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  1. Melissa

    My guess is they added this warning because people may be purchasing it later in the day when many of the lightning lanes are gone. So, they’re wanting people to check ahead of time to see if there’s still availability before they spend the money.

    1. Melissa

      We were just at Disney World and no issues with Genie+, LL, or the countless other “problems” that I’ve seen reported recently. We had an amazing time and we’re able to go on everything we wanted to at all the parks and didn’t wait more than an hour on any ride.

      1. Lol


        1. John

          Yes he is. Was there Friday and Saturday and more than half the rides with LL didn’t work.
          At the end of the day, why did I get this addon for my family.

          1. Joe

            That’s because you went on a weekend….during the week it is great! We used it and longest wait we had was 60 minutes.

          2. Shane

            I know it says UP to an hour wait, but while still using LL you’re really setting the bar way too low. Using fast pass depending on the day we could easily do a ride every half hour including the walking and ride. LL is making people pay for worse service.

          3. Karla

            agree. Angry that it wouldn’t work for either of our families. We didn’t get to ride one ride because it wouldn’t give us the option to even use it.

        2. Emma

          20$ per day not hour, numbskulls.

      2. Scott

        Your fake or lying to other guests

        1. Lol2

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      3. Lol2

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        1. Hmm

          Ah yes, let’s make fun of someone’s spelling “skyllz” for using the wrong “your” and in the very next post you use the wrong “whose.”

          1. Tonya

            this comment is gold ⬆️

          2. Lee

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    2. Nick and jean

      Went pre covid and had a great time never purchased any fast pass and longest queue was 45 minutes slightly longer than our previous trips ,but we’re British and we don’t mind a queue. Perhaps it’s better to have no fast passes and every takes there turn ,nothing more annoying than watching people pass you in queue just because they’ve paid for the privilege, Disney just drop the passes .our first visit was in 1992 and we were hooked and will return again always allow plenty days to do everything

      1. Amber

        Pre Covid the Fast Passes were free. Unfortunately a lot of people did not know they were free.
        The best was post Covid but Pre Genie+ The waits were very manageable when everyone had to wait in the same line.

    3. Krys

      Was there the first week of April. Nothing but issues with Genie+. Many rides would not be available for most of the day. Constant refreshing the app for no wordof a lie, half hour at ba time to actually book something. We only got 2-3 rides using the lighting lanes a day. Which did still save us so much time cause lines were ridiculous. One morning the app wouldn’t even work until 10:30am and I tried since 8:30am! Our 1st booking that day was for 2:30! Disney CS knows, they acknowledge that they were having problems but only offered a “sorry”.

  2. Brooke

    First off, this app is very deceptive. Some rides, you can just buy Genie Plus. You buy GP, after tapping the ride and time that you want. It then sends you a confirmation. However, you have to go back and buy that LL. This applies to some rides, not all. I asked the CM and she said she deals with angry parkgoers all day everyday because this is not made clear at all. I even took screenshots to email Disney. Secondly, we bought the Genie Plus at WDW ….because it showed a time available for a ride. And I’m talking in a matter of seconds, I buy it for my husband and me, and go back and the time is gone. The next available time went from noon to 6pm. I tried another – that was listed seconds earlier – ‘no longer available’. So, we just blew $30 for absolutely nothing. Add to this that 4 or 5 of the other rides we wanted to go on were broken down. WDW is a real mess – Chapek has cut staff and budgets so much and believe me it shows. The parks are filthy, understaffed. And on top of that, he’s making us parkgoers do all of the work on our cellphones – mobile order, reservations, mobile checkout, hotel check in, etc. Once all of these parkgoers who have been cooped up in their homes these past 2 years, run out of their Disney money (assuming by end of summer), this business model of Chapek’s – of running a skeleton crew, price gouging the customers, charging more and providing much less, will fail. The money will run out – especially when he’s monetizing everything – it will deplete even sooner. He’s the total opposite of Walt and Iger.

    1. Monica Nelson Thiele

      I totally agree with everything you said. After reading numerous complaints on Genie+ and lightning lane, we aren’t going to bother. It would be nice if Chapek and our the board of directors would listen to the guests that Disney used to care about

      1. Holly

        We just went to WDW and bought Genie+ during spring break. We had a fabulous time, barely waited in any lines, except those we chose not to use LL for, and rode everything in the park that we wanted. The system works, but you have to do your research and understand what rides book up first, when you can book LL reservations etc. If you just buy it the day of your visit and go in the park with no prior knowledge of the system, you will be lucky to get the rides that you want. Planning is key! You can start booking at 7am for genie plus. And remember, there is a difference between genie plus and individual lightening lane purchases. Seven Dwarfs Mine Train is a separate purchase and will go quickly, so you have to stay on top of it.

