortable position for a long period of time in those seats. Once we were “freed” from our seats (just like in the quote) and walked forever around the track to get back to the station, we were offered a bottle of water and another Lighting pass. I asked to speak to a Team Leader to express my disappointment that after 2 rides and 2 times of getting stopped, that is all we were offered. While the Team Leader was understanding, he couldn’t offer anything else to us. Crazy day for me and my family.

  5. Lisa

    We were in the Haunted Mansion last spring and it broke down and then we evacuated. We were offered an ice cream but there were no Fast passes at the time. The walk around the mansion and backlot was very interesting but I would not have felt the same on a roller coaster.

    1. Leeann Jacket

      We broke down on Splash Mountain at Disneyland last July. We were right next to Briar rabbit. He was singing, (we got a video) & telling us; “just stay seated in your logs & you’ll be on your way in no time.” We got to go backstage & we got a multi-attraction fast pass. We tried using it on Smugglers Run but that was the one ride we couldn’t use it on, once we told them we couldn’t wait because we had boarding passes for Rise; they let us go to the front & then we used our fast pass on Haunted Mansion.

      1. Leeann Jacket

        * Brer Rabbit

  6. Susan

    We were evacuated from Splash Mountain on Friday evening after being in line for way longer than anticipated. (After a rain delay for big thunder mountain, but we were in queue inside and stayed dry.) I have not been on splash mountain in ages, so I’m not quite sure where we got stuck, but it was close to the big drop. We were evacuated after prob 7 minutes. (I started a stopwatch and it was at 6 min when they came there, but I did not start it immediately.). It was so very uncomfortable; my feet were going numb. Same with at least one other adult. We were offered lightning lane that had lots of exceptions at MK.

    1. Susan

      Friday, April 15, 2022

      We joked about Expedition Everest today. I was on it 4 times. Luckily, I did not have any issues.

  7. Dan

    Please don’t use language like ‘rescued’ for something like this.

    Safety systems operated as intended and guests walked down stairs to evacuate the ride. Rescue creates a mental image of a daring effort to pluck riders from a precarious position – not a stair walk.

  8. Sherry

    My bf and I went on a raft ride at the Typhon Lagoon and we got stuck not once but twice. Pretty sure it had to do with weight ad you had to step on scale it was 4 us. My bf and I and 2 other guys. We maybe sat about 8 min. But I was freaking out. Everyone thought it was funny. When they rescued us they said you want to ride again. Everyone did but I didn’t want to. But we all rode again and got stuck at the end. That was it for me.

  9. John O

    My family’s favorite “evacuation “ experience was being escorted out the Great Movie Ride. We actually had our kids up on the Yellow Brick Road fora few photos. Fun extraction.

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