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  1. Brooke

    Chapek has got to go. And bring Iger back as Chair of the Board to oversee who Iger truly wanted for the role of CEO. Chapek was 5th in line of Iger’s picks for succession. Even Josh would be better than Chapek. At least Josh cares about the fans and the experience.

    1. Victor Nazarian

      Why has Disney trashed relationships with customers, employees (morale is very low), stockholders, state government, etc.?

      The recent foolishness with poorly implemented initiatives (apps crash, lines are long, Starcruiser is substandard, Genie+ sucks, chaotic politics negativity, etc. has apparently resulted in poor experiences and million$ in lower profits and billion$ in lower stock value.

      What would Walt do? He’d probably say cut that out! Focus on family experience, top notch products and services, stay out of politics and make sure the company increases in profitability and value.

      Is that so mysterious?

      1. Melissa


      2. Vickie

        Yes, I have Disney stock and will hold it for a while but I am not happy. A company’s priority is to provide equity to its stockholders. The current leadership is NOT doing that so they must go. The relationship with fans, employees, government and stockholders must be repaired. Poor Walt’s legacy going up in smoke.

    2. AH

      Iger is a large part of the problem not part of the solution. He really got all the Wokes in and encouraged them. The board reflects him. Chapek is Iger’s mistake.

  2. The Patriot

    Politics is just the iceberg on top, Disney’s issues stick out especially when you compare them to let’s say, how the Oriental Land Company is with Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea.

    The western parks need better maintenance and care, they need to treat employees better so morale improves, they need to stop cutting corners, and they need to treat customers well, you know, what used to make Disney the best company in the world.

  3. drewwho

    Disney really needs to go back to focusing on being a family entertainment media company rather than being a mouthpiece for the LBGTQ community . They also need to stop putting LBGTQ content into shows aimed at children . Its only going to get worse for them if they keep pandering to woke culture .

    1. Scott Lee-Ross

      Or you could realize that your definition of family entertainment is not what the majority of American’s think. Disney does not and should not represent your fringe beliefs of bigotry and your interpretation of Christianity.

      1. JayArnold

        Uuhhhhh……. What exactly did he say about Christianity? And who are the ones with the “fringe” beliefs? I think his whole point is that pandering to a small fraction of radical activists is alienating the their customer base. Get woke, go broke.

        1. ArnoldJay

          Kiss me.

        2. AmericanbyGod

          Scott Lee-Ross is a troll on these articles. He plugs in his victimized liberal crybaby bigotry non-Christian stuff all the time trying to spark conservative reactions. He just proves that his homosexuality is a result of satan in his heart, not God, and satan is relishing in him invoking all his hate and hostility toward normal people, especially Christians.

      2. Walt

        Many people use religion as the reason to do terrible things, but to consider all Christians in this light is wrong.

        Christ was very accepting of others and cared about the least fortunate on earth. He cared for those who were unjustly put down by the most powerful in the world.

        He was even an immigrant. Something that many today consider terrible.

        Comments against LGBTQ are equally wrong. Members of the LGBTQ community are not trying to take over the world. They are simply trying to live without being persecuted for who they are.

        We could all use a bit more respect towards each other. Walk in each other persons shoes and you may find we all have far more in common than people realize.

        Disney is a phenomenal company and tries to show sympathy toward all. They will not be perfect, but none of us are perfect.

        1. Florin

          As I don’t teach anyone Christianity or Judaism, I also don’t want any LGBTQ to teach my kids to be Gay

        2. drewwho

          I agree many in the LBGTQ community just want to live their lives, love and be happy unfortunately there are many also who want to indoctrinate children into knowledge of the LBGTQ lifestyle at an age that is inappropriate at a stage of development for many children .

          The funny thing before all these activist took over the entertainment industry I thought LBGT rights were a good thing . Now I have seen what happens in practice I would very much support the repealing of at least some of those rights .

      3. S

        Actually yes it is what most Americans think and not all of them are Christian. Wokeness will one day be illegal and a thoughtcrime. I look forward to seizing control of Disney in a hostile takeover and catering only to Disney traditionalists.

      4. Not a sheep

        “Majority?”… don’t make me laugh.

      5. drewwho

        What makes you think I am a Christian Scott ? I am an atheist through and through . You don’t have to be a Christian to want to protect developing young minds being indoctrinated in any shape of form . I am actually against Children being indoctrinated into religious and political beliefs too .

      6. Kevin

        Tell us YOU are really the bigot without actually saying it Scott. Who mentioned anything about Christianity? Looks like you have prejudices against Christians there.

    2. Sandy

      I completely agree with drewwho!

  4. J

    Not sure why they ever thought it would be a good idea to weigh in on a political matter that had absolutely nothing to do with them anyway. They need to be taking the time to work on solving the issues in the parks that are causing so many to report that the magic is gone and that they don’t intend to come back for the foreseeable future. There is a huge bump in the crowds at the moment from all the people who grew weary of lockdowns and are relishing the opportunity to get out and about again, but that glut of travel isn’t going to last forever. It is time to work on restoring the good faith of the loyal guests whom they had better hope are still around for them once the artificial bump goes away.