        1. Crystal

          That is so only part true what u r saying unless u have figured out some way to rig the new system, yes u can make your first selection at 7 am but u cannot make another selection until 11 am unless you happened to get your first genie reservation right at 9 am this is where people are getting confused cause after 2 hours u r supposed to be able to make another selection but if u make a selection at 7 am and your first selection doesn’t start until say 1030am like ours did then what happened to us we made a selection at 7 am and then at 9 I tried to make another reservation and it said u can not make another reservation until 11 am 2 hours after park opening even though u can make your first reservation at 7 and then by 11 am everything was booked up until 8 pm that night unless u wanted to waste it on a ride with no real wait times such as carousel of progress or Phillharmagic, and it’s not worth paying the $15 per person to skip lines that are already around 10-15 minutes anyways

          1. Lynette

            Resort guests can make their first Genie+ and Individual LL choices at 7 a.m. You won’t be able to make a second Genie+ selection until EITHER you reach the 2 hour AFTER OPENING point, or you check in for your current Genie+. 2 hours after opening means you don’t get another one at 9, you get it at 11. But, if your first Genie+ selection happens before 11, you can make another selection just as soon as you scan in for your current selection.

          2. Bill


      2. Leonardo

        It’s not a good omen when actual Disney employed call him Bob Paycheck

    2. Rachel Blankinship

      100% Agree.

    3. Manny

      Was there in last week of January this year and experienced the same exact problem. Rida availability says a specific time. Select it to confirm and you’re given a time 6 hours later . We are Disney veterans and really find this system to be a mess and although I’m happy for those that don’t experience this, it really forces us to reevaluate the future of our travel plans

    4. Mel

      Apparently you’ll sometimes see an early time due to a cancellation but slot goes very quickly as many people try to nab that same opening. This happened to me at Disneyland.

      1. Dawdon

        One of the rides made my wiener hurt🧐.

        1. Lee

          Youre not suppose to take hotdogs on rides.

  3. Jackie Frank

    What time of day was this? I know guest were frustrated even back in the MaxPass days when they purchased later in the day when all Fastpasses were already gone for the day. I think this is actually a very good warning if it’s getting later in the day on a busy day.

  4. Anne

    This seems like a future class action lawsuit to me and could be construed as fraudulent, especially if they know the problems and are still selling them and also refusing to refund money to people who were led to believe one thing or who purchased Genie plus in reliance on their representations.

  5. Monica Nelson Thiele

    I totally agree with everything you said. After reading numerous complaints on Genie+ and lightning lane, we aren’t going to bother. It would be nice if Chapek and or the board of directors would listen to the guests that Disney used to care about

    1. Pablo

      Is the worst, I’ve been to disney more than 60 times and this is by far the worst thing ever!!!….genie+ is trash!!!…waste of money.

  6. Phoebe L Ho

    If it doesn’t work then what in the bloody expletive deleted is the point??!! God forbid they ever admit they made a huge mistake.

    1. Lol

      Hi phoebe! Here for your daily Disney rant??
      See ya tomorrow!

  7. Mark

    I was at Disney about a month ago, and the new system is terrible. I’d prefer to go back to the days of fast passes. It also seems the parks are overfilled with guests, not enough staff, and everything has gone up in price. Seems to me they are price gouging the consumer for services (lightning lane) that are sold out by 7:05 a.m. You have to reserve any restaurants or experiences months in advance unless you get lucky. It made for not as fun of a vacation, and .much more expensive than it used to be with less magic.

    1. Scott Lee-Ross

      if it is sold out at 7:05 then it is the opposite of price gouging. It is under-priced. Demand exceeds supply. You must raise the price.

      1. Darin

        Look up the definition of price gouging… it IS related to high demand.

  8. Will D

    Since disney took the position they did while ignoring human abuse in other countries i am not going to or owning anything disney offers

    1. Teresa

      I agree with what has been said so far, and hopefully they will take a good look at what they’re creating, because when all the guests take their money elsewhere, they can’t backpedal and say they tried. Remember it’s not the cast members making the rules, just following the (bad) directions given to them. Be kind to them. 🥰

  9. Bryan Baldwin

    If the system does not work, it is deceitful and puts Disney Co liable for government and civil penalties. Also too, it is another undisclosed fee for a previously included service. Since Chapek took over the parks, a one day park pass is now $74 more if it is deemed peak and you want fp. It is beyond crazy how disconnected from reality Burbank is but people will continue to pay, so they get away with it.

    1. Scott Lee-Ross

      you do realize your argument is supporting the opposite of your conclussion. If the price goes up and the demand still exceeds the supply then the price has not gone up enough. Raise the prices today!

    2. Dawn


  10. Hannah

    I can’t speak about Genie+ at Disney World, but I went to Disneyland at the end of March and had no issues using it there. I could almost always grab a LL within 15-20 minutes. The only exception was Space Mountain, but we did the Plaza Inn Character breakfast that day so it worked out.

    1. Zoe

      From what I’ve seen, it works great in Disneyland. Walt Disney World is a completely different beast and what works in DL simply breaks down in WDW.

  11. Light Being

    Went to WDW in February. Two adults and 3 children. Couldn’t get a on site hotel the month before. Used the Florida resident 3 days special ticket purchase and purchased the genie plus. Didn’t know you had to use the lightning lane System as well. Couldn’t book genie+ in advance the day before. At 7:15 nothing was available except the less popular rides And they weren’t available until 7:30 at Night. Was only able to use the genie plus for one ride over 3 days. Total scam. I saw the fast lanes longer than the regular lines Is multiple times. I’ve been a passholder for many years. I’m done with the money grab And doing everything myself through the phone.

    1. Eddie

      I was in December in Disney World, and the system just did not work (connection errors, try again later and so on). I asked for a refund which was refused. Unbelievable: you pay for something which does not work!

