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Disneyland fireworks over Sleeping Beauty Castle

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  1. Jane L

    I always thought Disney bought local apartments and rented them out to employees at heavily subsidized prices to cut down on smog and traffic. That’s odd…

    1. Phoebe L Ho

      You wish

      1. Sandra

        You should be ashamed of yourself for dis..ing your employer …if you hate your job move on and let someone else who will appreciate working there have your job.!! You sit here and complain about making just less than $20/ hour I would fire your ass. You are an ungrateful selfish human being and you don’t deserve to work there!!! What a loser you are

        1. Martyn

          Sandra, if you are in charge of employees, it would have been helpful if you mentioned whom you work for so that everyone knows not to apply there and risk getting stuck working for you. Based on your comments for this article, you are a sad, angry, and probably disturbed person, so any future employee would do well to steer clear of you.

          1. Julian H

            Sadly Sandra is brainwashed by Disney, in her World they can do no wrong, despite 100s of 1000s of people having their own poor experiance of working and holidaying in the Disney Company.

            Sandra does not like anyone else having an opinion.

        2. KenKen

          You’re smokin’ crack.

        3. Jack D

          Sandra I Feel like a lot of plantation owners and sympathizers matched that energy 150 years ago ^^

    2. Disney CM Mom

      Disney owned one property and leased three others for housing for the Disney College Program. A new campus recently opened for these participants. Does Walmart or McDonalds offer housing? I think not…..

      1. N/a

        A flipping big mack don’t cost $70.00 either

    3. Ken

      That’s because like everything else in this country. It’s about making money for stockholders. To hell with everyone else.

  2. Phoebe L Ho

    Hate Disney corporates. Hate them for their ungrateful greed.

  3. Steam Boat Willy

    As a former cast member at the Disneyland Resort I can confirm this article’s authenticity and much more, there’s stories that would make you never want to spend another dime with Disney.

    1. Blu

      I am a current cast member and we sacrifice a lot to work at Disney. Our demand is high to create magic and we are doing it on a skeleton crew. We need more cast and a respectable wage. Yes, we can look for better jobs but we also need to hold the company accountable.

    2. Sandra

      Oh boohoo!!!

      1. Julian H

        Sandra there you go again

      2. Ken

        Sandra the crack wh*re.

      3. Phil

        And too think someone might married to that. Yikes

  4. Bdr

    Be glad you didn’t choose a career in other industries. I will change places with a cast member any day.

    1. Lauren Jen

      Please go work for them just like the kids that come for the college program in just a couple of months the sparkle leaves their eyes and they cry wanting to go home.

  5. Greg

    I don’t want to be cold hearted and I am tired of paying out the nose for everything Disney however it is not the employers responsibility to make sure everyone’s pay reflects increases for inflation etc. It shouldn’t take 11 or 28 years to figure out you aren’t making enough money. There are plenty of jobs out there, get a skill and switch jobs and quit whining about a VOLUNTARY job you choose to have

    1. John

      I don’t want to be cold hearted but Disney fans are some of the most disgusting people on planet Earth.

      1. Doug

        I’m not one of them but I can understand Disney guests feel a bit entitled. When ever you go to an ultra expensive resort you expect service comparable to the price you’re paying. Fill a park with people that all feel the same way and you get what you get.

      2. Sandra

        If it was such a horrible job you are the idiot to stay for 20 years. Don’t sit after the fact and complain you should have looked for a higher paying job for doing nothing but… Wait you were probably not paid enough to look for a different job.

        All you losers shut up and keep drinking your beer

        1. Ben

          Sandra get off your high horse before you fall off.

      3. Ken

        Here! here!

    2. K An

      I agree. While there are many higher skilled positions at Disney, most are not and deserve minimum wage. Hence using Disney College Program as a significant chunk of labor.
      Disney does pay for higher education to improve skills to move into higher wage positions.

      The biggest problem here is Disneyland’s California location. The cost of living/housing is RIDICULOUS.

    3. Deb

      Well u are really cold hearted when a huge company is making so much money they should and could pay the cast members a decent living wage ,and no one knows why some people have stayed so long on crap wages but for god sake have a heart u will feel better

      1. FloridaRN

        Um no. They are running a business m, not a charity. You get paid what your skills are worth. And for most of the Disney jobs, they are low skill.

  6. Walt

    I do have a problem where a company pays exhorbitant wages to their uppper eschelon for VERY poor Performance. That includes both Iger and Chapick. I do have aproblem with a c ompany that lays off employees during the pandemic leaving them cashless and then taking all the food stuffs on hand a donating them for a tax write off. I do have a problem with a company that continually increases prices and LOWERS standards. Bt I also have no sympathy for people who vote every stupid tax increase in and then whine about the cost of living. EVERY liberal tax policy increases a cost in their life becuase taxes are pushed down to the working class. More regulation on housing – higher cost, free giveaways charging busienss – pushed down. California is dying and many of the people that live there are STILL pushing stupid ideas out of government. But don’t move out I don’t need your high tax policies coming to my state. You helped make the bed – now sleep in it.

    1. John

      These cast members with all they put up with should be making at least double what they are making now.

    2. Ken

      None of anything you said has anything to do with a fair wage. Conservative non Christ like hoopla…

    3. Walt! AWESOME!! This is the truth in a nutshell

  7. Bar

    My cousin has worked for Disney for 18 years. She still receives $13 an hour. She travels 90 miles every morning in the dark. Disney does not give pay raises for loyalty time on the payroll.

    1. Disney CM Mom

      Minimum wage for cast members is now $15 an hour and had been for some time. Obviously you don’t talk to your cousin much. 90 miles driving each way? That is her choice

    2. Sandra

      Find another job if it’s so bad. Really people. WTF!!! Quit butching and move one

      1. Ben

        Have you worked there Sandra & Disney CM Mom, so many people have an opinion, who have and its not so good. You turn on the hate because they do not agree with you, whats wrong with you, honestly take a chill pill please.