  5. JayArnold

    They are not the brightest bulbs running things at Disney. This whole stock collapse started a year ago when they decided fire Gina Carano from the flagship show of their new streaming service for no good reason whatsoever. The geniuses decided to announce this right before their shareholders meeting which pissed off all their fans who got #CancelDisneyPlus trend going which people went ahead and did. They have been missing subscription goals that they were counting on and it showed in the stock. Since they did not learn a get woke go broke lesson from that, they went ahead and decided to take on the laws of the state of Florida with more woke nonsense …. a state that was granting them very generous financial and tax benefits. Then they are shocked when Florida revokes them? You can’t make this up. Disney takes the concept of woken knuckleheads to a whole new level.

    1. E

      Lmao, you think Gina Carano (a basic nobody who most people didn’t know or care for and still don’t) firing made their stock drop? Keep being delusional. If you think Carano is anything big a blip, go check out if anyone talks about her career lol. Also #canceldisneyplus never worked and it’s telling because there are still people saying they are cancelling because of the Florida thing. Boycotts (fake ones at that) never work cause they never last! Also, Disney will be fine, you will also never comment when their stock goes back up cause it won’t fit your narrative lol!

      1. CheeseInFL

        Carono is NOT an unknown. She’s a well established athlete, actor, and celebrity. I love how you unintelligent sheep make up BS because you can’t handle simple truths. Disney will only rebound when they go back to families, and quit lifting to mentally ill freaks

      2. JayArnold

        Don’t be willfully ignorant facts are facts. Disney fired Gina Carano with some strange inaccurate post of social media, #CancelDisneyPlus trended big time before their shareholders meeting. People did cancel, and as the D+ subscriber rate spiraled downward, shareholders sold off. They 200 mil subscribers a year ago when they fired Carano. Now they have 218 mil. That is flat. Funny thing is they did not need to ANNOUNCE that they fired Gina Carano… they could have just quietly written her out of season 3. But they are not that smart. Secondly she is a MUCH bigger deal than you or the pin heads at Disney seem to realize. She has a large following from her MMA days that NEVER would have been interested in a Star Wars show if not her her. She was also the 2nd most popular action figure behind Baby Yoda so she picked up tons of new fans on Mando. Incredibly stupid maneuver by Lucasfilm. BTW the stock is down to $115 today. Disney may be fine someday but not until they clean house. Facts are facts.

  6. jeff

    Hello ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls.
    The duly elected governor of Florida passes a law and Disney HQ’d in California makes a statement “Florida’s HB 1557, also known as the ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill, should never have passed and should never have been signed into law,” “Our goal as a company is for this law to be repealed by the legislature or struck down in the courts. Does this sound a little retaliatory on Disney’s part? Now to disagree as a company may be their right but to make that statement might be stepping over the line a little? Now maybe Disney could of said something like we don’t agree with the bill and we will respectfully voice our concerns with the Governor of the great state of Florida? Or maybe just remained neutral on the whole subject? Now a good course of action maybe to clean house on upper management? It does not look like a firing may be a recommended course of action but what about going about it like other business’s do with employee’s under contract. Pay them out and send them packing? Might be millions spent in the short term but could save billions in the long run? Those Disney stocks at an all time low might actually start going back up almost immediately and it might send a positive message to the paying customer base. As far as a tax bill to the local counties. There does seem to be a lot of special districts around if Florida. So every time one gets dissolved the locals pick up the tab if they mismanaged the district and accrued debt? Along with companies debt also comes their assets? Disney has a lot of assets (look at their portfolio) and probably just one of them could be sold off to more than satisfy that debt and cover the cost of all kinds of services for years for Disney World . Still confusing as to what the bill had to do with the company’s business operations and their paying customer base (K-3 year old’s normally do not buy tickets)? With the special district in place do they even pay taxes to the schools? After 50 years it was probably time to reevaluate how much of an advantage Disney may be getting in comparison to their competitors in the area? Maybe re-creating the district with changes and leveling the playing field was long overdue anyway? It would seem that most going to Disney World are there for the most “Magical” time they can experience and not contributing to expanding Disney’s portfolio. Leave the drama at the gate? As long as you let others enjoy (and not interfere with) their time at the parks with their families most people do not care if you want to identify as Mickey or Minnie Mouse or a ham sandwich, or whatever else makes you happy. Right?

  7. Sue

    Good. And I want to know where in this bill does it say don’t say gay? Disney is the one who started that crap and deserves everything they are getting. We love are governor here in Florida and let Disney move out of the state who cares.

    1. Jarvis

      Sue, exactly.

