Comments for Diehard Disney Fans Call It Quits With the Parks

Disney World Guests using MagicBands

Credit: Disney


  1. Thomas

    You sure it’s not also because of their forced politics on guests? There are plenty of stories out there about guests who have cancelled their Disney plans because they’re getting involved in issues that they need to stay out of.

    1. CJA

      No, I don’t. Even Walt got into politics. People have been legitimately complaining about more cost and less service even before the pandemic. Add in the guests’ increasingly bad behavior and the magic is gone.

      1. The old and I mean very old, and tired excuse of “DUE TO COVID”, is frankly getting really really old!!

      2. Victor Nazarian

        For whatever reason, during a time of exceptional distress Disney chose to institute a number of initiatives and policies that have caused much more trouble rather than alleviate problems.

        The apps, reservations and paid access systems that cause rigid time management and cost issues for customers that seriously degrade the overall experience. If Disney was to simply reset all policies and systems to 2014, bring back fast pass tickets, do away with parking charges at hotels and eliminate app dependent reservations for parks, dining, etc. they could promote better customer satisfaction and possibly even generate better, less complicated revenue flow.

        1. Victor Nazarian

          One other thing. Disney management should exclusively focus on business and service rather than be involved in politics and government. Big business getting involved in politics is a Pandora’s box of negative impacts and it does NOT make any money nor enhance customer satisfaction.

          1. Mitch

            Disney has lined the pockets of Republicans in FL for years.

        2. Victor Nosarian, Yes I strongly
          agree with that!

        3. Jim

          I agree!!!! they have lost our family

      3. Sonia

        Exactly! We are paying more and getting less.

        1. neil

          Mickey Mouse did not cause inflation – the congress and the President did. Why should Disney be any different from everything else you buy.

          1. Abe

            Yeah, me and my family will be skipping the Disney Land and World experience in the future. As well as avoiding any new Disney TV and movies. We’ll stick to the classics. There’s no way I’m letting any corporation shovel the transgender crap down my kids’ throats. And just FYI I’m an Independent and non-religious. I’m also sick and tired of woke infecting business.

      4. Irene

        I have 10 kids, and we go about 3 times a year. The cost was getting worse, while the magic seamed to be missing. But what got me to sell my stock, cancel disney+ and future disney trips was them saying 50% of all their content will have lgbt… in it. Sirrybut my children are off limits!!

        1. neil

          when the latest appointment tp SCOTUS (selected from a pool of no one else) can’t define WOMAN – what should we expect from the Pirates of the Carribean.

        2. Bud

          Irene, you ignorant airhead, HUGE chances are that at least one of your truck load of kids is find to be lgbt. For the love of god, I hope you don’t treat that poor kid like trash, cause that would be the REAL tragedy here.

    2. Keil Miller

      We visited family and two Disney parks a few months ago. I’m not supporting their BS. I could get into details, but itm will censor me. We will be going somewhere else next time.

    3. Mike

      I haven’t t come across those “stories” either. Commenters in the comment section, sure.. but that’s usually just a few mad Karens that the parks don’t “align” with THEIR “holier than thou morality rules”. Honestly, those Karens can definitely stay away. I just want to enjoy the parks without the massive crowds, but it just gets busier by the day.

      1. Misty

        Most people do not believe that kindergarten children should be getting sex Ed at school. Disney is stepping to far into young families lives.

      2. Caleb

        Then open your eyes Mike.

        1. Bud

          Caleb. A bunch of holier than thou Wailing Karens DO NOT speak for everyone. They simply make the most drama over nothing for the sake of drama. I visit the parks regularly and have not come across ANY political “agendas” as you say, “shoved down my throat”.. ALL YOU. All that drama is ALLLL YOU.

      3. neil

        most Karens are democrats

        1. Bud

          No, will, you actually fit the description PERFECTLY based on your comments.

    4. Beth

      Haha. No. People primarily go to Disney for their kids and kids don’t see or care about politics. It’s just their ignorant parents creating fake drama

      1. Bryce


        1. Pat

          Sad times. All my children and their partners absolutely loved Disney but have all decided to not go again as it’s too expensive and they hate the Genie thing. Half the excitement of going was booking the fast passes 60 days out. So Disney you have lost 9 Disney diehards from my family

      2. You can call out Karens to as many people as u want but the bottom line is whether ot is politically motivated or not, Disney has a major problem on their hands. The parks are ran inefficiently, prices are ridiculous, the customer service is now “average” at best…and so ultimately those “karens” as you call them, do account for a major amount of the income brought in on a daily basis– are you and Bryce gonna spend the amount of money that a family of 5 would have spent? Doubt it– so that money will be lost because of the numerous reasons listed, including politically- so dont sound like the libtards of the world will pickup the “slack” when it comes to economics…because it isnt true. Disney is a mess right now- and it is because of poor leadership and its extremely poor decision making.