      2. Ken

        Poor Sandra, left in her cradle and has a flat spot on the back of her head….

    3. FloridaRN

      Sounds like your cousin should’ve gotten a different job. She chooses to work there and drive that distance. Sorry not sorry.

  8. Bar

    Also, the hotel house keepers are required to do 40 minutes of work in 15 minutes! Most of those employees are not American citizens. Disney takes advantage at the expense of high paying guests. Your rooms are not as clean as they should be. Don’t let your babies crawl on those floors.

    1. Ken

      They fly them in from Russia and get slave labor. Trump does the same thing at his Florida resort. If they could get slaves they would and keep all the profit or just file bankruptcy…

  9. Disney CM Mom

    I have never had a problem with unclean rooms. Just because a lot of mousekeeping does not speak English does not mean they are not citizens or green card holders. There are ongoing hiring fairs for this position.

  10. Ron

    So maybe you should vote differently in California, the that taxes go down, then you can afford to live there. But I’m sure you’ll just keep voting high taxes

  11. Aaron

    This is the most negative site ever. Should be called wehatedisney.net. Nothing but articles about bad disney stuff.

    We all have problems at our jobs. Grow up and write some good articles about real things…not conjured up problems.

    1. Charles

      Worked for Disney 26 years drove 70 miles round trip to work and was making $16.60 an hour when I left, so for 26 years loyalty I made less than two dollars over minimum. We had to fight tooth and nail to get any kind of raise when the contracts came due then what did we get 3% raise over three years but wait the cost of insurance went up 4% so we actually went backwards the last to contracts I was there for. Finally got fed up with all the bs and took early retirement and walked. Don’t even get me started on the college students especially the international ones, Disney robs them in the name of education.

      1. Sandra

        If it was such a horrible job you are the idiot to stay for 20 years. Don’t sit after the fact and complain you should have looked for a higher paying job for doing nothing but… Wait you were probably not paid enough to look for a different job.

        All you losers shut up and keep drinking your beer

        1. KenKenKen

          Sandra, you’re an insensitive witch.

    2. L. Jen

      The hell for the cast members is a real thing. A very real thing I know all to well about. Before people go they should know the truth. Can you not handle the truth?

  12. Jacqueline L Brown

    Thought about going but the high cost of EVERYTHING. WELL…….. Let Mickey and Minnie get the money from some other poor sucker…… After all there is one Born every minute.

  13. Phil

    And too think someone might married to that. Yikes

  14. CJ

    A school bus driver in Nevada makes more an hour ($21) then a Cast Member at Disneyland ($15), and doesn’t have a State Tax deducted from their wage (now let that soak in!)

    People get a job at Disneyland for many reasons, but telling them to go work someplace else (which obviously is happening, since Team Disney Anaheim can’t find enough Staff to replace those they put on unpaid furlough!) is as rude as telling a flight attendant what to do if they don’t like their job (due to the increase in rude passengers).

    Commuting from a distance is a real situation (probably half the reason beloved Disneyland Cast Member Maynard Smith quit this month after 28 years!) in Southern California! Belittling people because they have to commute from a distance over 25 miles each way is rude!

    If you underpaid and then drove away all of the quality people at Walt Disney Theme Parks? there would go half the Disney Magic! Team Disney Burbank can afford to make things better, but they are choosing not to (especially under the Chapek Regime!)

    I wish nothing but Harmony on everybody, I want things to be as they were 30 years ago, I want large Corporate Theme Parks (Disney, Universal, etc) to treat their workers better …. that way there will always be loyalty (and more).

    1. Bryan

      While it’s sad that Disney does not pass down some gain in earning, it is worse that people act as though there are no other options for them. Hard to feel sorry for them when they have the opportunity for self betterment and growth beyond working for Disney. I would never expect to support a family or my own personal life on a Disney salary. Leave, develop a talent that creates a good return in terms of salary and pay the bills. Yes that might mean you don’t get free entry to the park anymore but your increased salary generated by hard work and personal development should offset some of that. And is the free entry really worth it when you are giving up so much in terms of your career and earning potential.

  15. Silipheed

    This is because even though we our eyes face forward like most predators we have allowed ourselves to be turned into a heard that must be kept thinking we are going to have a better life while making sure we are subjugated enough to keep making billions for the corporations while we deal with near poverty and the homeless.

  16. Truthteller

    It’s not just Disney it’s every American company. Their profits have all skyrocketed over the last 40 years. But the employees have not shared any of the prosperity. If the minimum wage had increased at the same rate the profits of these company’s increased. The minimum wage today would be over 30 dollars an hour! You add stagnant wages to the cost of living increases insane rent and home prices. Inflation. It’s a miracle there are not more homeless then they already are. Americans use to have a 3 class system. In that system if you worked hard you could move up and lead a decent life. That is no longer the case. We now live in a two class system. The haves and the have nots! The business and property owners are living the American dream. The rest of us are living the American nightmare! Something’s got to give. We are fastly becoming an economy that looks like a 3rd world nation.

  17. Lauren Jen

    Disney is still to this day the worst job I had ever had. They demand you to be perfect robots for 12 hour days 12 days straight. They do anything to hide the racism and the discrimination plus has other cast members make threats to my life. No one ever believed me or they had for evidence knowing that if I recorded anything “backstage” I would be fired and sued. Talking to HR was a joke they repeated a couple sentences in broken English and that was the end of it. Tried to work in multiple locations hoping it was just “one bad spot” but it wasn’t the whole WDW resort is evil.

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