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Magic kingdom crowds on happily ever after finale night

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  1. MJ Jones

    My older daughter (college) wants to surprise her sister (hs) for our trip to Disney in a few weeks. We are going for 5 days, while my older daughter is only coming for 2. Plane ticket purchased, park reservations were available that day, but wasn’t able to buy [ark tickets because I kept getting booted out of MyDisneyExperience. Went in the next day to but park tickets AND make the park reservation for my older daughter. The only park available those two days is EPCOT. Not the parks the rest of the family will be in. I understand that the need for reservations during the height of a pandemic, but many other parks are back to “business as usual”. The least Disney can do is to push the occupancy back up to close to “normal”. Anyone going to Disney gets the risk we are taking of going. Spontaneity is no longer a part of the Disney trip.

  2. Lauren Jen

    The reason for the park reservation to stay intacked is because of staffing. They can’t find anyone and those they hire are garbage or got caught in a pedo sting.

    1. Justin

      Stay off Facebook and stop Wat Hong fox News, it’s poisoning your brain.

      1. Justin


        1. Kevin

          Yes, everything is “Fox News” *eye roll*. Are you going to blame Trump next?

      2. KTS

        Disney should of left it alone, the parks worked fine before, it’s just disney trying to be idiots, as the saying goes if it’s mot broke done fix, & disney has just made their parks & rides / queues for worse that it was, noone will pay for rides & this is reason why there is long queues out the door, when fasspasses was in there was never big queues as there is now,, we pay enough for to get into parks, we not paying more to ride the rides, and this is the reason why we have massive queues, the CEO hadn’t got a clue, he just coming across as Greddy, & spoiling Disney for families , time to get rid of this idiot & bring back fasspasses & cut queues down as it was, as for booking reservations to get into parks, there was never a problem before walking into parks, DISNEY JUST MADE IT WORSE 🙈🙈🙈🙈

  3. Brian

    Disney can’t solve this if it wanted to. Universal studios is going to end up KILLING Disney. I honestly think they already are. Their rides are better and newer and not having the nostalgic value of the rides being changed. Universal will end up on top and disney is going to just be a memory. Good bye disney.

    1. Justin

      Lol Jokes on you, Universal Studios is exploring having people make reservations. Their newest rides (other than velocicoaster) are bad. Really bad. Fast and Furious and Kong are terrible rides. They aren’t competing parks anyway. They attract totally different demographics.

      1. Julian H

        Justin No THEY ARE NOT exploring reservations they are not as stupid or as greedy as Disney.

        Regarding demographics you are wrong again, there is plenty of choice for all ages in Universal and other parks, why do you feel you have to run down a park that actually has a better system and is more customer friendly than Disney these days.

        Since greedy Chapek and this terrible board are around its all about a money grab sadly.

        And Disney could learn a lot on how to vacation from Universal these days, not to mention how to manage a Park, hassle free fun with out the need to make needless reservations and all the other crap Disney wants you to do.

        1. SP

          US is actually exploring reservations. After our recent trip I received a survey with many different scenarios attached to AP offers and needing reservations was a part of most of those scenarios 🙁

    2. amanda

      well it depends, not everyone else enjoys thrill rides, so that kinda blows that theory. there are pros and cons to both. ended up at UO last spring break because of the no reservations to 2 parks open. and I’m even a pass holder it was a great deal and a vetter deal I will admit and as of now their hotels are also a better deal which was not the case a few years ago. so I agree and disagree.

  4. Justin

    Sounds like anecdotal BS. Let me use my own, I went to Animal Kingdom today, Epcot and Magic Kingdom last weekend and have a reservation for Hollywood studios on Tuesday. It’s not rocket science… I’ve never had any issues with the reservation system. Get over it. More much-ado-about-nothing from this poor website. It’s all turned to negative nonsense.

    1. Julian H

      Good for you Justin, BUT many many MANY people think it stinks, and does not allow for any Spontaneity.

      If it suits you great, but its not for the masses. And regards to negativity, its a discussion platform so if someone is complaining do you not think it is because they want to make it better? (That’s a Positive) Without the reservation system, you could still go to all your parks and you could even mix it up a little and do it in a different order if you wanted too. Just saying.

  5. Tiffany

    I refuse to believe these parks aren’t at capacity. We were there two weeks ago and you could barely walk around and the lines were hours long. Just a miserable experience.

    As far as the park reservations, I don’t know what more they could do. The website tells you that you need reservations and prompts you to check park availability before you purchase your tickets and immediately prompts you to book your reservations after buying your tickets. It’s all over the WDW site, the travel agents know, and they email you. If visitors still don’t understand that they need a reservation, that is on the guest. That said, I did see people turned away at the gate while I was there, so I know it happens.

    1. Chris Kinney

      The “more they could do” is have the website force you to make a reservation when you buy a ticket, like Disneyland does. Or just do away with it altogether, no one likes it.

      1. RobinD

        I wonder why they have different ticket/reservation systems at Disneyland and WDW. It seems to work well at Disneyland so why not use for WDW too? That said, I do miss the days were my family could just decide to go to WDW whenever we wanted (i.e., realize our child has no homework or projects for the weekend or upcoming tests or it just works out last minute).

  6. Sue Williams

    Don’t go. They have lied about the new Florida bill. They have become too political and have no problem lying to promote their agenda.

  7. John DeJones

    Heck…..Disney is stiffen everyone, park guest and stockholders alike. Disney hasn’t paid a dividend since they shut down due to covid.
    Management is so woke, they should be non-political at best and then DISNEY truly be for all guests!

  8. Mike

    Honestly I’m fine with the reservation system, but obviously for those ‘last second’ type people who don’t plan well it makes things alot more difficult. Although I think they really do need to link the ticket purchase with the park reservation and make those two go hand-in-hand, to avoid a total catastrophe with people forgetting to reserve park days. This site seems incredibly negative though, you’d think Disney was the root of all evil in the world LOL

  9. Amy

    Does anyone know how this works with park hopper?

    1. Kathy

      Yes it does.

  10. Kathy

    I like the reservation system. But then, I don’t five minutes away and could go on a whim. In my opinion the parks were miserable before Covid. People would come “for a few hours” and if it was crowded they could just come back another day. Not so if you have traveled hundreds, or thousands, of miles. We were passholders for decades but not now. Maybe later. Or never again. Have to see if things shake down to something more fun.

  11. Be Nice

    Okay I have to say I didn’t understand how anyone would be having an issue with the park reservation system… It appeared to me that it was obvious you needed a park reservation when you bought your tickets. I assumed the situation in California with the older couple was a situation I could see my own parents in as they are not ‘smart phone’ people and don’t tend to do buy things online. Then… my parents enlisted the help of my sister to book a trip to Disney world in May one night talking to my mom on the phone I realized they didn’t have park reservations and didn’t even know they needed them! My sister is very observant and does this type of thing all the time and she didn’t even realize it! I think Disney needs to look into another way to set this up so you cannot purchase your tickets without making the park reservations at the same time so that You are aware of the need for them and for what parks are available before you spend money purchasing the tickets!

  12. Julian H

    This reservation system is nothing short of crap and needs to go. Another example of having to jump through hoops to satisfy Disney, so not worth it these days.

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