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  1. Matthew Muir

    Before ANYONE comments, I want them to see this:

    I don’t want Disney to go back to the 1960s just because of its current CEO Bob Chapek. I just want a new CEO to come in who can restore the soul of the company, and find a decent balance between the best of the old AND the best of the new. Make no mistake, Bob Chapek is FAR more focussed on the bottom line than previous CEOs and his decisions have caused a lot of angst within the Disney community, but I think all Disney lovers who grew up post-Walt should be taken into account, rather than catering only to those who prefer Walt’s way of doing things.

    While greed can be a powerful adversary, so can purism; because I don’t think the Walt Disney Company COULD have feasibly stuck with the same post-1966 mantra of ‘What would Walt do?’ WITHOUT going bust; nor could some of the best movies, TV shows or attractions post-1966 have EVER been made. Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin and the Lion King for example are considered the absolute peak of Disney’s animated flicks, and they were all made LONG after Walt passed away, and while Disney hasn’t handled Star Wars too well, they have at least given Marvel a memorable legacy.

    I believe Disney’s best bet is to just keep electing a new CEO from the outside to keep everything fresh. I don’t believe every single one of Walt’s ideas need to be executed, nor do I believe all of his beliefs have to be religiously kept alive; all I want in this current stage is for Disney to just stay fresh, both in terms of the parks, and its media output. Disney CAN still make sequels and TV series based around the movies, just as long as they expand the stories and enrich them; that’s all that matters. As for the parks, they should bring back the perks that Chapek removed, BUT they may still pursue international expansion.

    I know full well that the world has changed too much for the Walt Disney Company to feasibly stick to the mantra of ‘What would Walt do?’. I therefore believe that as long as Disney can stay creative and financially viable, while still keeping its focus on the audience wherever it can, it should still be able to prosper. They can remove Bob Chapek by all means, BUT make sure the next CEO is both creative and savvy. That is the best way the company can continue Walt’s legacy.

    Worst case scenario; by February 2023, Disney could be on the threshold of a new beginning…….And I think we should hold out that hope. Best case scenario; it happens this summer. Shareholders just might give up on the current board and elect a new one, and the company might just be able to return to its former glory, or even a new golden era that pleases most customers.

  2. Truth

    Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls you are all here because you came out of a woman’s V A G I N A

    1. Matthew Muir

      For goodenss sake, Truth, there’s no need to be THAT overt

  3. Truth

    Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls you are all here because you came out of a woman’s V A G I N A

    1. Tiffany

      Extremist Republicans that can’t move on and be happy with their lives have to blow things out of proportion because they have nothing else. Look at all the over reactions potato heads, Disney, next they are going to cry about scary spoon reflections.

      1. Truth

        There is nothing political about Ladies and Gentlemen that Disney took away because it might make someone feel bad.

      2. Pocho Villa

        This has got to be the best April Fool’s joke ever. But it’s April 3rd you say. The article by Ray was published on April 1st.

      3. Jo

        Tiffany, I think you have it backwards as to who blew this out of proportion.

      4. Gary L

        Republicans don’t have any platform. If they don’t pledge their fealty to Trump or say they the election was stolen, they have to manufacture a cause to come out like gender ID or CRT.

        1. Sheep-are-Tasty


  4. Rusty

    It’s a shame this is a DeSantis pissing contest.
    Who else cares about lgbtq kids other than Disney who’s staff is socially active ?
    Some othe organizations need to stop this trump mind Bully DiSantis before the ground is burned and salted

  5. Concerned

    Disney needs to stay the hell out of politics and just run their company.

    1. Disney for all

      Right like big oil and big pharma stay out of politics

    2. Lesli A

      Walt Disney would have kept the politics out…Reclaim it’s fun and imagination just as it was when first built. The most magical place on earth. Leave your cares and troubles at the gate and just go have fun🤸‍♂️🤸‍♀️

  6. Gary L

    Disney has been involved in politics since Walt came to Florida, but usually never this open and overtly. Disney contributes millions to Republicans and Democrats locally and nationally, though way more to Republicans. If Disney really wants to throw their weight around, they should reverse those donations and see how quickly the wannabe dictator DeSantis heels.

    1. Sandy

      Disney nor you have a right to teach a child about sexual identity at the
      Age of 8 and under period!

      1. Carl

        Sandy, you have stated the whole point.

    2. Sheep-are-Tasty


  7. Niki

    None of you were complaining when they were giving money to republican campaigns? Hypocritical much? Citizens United made it so business can get into politics. Something Desantis and most republicans backed. They made their own grave in this.

  8. Jason

    Could you please refrain from posting pictures of Bob Chapek.
    Having to look at the most pathetic excuse for a CEO in world history makes me want to smash to computer screen. No one needs to see that cowardly, out of touch, brain dead waste of space.

  9. Sally

    Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to take the grandchildren to a park or a movie and not worry that there was sexual content (of ANY kind). We take the little ones places that are fun and it’s a magical place to forget what’s going on in the outside world. Sorry Disney – next time I’ll put my money in different park. Looks like their WOKE movies aren’t doing that well either.

  10. Ken Brenner

    WDW has completely lost its magic for me, and I was an annual visitor.
    WDW was special because it kept its rides and attractions out of the societal and political wars.
    It was a place one could go to get away from all of that.
    Now, they are shoving it down our throats.
    As for the Florida law, teachers have NO BUSINESS talking to K-3 children about anything close to sex/gender issues. That is SOLELY up to the children’s parents – and the Wokers and leftists need to leave them alone.
    It’s a shame FL even had to pass a rule about it – teachers should have never even considered such.
    The people and Disney blasting FL for this law are pathetic – period.
    The only place I’d let the Wokers and far Left into at WDW is the Animal Kingdom – thats where they belong.

  11. Ed

    Boycott Disney, go woke go broke

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