Comments for Disney Announces Opening Date Of Massive Thrill Coaster

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  1. Marcia Weeks Allen

    I am little worried about riding it. Will it be intense as space mountain?

  2. Considering Disney’s push to cater to and promote the LGBT lifestyle And considering that stance does not align with my lifestyle or my morals I won’t be going there or funding there agenda by visiting their parks, buying their merchandise or watching their content.

    1. Kris Brown

      I agree 100%. My husband, grandson, and I are usually pasaholders and go several times over year. But no more, I don’t want my grandson exposed to what I’m afraid he will be exposed too!

  3. Mr White

    They spent $500m and couldn’t get Bradley Cooper to record a couple of lines of dialogue for the first ad?

  4. AMJ

    I’ve read that there will be Annual Passholder and DVC and CM previews. Having been an AP holder over 20 years, I’ve rarely got the email from WDW about previews. I’ve updated my contact info on all.Disney sites, even though it hasn’t changed in all that time. I haven’t got Disney maked as email spam…
    I just hope we get our emails this time! Guests Services doesn’t care, I’ve contacted them several times.

    1. SP

      I’m dvc and received an email about an upcoming preview. It’s exciting since I live so close to WDW now and can maybe fit it into my schedule.

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