        1. Mike

          Arod, I regularly see you in the comments section of every single story on this website… surely you don’t believe that because YOU and a few other KARENS keep wailing about how much YOU are “done” with Disney, they’re going to tank and disappear of the face of the earth, right? They will survive a few EXTREMIST DUMP supporters, I promise you. Now, if you’re ACTUALLY “done” with Disney, I won’t see you again here tomorrow screeching again,will I?

        2. Cam

          And honestly, all these “righteous” BIGOTS can ABSOLUTELY stop “supporting” the parks all they want! There are plenty of people who understand what human equality means that are MORE THAN HAPPY to fill your spots!

          1. neil

            if that’s the case – then I will stay away from Disney

            1. Helen

              LOL, PLEASE … DO!

        3. Pete

          Agreed. I will take my business elsewhere from now on. Cedar Point is light years better than Disney, and has been ranked ahead of them for 20 years now for multiplereasons.

        4. Jim


        5. Lauren Harner

          Long time Disney fan went for the first time in 1974 and was hooked. Became a Fla resident in 1979 and went as often as my parents would take me till I was old enough to take myself. Went in Nov 2020 as I had 2 free tickets from chaperoning a trip. As a Fla resident having to pay to park at a hotel that is way more expensive and I can stay at a nice hotel off property park for free. I have been to every Anniv years but I might not go to the 50th and it makes me sad.

      3. Terry

        We WERE die hard fans . We’ve been to WDW over 40 times. There’s no spontaneity. No deciding what to do by the weather. If it’s full sun and 95 degrees, you’re stuck because you’ve already planned Frozen Forever. It’s worse than 6 flags as someone once said about Mount Olympus in the Wisconsin Dells, as soon as you enter they turn you upside down and shake out all your money. We’re DONE!

    5. Cindi

      Their support in politics is why my family & I & our friends will still support Disney. Disney gives me hope that maybe not all corporations are just greedy thieves. If anything drove me away from Disney, it would be the excessive prices.

      1. neil

        Greedy thieves is the definition of congress – not corporations.

    6. Patti

      Exactly!! The forced politics, indoctrination tactics and general removal of everything so many of us love. The ridiculous costs are just the crappy icing on the cake. Huge Disney fan for years and I am DONE.

    7. Andrew

      Seriously? Disney isnt sticking its nose where is shouldn’t but Republicans ARE. You need to get your facts straight.

      1. neil

        what facts?

      2. Jim

        You mean the republicans that were democratically elected by the people of Florida? It’s ironic how much democrats HATE democracy. The arrogance of the liberal left is stunning.

    8. 1775

      It all comes down to leadership at the Walt Disney Company. In the age of wokeness, how many of WD Co got their jobs, not because of their ability, but because of their politics, gender or sexual orientation? The company is failing on all fronts.

    9. neil

      what is happening at Disney is happening everwhere. Customer service has fallen apart. when you shut down an economy, pay people to stay home, cause inflation by printing currency far in excess of the GDP, and borrow to survive = DISASTER. It’s no longer Main Steet – but the intersection of wokism and corruption in government.

    10. Patricia Cromwell

      I Agree. Nancy Thorsby.

  2. Martha

    This is just so disappointing. We have a stay “booked” for next month, we have had it booked since Christmas. Now, we are fine tuning our plans. We wanted to get tickets, but finding they are just under $150.00 per person is ridiculous. We are a party of 5, and the total was just under $750 for just ONE day, ONE park. Not including any “skip the line” costs, or gosh forbid, we want to eat. Reading most of these recent events that have taken place at “this magical place” is just not what I want to encounter on my vacation. Rude guests, ride breakdowns, incredibly long lines, Just taking away things that I used to enjoy. I’m on vacation, not a strict schedule. I’m not making reservations to plan my day minute to minute..Get into a park, ride a ride, eat my food. I guess, I’ve made a decision….I’m cancelling this vacation and finding something else, I still have time to cancel everything, I have my air, but there are many other things to do in Kissimmee and Orlando area. Bye Bye Mickey.