      I just came out Disneyland, here it seems to work better, at least no connection errors, although the availability in CA was very bad. In Disneyland it worked pretty good, even though it was a Saturday and very crowded, I still booked fastpathes up to 9pm.

      But the ride breakdown that days were unbelievable: nearly every ride break down several times a day, I got 4 “general” fastpathes, cause I was in lightning lane while it happens for me, also noticed that on the other rides and times very often. In 15 years of Disney Parks experiences in all parks over the world several times a year I have noticed so much breakdowns (and I will probably not have noticed every single, so there were even more). I understand, that newer rides like Star wars are much more complex, but the older ones like splash mountain or Indiana Jones also had an high amount of breakdowns. Disney saves money on maintenance, while we have to pay that with time an Genie+?

      For now I have to say I will pause in going to Disney USA parcs, also Disneyland Paris. I am sad about it, but I’m not willing to pay these prices and get much less.
      Hopefully the Asian parcs has not the same bad development, will seen as soon as I can.

      1. Kate

        I am at WDW right now. I am leaving 8 days early because I can’t get a park reservation for the last week of my trip (annual pass holders can only do 5 reservations at a time) anywhere but Epcot. We also purchased Genie+ most days in the parks, but we usually could only get 1or 2 LL selections before they were all gone for rides we wanted to ride, (we were only able to get the first one because it was available to select at 7am and that was usually for later in the afternoon, meaning we couldn’t make another until after that one was used and there were none left) and we were not able to purchase individual LL selections at all because we are not staying at a Disney resort & by the time we could purchase (at park opening) they were all gone. I have been coming to Disney world for 40 years, and I know Easter break is crowded, but Disney’s solutions were extremely disappointing. They say to ‘check selection availability before purchasing Genie+’ because it is non-refundable, but if you check first, all the available times will be gone before you can sign in and purchase. This was supposed to be a special 3 week trip to celebrate my 60th birthday, but it was the worst vacation of of my life. I won’t stay at a Disney resort because I always rent a car and paying $15-$25 per night to park when you are already paying over $200 per night for even a Value Resort hotel room is ridiculous. I understand that businesses need to make a profit, but Walt is probably turning over in his grave at their greed. The magic is really hard to find now. It makes me very sad, but it will be a while, if ever, before I visit Disney World again.
        Universal Studios is even worse – I tried to purchase the Express Pass the week before Easter and it was a whopping $291 PER PERSON PER DAY!!!!! That was 3 times the cost of my park-to-park ticket!!!!

    2. Lynette

      If you aren’t staying on property, there is no point to buying Genie+.

      1. Bill

        You have no clue.

  12. Disneydismay

    Until people actually speak with their wallets nothing will change. A lot of people keep saying they’re fed up but the parks remain beyond full so the money keeps rolling in and if profits are up Chapek is a hero.

    1. Hi!

      CHAEPEK 2024!!!

  13. Will

    Watching salty people complain about something broke when they don’t know how to use it is fun. Don’t book an 11am if park opens at 8.

    Today (on Easter) I’ve hit about a ride an hour using G+. Yea some were silly rides but others were mainstays. If you expect to hit more than 1-2 mountains using G+ you’re deluding yourself and not using the system to it’s fullest.

    But in the end, I could use the FP system like a scalpel throughout the day for a more full day.

    1. Mike

      We have been here for almost a week and it’s just now Easter Sunday, the Genie+ and LL system has been completely fine and we’ve used it a TON! We’ve rope dropped every park and walked on to almost all the major attractions, then booked Genie+ throughout the day for other attractions. Even with larger crowds the longest we have waited the entire trip was 40 minutes for Seven Dwarves Mine Train. The system works fine, you just have to plan wisely.

    2. G. E.

      We are locals and have tried it once and was well worth it. Not sure all the complaints. I just don’t think people know how to manage the park and the times. People expect way too much for $15. Best part that nobody talks about is the 45 use of the photo filters. Well worth the $ if you value time.

      1. G. E.

        *45 day use of the photo filters

  14. Rachel Blankinship

    Drop it! If it’s not working drop it. Reinstate the fast pass system. Families pay an exuberant amount of money to turn around and pay again to ride certain rides? No wonder tempers are flaring. The only plan ever right now is raise prices, pay more, buy this it’s a disaster waiting to happen. CHAPEAK NEEDS TO GO AND ALL HIS BUDDIES THAT ARE ON BOARD WITH THESE PLANS!

    1. Scott Lee-Ross

      you do realize that the Disney model has always been to pay for more rides for most of its existence. Since the opening day with A-D at Disneyland and A-E tickets at Walt Disney World.
      The Disney parks are underpriced. Prices need to go up more for a day at a Disney Park. Demand exceeds Supply, so the price must increase.

      1. Tony

        Underpriced?, That’s hilarious. But I do understand if demand is still there, the greed will only increase. Unfortunately it’s human nature to be greedy. The problem for most people is Disney world trips become basically an addiction. Just like drugs, the price can increase 100x, people will still pay. Their bank account won’t like it, but they can’t help it. I was one of them but I finally stopped draining money at WDW. It’s extremely sad but I can’t be on board with the current management.

