Comments for VIDEO: Disney Guest Gags at Site of Cinderella Castle

guest gags at cinderella castle


  1. She must be terribly embarrassed. I was embarrased when I tripped over their uneven pavement, fell, and broke my wrist. Wish she had not been video recorded.

  2. Mick

    Gagging is a reflex of disgust so this cannot be a good sign for a Disney attraction.

    1. JB Books

      Maybe she gagged when she noticed the rainbow nonsense and realized that her money is being utilized to further the Marxist / Leninist push.

      1. Youreaturd

        Maybe she gagged because she came across a miserable screeching Karen at the park standing next to the castle. She probably realized that these hateful bigots love to talk diarrhea of the mouth and THAT is what made her Gag.

      2. Doug Rebertus

        Excellent response. 👍

        1. Mary Pat Mackenzie

          Totally agree – I’d be a gagger too at that site!

  3. Mario

    Disneyland > Magic Kingdom

    1. Mclovin

      Lmao. No.

  4. Darla

    My cousin, who has a eating disorder gags like this all the time at every emotion because she no longer has a gag reflex. Judging by how skinny this girl is maybe that’s her problem

    1. KK

      *An eating disorder

      1. She’s not that skinny – she looks normal
      2. Not everyone has to starve themself to be skinny. Most people would be skinny if they ate right and exercised.

  5. Janet Floyd

    I need clarification – did she gag at the “site” (standing next to the castle) or at the “sight” (she got a glimpse of the castle) ?

    1. Doug Rebertus

      Pretty sure everyone here realizes it’s the visual of the castle.

      1. You Wish

        Obviously not everyone here is an English language failure that doesn’t know the difference between ‘site’ and ‘sight’, as evidenced by their comment. 🙂

  6. Steven

    This was just a joke, the og creator said it was satire. She didn’t actually throw up or gag for real.

  7. Eric

    Well… Considering the videos of the leadership discussing how they are pushing what they themselves called their “gay agenda” it will be a cold day indeed before i partake any Disney going forward. They are my kids to teach not yours to groom.

    1. Ned


  8. Bobbi

    It’s just a building. I prefer Universal. Will go to Disney for Star Wars and Avengers but the rest is just “ok”. Not following Walt’s vision is truly sad.

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