    1. Raymond

      You should definitely try the Universal or SeaWorld parks. They include Island of Adventure (Orlando), Universal Studios (Orlando), SeaWorld (Orlando), Busch Gardens (Tampa), Aquatica (Orlando), Discovery Cove (Orlando)

      1. Sandra

        Lol, if you’re giving advise on parks that aren’t as crowded, she’s gonna be in for a surprise. Daily crowds are way up in those parks as well.

        1. TechSavvy

          And also just as expensive as tickets to WDW Parks.

      2. It’s a shame that money seems to be the motivator for Disney now. Mr Walt Disney was of course motivated by money but he was more motivated for families to have a MAGICAL time. We always used to, but now it’s just a crowded hassle. So sad.

    2. Beth

      You should definitely utilize the specials and fl resident if you can. Our trip is in June and was no where that expensive. Disney has always been expensive. Especially for large families. Why book and then complain?

    3. louisa

      this isn’t an airport no need to announce your departure

    4. Kathy

      also if you have kids 12 and under Legoland is awesome for them and adults alike..they even have really cool cottages and a themed Hotel..worth checking out

    5. Sam

      I’ve taken my family to Universal and stayed right on property. We had a MUCH better time than at Disney.

  3. TotalDramaDisney

    Meh! Their loss! Personally, I can’t wait until my next Disney World vacation! Cost be damned!

    1. Walt-er

      Wish we could rid the Parks of all the people just like you… you know what I mean? “Meh”

      1. Mike

        I’ve been going to disney for 50+ years. We moved to Fla and have been annual passholders for 5 years. We have no intention to re-new this year. The magic of disney has disappeared

      2. TotalDramaDisney

        The feeling’s mutual, but I’ll pretend to put up with you the next time I go down.

    2. Dump Disney

      I’ll bet if you saw all the perverts working under those costumes you would plus no more “boys and girls” greetings I guess they’re all transsexuals now

      1. Lol

        Don’t be mad that your mom will no longer support you.. can’t live in her house forever you know??

      2. TechSavvy

        This has got to be the most uneducated comment I’ve read in quite some time and that’s really saying something. Silver lining though as I won’t have to deal with ignorant people like this at the parks. So glad everyone with this mindset is boycotting Disney. Keep our parks hate-free, thank you.

      3. Beth

        I genuinely feel sad for you that you’ve been brainwashed by these slimy Republicans.

        1. Jamie

          Sorry but the only brainwashing has been done by teachers & media. However any politician or kid’s entertainment company that supports any sexualization of kids in school need to be put in jail.

      4. Bryce

        Some people like “Dump” here, only have to open their mouth for a few words to show the world what type of person they really are… and it’s pretty sad.

      5. TotalDramaDisney

        I try to block out conservative nonsense like that. Somehow, them not saying “Boys and girls” doesn’t seem to be a sign of the end times like it does you.

    3. Vicky

      I have a long awaited holiday booked with all my family and partners love wdw but beginning to worry that we have made a big mistake in booking this. I’m in the UK and if it wasn’t for Facebook forums or the news post I’ve linked to i wouldn’t know anything of what is going on at all, disney seriously needs to re think strategy about what there doing worked totally fine before they started messing around with fast pass system, booking system. Magic all gone as it seems cast members don’t even know what’s going on alot of frustration to much for how much it costs.

      1. Fifi

        I am going in November with my Mother, who uses a wheelchair. Before the pandemic, our holidays in WDW were amazing. Now I have worry if we will enjoy our holiday. The Disney Genie thing is a mess. Fastpass worked just fine. Huge crowds and excessive waiting are not good for disabled people, whereas previously, Disney was the best place for us. I so want to go back, but not sure if We should.

        1. TechSavvy

          You are able to apply for a disability pass so you don’t have to stand in line.

          1. Anonymous

            That’s not good enough. And it won’t fully solve all problems and everyone’s problems.

    4. Matt

      “Cost be damned”… so glad your apparently very wealthy. Try taking a family of 5 jack… bet you’d be singing a different tune! Get a life!

  4. S1

    When I seize Disney in a hostile takeover I will make it great again and work to win back the hardcore fans as they are the only guests who matter. “What Would Walt Do?” will be the guiding mantra again like it was for years after his death.