  15. Amanda

    I’m literally driving home from our trip to Disneyland right now, and honestly we LOVED Genie+.
    Between the two parks, we rode 30 different rides, a few of them we even rode twice. All this with the help of having everything scheduled.
    We had zero issues with using the service. It was extremely simple once we figured out how to get to the “tip board” page easily. One thing that was a bummer was how many rides broke down, cancelling our LL pass.
    I did hate having to use my phone so much during the trip. That was my only complaint!

    1. Ben

      Hi Amanda, I get the feeling this is your first time to DL. We used to be able reserve 3 rides at a time for free. We could choose to repeat any rides as much as we wanted. No upcharge for specific rides. That was fast pass. It was great.

      As you know Genoe + only allows reserving 1 at a time, can only go use LL once for each ride and some cost $20 each time for LL even with paying for Genie +.

      As you can see from the comparison, Genie + is drastically worse than fastpass and you have to pay for this erroded service as well.

      My Brother went with me to DL 2 weeks ago for his first time ever, he also felt it was a great trip. He didnt realize that fastpass used to be way better and free.

      1. Scott Lee-Ross

        I think you do not remember the Fastpass system very well. You have a romaticized memory of what Fastpass+ was. let me remind you
        While you could reserve 3 rides per day in advance, only 1 ride could be a top tier “E ticket” ride. So you were forced to book and use 2 smaller attractions before you could book another Top Tier. And by the time you were done with the 2 second tier rides their were no other Top Tier rides available. Remember?
        And that was if you could even get a top tier fastpass. Flight of Passage, Slinky Dog and Seven Dwarfs were gone before the 60 day window opened, much less the 30 day window for off-property guests.
        But now you can make reservations the day of, get the top attractions and then add available rides every 2 hours or after you have ridden one. The truth matters

        1. Drew

          While I might agree with your supply and demand reasoning to raise prices but you would have to balance it with the idea that you might dissuade future guests from being repeat guests. If you want to be honest because “the truth matters” then accept that people don’t like paying for something that used to be free. They especially don’t like paying more for less and that is what Disney is offering.

  16. David

    We paid about $20-30usd (I think) per ride in Shanghai to get instant fast passes (don’t remember what it was called). Only used it on Tron and one or two other rides. Was pricey but worked great even on a super crowded day in a smaller park.

  17. Maya

    Sounds about right 🙄

  18. Ben

    This genie + is a stripped down more expensive version of maxpass. I spent a lot more time in standby lines than I used too and went on a lot less rides even when paying upcharge.

    We are definitely going a lot less to DL due to genie +. It has really erroded the experience we used to have with maxpass.

    1. Mel

      Yes! I miss being able to go on Space Mountain with my daughter (who had just discovered her love for the ride) about 5 times in a row with no wait thanks to Max pass.

  19. Becky

    We went to Disney world
    Last month. Lots of ride breakdowns. We were given general lightening lane passes but these book so fast you really can’t use it. Some rides we were told to come back when they get it running and our pass would be honored. Only problem with this is you told people this for over the 2 hr period the ride was broken and the line was ridiculously long. Didn’t seem to hahave the Disney magic.

  20. Alejandra

    Genie+ is a mixed bag. On the plus side, we were able to walk on many rides and could use Genie+ through out the day to pick up rides.

    For the bad luck, the times get snatched up in a millisecond, you are not guaranteed the time you select. From the time I refreshed, selected a time (eg. 10:15am), and confirmed my party, Genie+ would then give you a different time (eg 8:35pm)- and I’m really fast, like 2 seconds fast. That was frustrating. However you could check throughout the day and maybe new times would show up, which is how we got the good times. You had to check the app often.

    1. Deb

      “Check the app often” is precisely why I won’t do it. I am on vacation. I don’t want to be on my phone all day trying to book rides. We are going in a few weeks. We have decided to avoid the Magic Kingdom altogether. And we have decided it is our last trip. We have been probably 100 times over the past 30 years and we are done. It just isn’t special any more.

  21. Amanda

    I purchased Genie+ for my daughter and myself one Sunday on March. We purchased Genie+ at 7 am that day and were only able to get one reservation. It was not worth the $30 investment at all. We feel like that magic of Disney is 100% gone. For quite a few reasons.

  22. ElKel88

    We just got home today from WDW and I was so frustrated with the Genie + Service. We visited MK on Tuesday and Epcot on Wednesday. Paying for the + service is pretty much the only way to get on any ride without a substantial wait. The block out of the times between when you can reserve rides is a little ridiculous since you’re paying for the service to begin with. You also can’t choose what time you’d like to ride a certain ride, so if it’s giving you a time to redeem you don’t have an option of saying no and selecting a different time. My MAJOR frustration was with the Ratatouille ride in EPCOT which was the ONLY reason I purchased the + option to begin with – that ride is an Individual Lightning Lane purchase so you have to purchase that ride by itself (didn’t mention this AT ALL in any of the info). I woke up first thing that morning to try to get a spot but I they could only be purchased by guests staying at a Disney Resort – also something that wasn’t mentioned in any of the info. Overall I was very disappointed.

    1. Scott Lee-Ross

      sorry, that is clearly operator error.
      Individual Lightning Lane Entrance
      For some of our most highly demanded attractions, Lightning Lane entrance access is available to purchase individually. Guests may purchase and select an arrival window one at a time for up to 2 attractions a day. This option is available for all Guests—with or without Disney Genie+ service.
      See, it tells you!
      Guests of a Disney Resort Hotel and Other Select Hotels: These Guests can make their first purchase starting at 7:00 AM on the day of their visit. Available to Disney Resort hotel Guests and Guests of Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Hotels and Shades of Green.
      All Other Guests: These Guests can make their first purchase when the park opens.
      Oh yeah, tell you this too!

