Comments for Disney’s Newest Restaurant Finally Has an Opening Date


Credit: Disney


  1. NO Thankyou

    This place looks vanilla asf!! i wont waste my familys time or money at some place so boring and average looking… Has Disney lost its imagination?

  2. Disney’s concept of future is boring. This is on point. The Contemporary Resort is boring and minimalist. Counterservice meals for us on the last trip were ok, not spectacular. Docking Bays chicken blocks really didn’t thrill me. My favorite counter is the one at Animal Kingdom that serves up cheese burger pods.

  3. Brooke

    Chapek has not only cut costs, talent, entertainment, he’s also cut out quality and imagination. Why doesn’t he go work for the Mall of America? He is the antithesis of Walt Disney.

  4. Bring back Electric umbrella

    Bring Back the electric umbrella!!! This new place looks like crap from seaworld or some low buget place with not theme!!

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