Donald Trump Jr. Warns Americans To Stay Away From Disney

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Disney has been at odds with some politicians as of late, and now, another prominent member with political stature has commented on the theme parks with some very hurtful advice.

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Known as the “Don’t Say Gay Bill”, this piece of legislation has left Disney fans in an uproar. As stated by NPR, “The legislation prohibits any instruction about sexuality or gender between kindergarten and third grade, or in a manner that is not age-appropriate or developmentally appropriate for students in accordance with state standards.”

At first, Disney was silent on the matter, releasing half-hearted statements regarding their stance.

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Disney preaches inclusivity within its Parks, movies, entertainment, and advertisement, so it may come as a surprise that the company has actually helped to fund supporters of this “don’t say gay” bill. The Senate sponsor, Ocala Republican Dennis Baxley, has actually backed anti-gay legislation in Florida for years. Baxley once compared kids with same-sex parents to kids raised by alcoholics and abusers, saying: “I’m not phobic, but I simply can’t affirm homosexuality.”

The next year, The Walt Disney Company wrote Baxley a check, with the most recent one coming in last year.

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Then, Disney CEO Bob Chapek spoke out and sided with the LGBTQ+ community, condemning the bill. Chapek stated he was in talks with Florida Governor DeSantis, however, the bill has now been signed by the Governor, who has stated Disney was wrong to combat said bill.

Most recently, Christopher Rufo released internal Disney videos in which those in charge discuss how they insert the “not-at-all-secret gay agenda” into children’s programming, according to The New York Post. The publication noted:

Those were the words used by Disney Television Animation executive producer Latoya Raveneau, who said she is “adding queerness” wherever she can — with Disney’s blessing, as the company is “going hard” to be supportive. The …footage also featured Disney Parks’ diversity and inclusion manager, Vivian Ware, saying the company has “removed all of the gendered greetings” at its theme parks. 

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It should be noted that the publication’s article swings heavily against Disney’s attempt to create more inclusive films. Disney has not kept it a secret that they plan to push diversity in the coming months and years when it comes to their content. We have already seen how children of different nationalities are finding films with more diverse cultures like Encanto (2021) to be life-changing, as they can finally see themselves on screen. Now, Disney plans to move forward with that ideology in terms of having a stronger LGBTQ+ representation on screen.

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Newsweek reported that during a press conference on Thursday, DeSantis said he’d be in favor of not allowing Disney “to have their own set of rules compared to everybody else.” The publication interviewed state Representative Anthony Sabatini who had a lot to say regarding Disney’s stance on the “Don’t Say Gay” bill, and the repercussions that may come from it, including the “living hell” that now evolves with the help of the government.

“When Disney purchased land for its theme parks, it pushed through laws that said it was self-governing,” Sabatini told Newsweek. “They have their own police and fire departments and could even have their own nuclear power plant if they wished. If it were up to me, I’d call a special session and Disney would lose all of it. If they’re governed by local authorities, it’s not going to be pretty for them—they’ll be subject to all sorts of crazy taxes, rules and regulations. It will make life a living hell for them. They’ll be regulated like everybody else.”

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In regards to the incredibly controversial bill, Sabatini stated:

“This bill is about K through third grade. Let me repeat: K through third—children ages 5, 6 and 7,” he said. “Disney’s position is that these children need lessons about transgenderism and sexual orientation. If you need me to explain why that’s wrong, it’s a waste of my time, because it’s so self-evident.”

This came after Disney strongly condemned DeSantis and the Florida government for putting through the bill. Now, even Donald Trump Jr. is speaking out against Disney. Of course, Trump Jr. is the son of former President of the United States, Donald Trump, and holds political power and stature. He is currently EVP of Development & Acquisitions The Trump Organization. Donald Trump Jr. (@DonaldJTrumpJr) Tweeted:

This summer get your kids outdoors enjoy all that America has to offer… don’t waste your money on overpriced bullshit and junk food at Disney World.

Although Trump Jr. may have been referring to the recent food cost increase that we have seen at Walt Disney World from meals to drinks, however, it seems more likely that this statement was made due to Disney pushing further away from certain leaders within the Republican government.

Do you still plan to go to Walt Disney World despite the request?

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