      1. Drew

        So you work for Disney? I’m guessing so because you say “our most popular rides.” You remind me of a guy that developed a spreadsheet to generate work orders for future deliveries but it was so complicated that people disliked using it. To him it was easy because he knew all the nuts and bolts but to the rest it was a pain. So you’ve been trained on how it works, you also are familiar with the wording on all the minutiae of how and when it works. Chastising people that don’t have your degree of familiarity with the product is petty and egotistical. Hey, is that you Bob? Sounds like you, between lobbying for higher prices and pushing an app that people don’t like it could only be Paycheck.

        1. Mel

          He’s quoting the website “we” is what the website says.

        2. Bill

          He has a brain and can read and follow instructions. A lot of folks can’t.

  23. Jon

    Just have us pay for use of old FP system

  24. James

    Everything the management at Disney does seems to fail and not a little but in a significant way. They should either drop the system or price it like Universal as it stands; so many people buy it that when you go to select a LL first thing in the morning, it may not be available till sometime in the afternoon. Worse yet, when you would go to but a LL like Rise, it would force you to sign back in, and in that time, you would miss out on the time you wanted and be forced to take one hours later or, in some cases miss out completely. DIsney keeps getting worse and worse and this is from someone who has gone yearly for nearly two decades and holds stock.

  25. Rich

    There were reports that some guests are seeking a class action lawsuit against Disney for false advertising. Hopefully everyone who purchased this can get a refund and maybe, just maybe put an end to some of DIsney’s greedy cash grab from the guests.

  26. Dan

    Disney is full of fraudulent practices and advertising. Popular attractions are shut down with no regards to their “reservation systems” that hard working people paid ridiculous prices to expect. No value what so ever at DW. Walt would be embarrassed.

    1. Scott Lee-Ross

      so, the safety system stops the ride, but since you have a Lightning Lane reservation you should ride it still? That makes a lot of sense.

      1. Lee

        I think he meant that they still charge the same price no matter if they have all crappy rides bc they’re closed down or all top tier rides.

  27. Roger Moller

    My wife and I took three of our grandsons to Disneyland in mid-February. In spite of the additional cost, Genie+ was the key to my grandsons having a good time. While we waited in the queue for one ride I was booking us on another ride. We went from place to place with ease. It sucks to have to pay $20.00 per person per day, but the lack of stress it provided for our 7 year old grandsons was worth every penny.

    1. Mel

      He’s quoting the website “we” is what the website says.

    2. Mel

      Sorry my comment posted to the wrong reply.

      I was the designated “booker” on our recent trip to Disneyland and worked well, but I did spent a bunch of time ahead of the trip reading blogs to learn strategies for making Genie + work. Not everyone’s as bad as me in that sense!

  28. Randy

    Bought it for me and my wife. At 7 am everything was “unavailable” wasted 30 bucks for not one ride. Will NEVER use again. Thankfully it was 2 of us and not our whole family…. not impressed at all. Walt would be furious……..

    1. Scott Lee-Ross

      sorry, just plain not true. At 7am the park has not been completely booked. Try again

      1. Lee

        They probably meant they all were unavailable bc they weren’t staying in the park so had to wait until 11 and just didn’t understand the rules

  29. EricJ

    “Disney warns against purchasing Genie+, says it may not work”

    ….NO KIDDING!!!!!!!

    1. Chris Wood

      This is why I go to universal studios. They have skip the line pass, that I used for most rides

  30. Robert "Ironman" Downey

    What makes me laugh is the laziness of this system. If you want to ride a ride, get in line and wait. My wife and I go once a month and if we know we have rides we want to get on, we either get there at rope drop, or late in the evening when people are leaving. If you plan your rides out (dont go for the most popular first) then we often hit 4-5 rides in less than 1 1/2 hours. THEN we go to the big rides and wait. This way, we dont waste the day away.
    For example, last week we went to Hollywood Studios. We walked in at rope drop (extra 30 min early for hotel stay) and went to the left and headed across Indiana Jones stunt show. Headed straight back to Smugglers Run. We literally walked right on the ride. Everyone else was either piling into Slinky Dog, Rise of the Resistance or Runaway Railway.

    We got off Smugglers run (took 10 minutes to get in the ride) then went out the back end to get on the Alien Saucer ride, again…walked right on with 5 minute wait. After that, walked to Tower of Terror, had a 40 minute posted time..got in in 25 minutes. 3 prime rides in less than 1 hour folks…stop wasting your money!

    If you want the system changed, dont complain about it…stop USING it! Money speaks louder and if they can’t make any from you off the broken system, then they will fix it. If people continue to buy it and then complain, why would they care what you think? They already have your money and they dont let you come back with a voucher.

  31. Trease

    I was at Disneys Magic Kingdom and Epcot on some of their busiest days when no Parks were available 4/7/22 and 4/8/22. I had no issues using Genie+ it was very helpful in planning my day and wheat to do next.