  8. well, well, well, …. where are the ones who have been saying “who cares if these right wing people (similar characterizations) bad mouth, leave, dont attend WDW/DL, thats more room for us” –well, and did anyone in this far left group believe they would uphold the popularity and spending of money that Disney has come to expect — no way this was gonna happen! And now Disney has disappointed and “ticked-off” the Christian family, those on the right who sees things different and quite honestly anyone who attends WDW/DL to spend alot of money on ENTERTAINMENT not a political mouthpiece for the LEFT —see where this has gotten you?? Hope chapek and and those 100 people who were standing outside Disney bashing those who believe in family values, can now pick up the “slack” that Disney is losing on a daily basis –oh sure there will still be many people at the parks but once this cycle of reservations is done, watch attendance slip, stocks will continue to drop, the money at the parks and worldwide will drop drastically and all those who said “fine, go you bigots, we dont need you” –well, good luck with them to pickup the lost money, because that wont happen- thats for sure. Then real change will take place and in time things will return because of a NEW group of family oriented folks will return but not for awhile — and just like anything else, leave the world to the FAR-LEFT politically and see what happens —because you see it now unfolding right in front of us… just be the entertainment giant you once was, thats all!

  9. AH

    Disney forgot they are just a company. No matter which way they went (support or no support) people would get upset. However, more would get upset by no support than by support so they should have just stuck to their business. The problem is the Wojes have infected the Disney body and almost taken it over by dominating the management. Might be to late for antibiotics to work.

  10. AmericanbyGod

    I’m just sitting back waiting and watching. The company is imploding on itself and I am patiently waiting for the stocks to dip below $100 per share. Then I’ll be ready with my finger on the button to buy in and increase my current Disney stock in my portfolio. If it keeps dropping I will keep buying. Then, when Elon Musk buys Disney and the stocks skyrocket when he cleans house and puts Disney back in line to Walt’s dream, I will be set for life. BTW, In God We Trust. Just throwing that out there .

  11. WaltDisgusted

    All you gays are the 1%ers. The company cannot operate the parks or survive on all you crybaby liberal activists whining for inclusion. If you would stop acting a fool by marching for your pride and advertising your sexuality then there would be no problems. Straight people don’t want it all up in their face no more than you want straightness in your face. You people are creating the hate against you that you are crying about. Disney parks were Walt’s dream to bring families together. Scissors or back-packers don’t make families, even if they adopt. If gay couples adopt all they are doing is raising a child into their own mental illness, and that is cruel. So, that 1% has basically become the total downfall of the Kingdom. Good for you, your voice has been heard. Natch!

  12. Mickeymouse3

    The alphabet gang needs to stop with the “in your face” antics. In the late 60’s, early 70’s, mixed couples were never heard of. There was no “in your face” hype about it and now mixed couples aren’t given a second look (for the most part). Stay out of my face and don’t be so loud, pushy and rude about it.
    Disney should never have made a public statement about it’s “inclusive” policies. PERIOD! They could have easily supported the 3% without cheesing off 68% of their base by remaining silent. It was the loud minority that began the stir.
    Before Bob Paycheck is made a sacrificial lamb, which I believe he will be, he is not the one to blame for the political side of this debacle. Paycheck IS the nickel and dimer, but his board president and a few others like her are what’s pushing Disney to their current location. Paycheck kept quiet about politics until the shareholders made their choice for a new president. Hmmm.

  13. Kevin

    Disney proving the saying “go woke, go broke”

  14. Julian H

    I’m sorry but Disney needs a good Rocket up its Ass, this has all happened because of the shockingly dreadful board lead by Greedy Fat Cats Bob Chapeck and Bob Igre – They all need to go and stop them taking Disney down with them… Shameful.

  15. Tad

    It’s time to buy Disney stock. This controversy won’t last forever, there will be changes in Disney management and the stock will rebound. Smart investors will profit and the rest of you, well, you’ll continue to complain and rely on Social Security in your golden years (if your elected officials don’t let SS go bankrupt). Spend wisely 🙂

  16. CJA

    I’m less inclined to tell Disney to get out of politics (as the Supreme Court in the Citizens United said they could) as long as the Koch Brothers are so solidly in them.

  17. jeff

    Hello ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls.
    Looks like Elon Musk still has enough resources to purchase Disney? Maybe that would get the stocks back up after clearing out upper management? Could always sell off some of the Disney assets (companies) and get Disney World back to the family friendly, customer oriented, well maintained, well managed days of old?

  18. jo

    Bottom line,, Disney will continue to decline as long as Chapek is in the CEO seat. Stockholders know it, investors know it, the Board members know it, general public with an IQ over 70 know it. Chapek has ruined a great icon.

  19. Art Arkenfarkle

    Due Disney die

  20. jeff

    Hello ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls.
    Just another thought. Maybe Mr. Elon Musk could actually purchase only Disney World in its entirety in Florida? By the way, Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea are not actually owned by Disney and apparently the parks are awesome. Could always put up a new twitter headquarters on that Disney World property if purchased. How would that be going to work every day in the shadow of Cinderella’s castle? Pretty sure Mr. Musk would pander to no one and cater to all Disney World fans.

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