Comments for Disney Housekeepers Caught Stealing In Undercover Sting Operation


Credit: Disney


  1. Bob

    Of course they’re non-Whites. Probably illegals.

    1. JUC


      WTH is wrong with you

      1. Kevin

        WTH is wrong with YOU? Don’t like the truth?

        1. CalledIt

          He is a bigot. End of story.

    2. Klan hater

      Your hood is showing bro

  2. Debbie

    This is great!!! So glad they got caught. I have a friend that room was broken into a few years ago. They don’t think it was an employee- but so violating to have someone steal from you! Especially employees!!

  3. Julian H

    How do you even get Room Service to Come to Your Room in Disney…

    OK OK I know they do a bit, but pre-covid and for the astronomical price they should be attending your room daily, sadly the price for your hotel room went up and up but your level of service and value for money went down and down. Disney you really need to up your game.

  4. Boobsmcgeee

    Cast Members. Disney is a joke.

  5. Ron

    One time we had the worst visit to the Disney Resort. We left pins that we got from the backlot tour on a desk in our room. They were missing after we came back later in the day. The front desk told us that the pins were most likely Vacuumed up as part of cleaning the room. Disney replaced the pins, but it cause us to wonder what more was removed from the room. WE started using the wall safe after this event.

    1. ShelleBelle

      Because it’s normal to vacuum desks. Ha ha. I used to have such respect and admiration for people who work at Disney. Now I find that too many of them gaslight A LOT.

  6. CalledIt

    Maybe Disney can pay their staff a living wage now instead of just giving more bonuses to their executives.

  7. L

    Oh so they can go to your room to steal, but not to clean it? For the price you are paying for a Disney vacation, you deserve to have a break from having to clean your own room.

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