  32. Ron

    We went to WDW recently over spring break and bought Genie+. It was a good addition to our park tickets however my chief complaint with it is it’s no better than the FastPass system – i.e. you can’t book more than 2 rides at a time. We had 2 days down there due to available vacation time so we hit all 4 parks in 2 days. We were hoping to be able to have a ride plan using Genie+ but that quickly went out the door. The paid Lightening Lanes on the hand are a different matter. We were told by Disney we could purchase the Lightening Lane on midnight the day we were going to the specific park so after a 7 hour drive and with a plan to get to the first park when it opened at 7:30 that Tuesday, I stayed up. Turns out we were told wrong. When I did finally get to purchase the Lightening Lane, I selected 8:20A. By the time I got through the purchasing process, were given a time of 7:50P. This meant we only had 1 additional Lightening Lane pass we could use since the second was taken up by the ride that night. It also meant we had to leave the park we were at in the afternoon to go back for the ride we purchased. Don’t get me wrong, we still had a great time we hadn’t been down to Disney in 10 years. That said, if they’re going to institute these new systems causing a higher than expected cost they need to at the very least be better than the old ones.

  33. AJ

    Fast passes were sooo much better. U could book in advance and plan ur days ahead of time. This new GP requires u to b attached to ur phone all the time. You have no idea what times u will get until that day so it’s almost impossible to park hop. Hate it!!!!

  34. Karen

    The Genie+ would work well if they would allow you choose a different attraction before canceling the one you have, similar to what they do with Restaurant reservations because you know darn well if you cancel what you have, by the time you do that, your new choice will no longer be available and the once you cancel will be long gone

  35. Pat

    If you qualify with anyone in your party a better program that is free Is DAS. You register when you enter first park and I think it’s good for 30 days. Most disabilities are noticeable but others like mild autism and PTSD are not but do qualify. We were there during spring break and rode every ride we wanted without waiting in the long lines. It worked much like the old fast pass using app on phone. Grandson had to ride and whole family were permitted to join him. We were given a time for a ride and entered in lightening lane. Once on a ride we could schedule the next one. Stand wait time lines were terribly so this really helped….especially my 74 yr old legs

  36. Bella

    Wow. Disneyland charges $20 per hour for Genie+ that’s absurd.

    1. Bill

      Lol, great reading skills

  37. Robert c

    Here we go again. More people traveling before COVID. WDW promoting the 50th anniversary. Too many rides permanently closed with no immediate or any replacement. Sooooo. Raising prices led to complaints but not a reduction in attendance. Sure it’s a money grab, when was Disney World designed to be a multi times a year trip for so many people without kids (my wife included). LL is ok if you know how to use it, people complained about FP too the same way. Disney World needs a 5th gate, better maintenance (oh yea closing rides down during MY vacation), putting attractions in closed up buildings. Stop building more hotels, close off extra benefits for off property hotels. Should I go on, or is Disney just becoming more like real life.

  38. GetReal

    There should be independent company or government department that checks yearly if parks even have the capacity for the amount of people they let in. I don’t think this was Walter’s vision all these years ago when he made the first park.

  39. KTS

    Bring lightening lanes in has given disney parks bigger queues, there was nothing wrong with the way parks was run before corvid, the fasspasses worked. People won’t pay to get into parks then pay $15/20 per person per day, that’s alot of money to pay out when you have families, this is why there is massive queues in park as Disney got Greedy
    There was never a problem before with fasspasses,
    Not just that your consistly on your mobile, booking reservations, for rides, parks, restaurants, this isn’t a fun holiday when your never off your mobile phone booking everything, disney spoilt a park that walt disney built for all families not just the rich,
    Time disney thought what walt disney wanted & not what the CEO wants to fill is pockets out of greed
    Scrap the lightening lanes, scrape disney genie + & scrape using mobile phones consistly on disney, scrap booking parks. bring back fasspasses,
    We don’t come to Disney to be on our mobile phones all the time or to put us into debt, we save enough to bring happy faces to our families
    Disney took the fun out of disney , & this will continue with massive queue on rides, cos people won’t pay to get into parks & pay again to go on a ride

  40. Michele

    I went in October with 2 others. I bought it in the morning and was only able to use it for 1 ride per day. It wouldn’t let pick any other ride for the remaining day. Always said sold out Total waste of money.

  41. Joe Stepan

    We’re at Hollywood Studios. Got my first pass at 7 am, but it’s not until 6 pm! Then tried to book another three hours later for another and several rides were not available anymore. I feel misled and cheated by Disney. Genie plus worked off and on but I would caution anyone that they will only get one or two good rides for the money they spend. Disney needs to get it together!

  42. Ben

    Sounds like Disney are looking for a sueball.
    They’ve literally just admitted they’re charging for a system that (possibly) doesn’t work, so they’ve (potentially) just given the prosecution written evidence of knowingly selling a defective service, as opposed to a not-fault i.e. force majeure such as an “Act of God”.
    Disney also stating they manage crowds now by limiting attendance means there could be reasonable expectation that they are capable able of resolving this fault.
    I say this but a defensive clause is probably already in their Genie+ T&C’s that prevents sueballs in case of non performance and that you’re actually just paying for the privilege of standing in another queue that may be shorter…

  43. jo

    Chapek flubbed another one. He is such a joke. If people could pick 3 rides 2 months ahead of time like with fast pass days this wouldn’t be happening. Fast pass worked well. We never stood in line 45 min. with a fast pass like people do with Genie sucks lightening strikes. Way to go greedy man Chapek.

  44. Drew

    While I might agree with your supply and demand reasoning to raise prices but you would have to balance it with the idea that you might dissuade future guests from being repeat guests. If you want to be honest because “the truth matters” then accept that people don’t like paying for something that used to be free. They especially don’t like paying more for less and that is what Disney is offering.

  45. Drew

    Sorry, repeat post.

  46. Jolene P.

    Purchasing Geni+ is a waste of money for those not staying on site since those staying on site are allowed to start getting their first geni+ passes 2 hours before the park opens, then allowed to get another geni+ pass 2 hours after getting the first. Off site have to wait til the park opens to try to get the first one, which if available at all, are later in the day. You are also fighting with those staying onsite who are working on getting their 2nd or 3rd passes while those not able to afford to spend a MINIMUM of 4x a night or more every night to stay on site are just being allowed to try to get their 1st pass with the result being that either the geni+ passes are already completely gone or the ones available are not til much later in the day. Off sites can wait 2 hrs to get another but by then they are definitely all gone. In addition, you miss out on a great deal going on around you (is the Polynesian still there and are they really building Tron?) as you spend your day with your face in your phone since every once in a while for a grand total of 5 min a few geni+ or LL passes may become available, so you constantly have to watch. To top it off geni+ passes don’t cover the 2 most popular rides in each park; those are your lightning lane selections and each cost up to $15 per person per ride. Also a waste of time if you’re offsite since again those staying onsite were allowed to attempt getting their choices locked in 2 hrs before those offsite. When we were there in Feb this year that was at 7am with them running out of passes at 7:04am (no exaggeration). So there was nothing left by the time those of us staying offsite were allowed to attempt to get LL passes. The truth of the matter is you may now be adding up to $45 to each ticket each day for something that used to be free and that worked better for everyone when it was. To add insult to injury, Disney Wifi in the parks is ‘spotty’ as admitted to by a cast member so not only do you have your face in your phone half the day, one of the reasons you do is you’re constantly fighting their wifi (and that’s what we all look forward to doing on while constantly fighting to get geni+ and/or LL passes. I’ve been going to Disney since my parents started taking me in 1977 and have learned when to go so we never waited over 60 minutes for a ride– usually Space Mountain. Now an hour is a short wait with most rides averaging 90 minutes with the popular rides 2hrs+ up to 3&1/2hrs for Rise of the Resistance (which broke down twice the day we were there, totalling 6 hrs of down time)–and this was the not only the off season but a time when the amount of people going into the park was supposedly still being restricted due Covid which I find hard to believe because it was as packed as I’ve seen it in the summertime. I admit some of the following things did not effect me, but it’s part of the whole picture: Packed parks, Increasing food prices while reducing the portion sizes, Charging for things which used to be free–A working fast-pass system, Magicbands for hotel guests, Shuttle service to and from the airport for hotel guests, Parking at the hotels even if you are a guest–at $17-$19 a night!! Add to that my obvious dislike of having my face in my phone constantly due to: 1)possibility of geni+ & LL passes becoming available, keeping track of those you may have and using your phone to redeem the passes; 2)the fact that using your phone is now how they want you to pay for and do everything in the park; buying souvenirs, using it to make dining reservations, placing orders as well as paying for food even at small kiosks; I never did figure out how to buy just one photo taken while on the Rockin Rollercoaster as they want you to buy either a full day’s or full vacation’s package; 3)use their geni system which gives you suggestions of things you might want to do that don’t have a quarter’s day wait at that second in time, and must go right now cuz eat that Dole Whips and you missed out; 4)fighting with Disney’s spotty wifi to do the other 3 things they want you to use your phone for when dang, it used to be great to go there and put the stupid phone away. All of these things made me say for the first time ever: I don’t know that I want to ever go back again. Disney parks have become so concerned with squeezing every last little penny out of you they can and doing it as fast as possible by forcing us to keep our faces in our phones; they have lost site of the magic, that which made it so very special. This trip was about as much ‘the happiest place on earth’ as is a day spent at the dmv. Knowing the story of why Walt wanted to create Disneyland and DW in the first place, I’m confident Walt wouldn’t want to go back there again, either.

    1. iiwii

      What 👏she 👏said👏 ⬆️

  47. badwolfe

    I am reading these comments to be ready for our upcoming WDW trip. We already signed up for Genie+.
    Question: They state that WIFI is spotty in the parks. Can Genie+ work via cell service?
    Is cell service spotty as well? We have Verizon.

    1. Annyce G.

      Yes. Cell service can be spotty but the do have their own wifi.

  48. Diane Ruggiero

    I am an Annual Passholder and purchased Disney Genie+ a few weeks ago for $15 for a visit to Magic Kingdom and also $15 for the next day for Hollywood Studios. Pretty disappointed because I got on the app exactly at 7am each morning and got LL for mid-afternoon. Which meant I couldn’t get another one until after that time. When I finally used the LL in mid-afternoon and tried to get another pass for LL, they were all gone. So essentially, I paid $15 each day for one ride. Waste of $$. After being a very long time Annual Passholder will probably not renew after this year. Disney is gouging and only interested in $$, not good experiences. Not to mention the incredibly HORRIBLE customer service on the phone these days. I’m done!

  49. Alan Vargas

    He misspelled ‘queue’ instead the writer wrote ‘ques’ in the article.

  50. Neveragain

    We were at Magic Kingdom in March. I purchased Genie + at 7:00a (the earliest time to sign up). At 7:03a I secured passes for Peter Pan – at 4:00p! The rule then was that I could not get another until 2 hours after park opening, so 11:00a. At 11:01a I tried for another pass. I would have been happy with anything. There was nothing available and nothing for the rest of the day, as I kept checking many times. $15 each for Peter Pan and nothing else. What a rip-off!! It certainly left a bad taste in my mouth for my “magical day” I had dreamed about and spent a fortune for. Not going back.

  51. Karen

    There might be a slight typo in the price for Giney+ at Disneyland. If I’m not mistaken it $20 a day not every hour.

  52. Devon

    $15 a day at Disney World but only slightly higher at Disneyland $20/hr. I don’t think that’s right. Is it per hour or per day?

    1. Annyce G.

      Per day with an extra cost for popular rides.

  53. iiwii

    I have not been to Disney in 20 years but if offering these perks to be able to get on the ride faster wouldn’t most ppl purchase this, so the lines would seem to be long either way? like I said have not been in a long time but I can only imagine that either way when going to Disney be prepared to wait in long lines…I mean it is the happiest place on earth lol

  54. Annyce G.

    Please also keep in mind that if you are not staying at a Disney hotel or resort, you will have to wait to access and make a reservation using Disney Genie + until the park opens. I was not told this and it was not in any of their small fine print. So once your able to open your pass to make reservations, they are all gone and the genie pass is unusable. We were able to use it only a few times but still had to wait. I find this unfair and inconsiderate of Disney. I understand those who stay at the resort gets in early but what is the point of the pass if all reservations are gone by 8am.

  55. Darin

    I don’t like it, it basically creates a class system, where the rich reap the benefits and the poor are stuck in line. Bring back equality Disneyland, isn’t that what you’re always talking about… equality.

  56. Tay

    Disney genie + worked great for us as at Disneyland . We did two day passes with it and we got on every ride we wanted except for 2 we waited way less then an hour . Each fast pass ride only took about 20 minutes of less for us . I thought the service was way worth it considering we cut ahead of a tonnnn of people this way that had been waiting forever . Our experience was great and I say it’s well worth it . But that’s just me experience and opinion . You can think I’m a bot tho I really don’t care , just trying to voice an opinion from the other side of things .

    1. Tay

      Or * my * sorry

  57. Elnator

    We were just there and had zero issues. But if you’re using it later in the afternoons or evenings there may not be LL reservations available as they’re all booked for the day. That’s likely why there’s a warning.

    But for our trip over Easter Break it was flawless, which is a lot more than I can say for the nightmare we went through at universal.

  58. Dani

    We just used the genie+ this past weekend. It was frustrating when you asked the genie to set up your day because we kept getting an error message. Somehow we managed to maneuver around the app and just look at times for when we could get timeframe’s for the rides that day. We started our genie + searches early each day so that helped. It was nice to use it just wish it was on some other rides in fantasyland. I did also see the message about no refund and the issues they were experiencing. On average if we did wait in a lightening lane it was less than 15mins, which beat the 45-1hr wait times for most rides. Hopefully they figure this out soon.

  59. Rachel

    This may be an unpopular position, but we much preferred wait times when there simply was no FP at WDW. We have been avid Disney attendees for decades. For awhile FP was just not a thing because of the pandemic, you just waited your turn in line. As the parks increased attendance, yes it got busier, but we never had a super long wait (even on busy days when attendance was brought back up). If you rope dropped and worked your way around the park we still walked into a lot of rides and only waited around 30 mins for the popular ones. I personally liked the old FP system, but thought not having it was even nicer in some ways. We weren’t running back and forth over the park to grab our FP time, we just worked around the park and did everything in one day. We weren’t glued to our phones, we didn’t have to obsessively plan as much. It was more relaxing. The very week Genie pass was implemented, we noticed a HUGE difference in our experience. Rather than getting on everything, we could get on only 3 rides a day. Not only is it something you pay for limited use, but immediately the standby lines became so much longer for rides you don’t get into if you miss the window. For example, what was a 25 minute wait in the middle of the day for everyone at Smugglers Run, became an hour wait with the reintroduction of a lightning lane. I would rather we all just go back to waiting our turn in line. It seemed to go so much more smoothly, your not stuck on your phone, and EVERYONE can ride a lot more.

  60. Lindsay

    This article is filled with mistakes. It’s spelled “queue,” not “que”. At Disney World, it’s $15/day to skip lines, but then you say at Disney Land it’s $20/hour. Please read your articles before you publish them.

  61. Mekco

    Me and my family wwnt for Christmas 2021 and we purchased the lightning lane pass. At the first park we didnt wven use it because it was confusing and when we figured it out it just didnt make since to use it.. So the next day we went to another park more experienced with the pass. The time frames was a problem. Because if one ride is on one side of the park and the next ride is one the other side. You have no time to do any of the rides in-between because your on a time schedule. I had to twll my school that we couldn’t get on this ride because we have a time to keep. And that he couldnt get on the ride at all because were going to another sode of the park. Then now were stuck on this side of the park looking for rides to use the pass on.. the pass over all is good but the time frames need to be worked out..m

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