    1. Amazing

      Amen! Let me know when this happens!

    2. Ri

      Fanficfion is fun, I am the Princess of Canada

      1. Sora

        Hello from the queen of England

      2. S1

        Excuse me but I’m a United States veteran and outrank you so sit down. This ain’t fanfiction, it’s real sweetheart. I’ve been snatching up shares of Disney stock already and once I get that magical 51 percent of the shares, it’s over. Disney will no longer have a CEO and be a publicly owned corporation, it will have a single owner who answers to nobody and be a privately owned autocratic dictatorship the way pro sports teams are. Just be glad I will not run Disney like James Dolan runs the New York Knicks.

        1. TotalDramaDisney

          Yes, yes. And I’m sure that Nigerian prince is gonna pay you back, any day, now.

          1. S1

            What part of “I outrank you” do you not understand civvie? I am so a veteran like my father. I also run a business and have a no hire policy towards anyone woke. When I take over Disney I will cater only to the purists which includes those that went during Walt’s lifetime and their descendants. I’m going to destroy all traces of Iger and Chapek and be the Trump that Disney needs. I am also writing a book about their time at Disney much like James B. Stewart’s DisneyWar and filling with slander against those two and their families.

    3. Maybe Elon Musk will buy Disney?

      1. Travis Weberling

        Wendell, God no when it comes to your idea of Musk buying Disney, I mean I already am shuddering what he’ll do to twitter if & when he ever buys Twitter, he’ll make it worse, just he would if be bought Disney.

    4. Susan

      I’m in! What’s the buy in?

    5. TotalDramaDisney

      As the president of Mars, I admire your ambition.

    6. Arthur

      Exactly. Walt’s vision has been abandoned in the name of the Almighty Dollar.
      I’ve been going to the Disney World since a couple of weeks after it first opened and had many Magical experiences over the years but now Disney has lost its way. I sent a letter over a year ago about an incredibly poor experience at EPCOT over a year ago, still no response or apology. I’ve pretty much given up on Disney but have been having lots of fun at Sea World and Universal. Both seem to remember that value and Guest Experience will keep people coming back.

  5. Amber Kyrick

    Not sure if the price justifies the experience anymore.

  6. C.D.

    Diehard. ” You keep using this word. I do not think it means what you think it means.”
    The term you are looking for is “fair weather” fans. Much like sports. Everybody is a fan of the leading team, but when harder times come, many fans jump ship to another teams.
    They are fans when everything lined up for them, but when something happens they don’t agree with, they rail against it.

    1. Susan

      That’s correct, because we are the customers that Disney needs in order to thrive. Boards of Directors and CEOs should stay far away from political commentary, especially on social issues, as this disrupts the trust process companies need to build with customers.

      1. Cindi

        I couldn’t disagree with you more. Let the haters boycott. Please take your hate & go somewhere else. I’m proud Disney has stepped up & called out the stupidity of DeathSatan & his nonsensical laws fighting non-isuues.

        1. Drew

          You’re right Cindi, we don’t need those kind of “nonsensical” laws. Why have hate laws when there are already laws on the books that prohibit those actions? Assault is still assault and murder is still murder regardless of the motivation. Do you even know the name of the law you’re so against? The law that’s very popular with republican and democrats and doesn’t mention gay anywhere? Maybe you think this is the hill Disney should make a stand on but shareholders may not agree as shares have taken significant dip. So let’s see how this stance plays out in the coming years. I’m with those that will boycott Disney as long as they continue on this path.

      2. Travis Weberling

        The suits of companies like Disney & the airlines will NEVER butt out of political issues, & they’ll NEVER do the thing they should be doing, & that’s keeping their customers happy & coming back, INSTEAD they’re more concerned with how much $ they can get out of people REGARDLESS on if those people will come back or not.

  7. While I agree with every aspect of this article, it is the written so poorly I almost cannot take is seriously. Anecdotal evidence does not typify personal experiences. I am a former DVC holder who sold for the exact reasons of this article. I understand the author’s point and motivation for the article but I would venture to guess they had little to no education in writing, media or publications. You have a great website but articles written like these ‘cheapen’ the message you are trying to convey

    1. TechSavvy

      This is mostly the type of article I read on this site. Feels more like a gossip column created only to stir up discontent.

  8. Dump Disney

    People are dropping All things Disney – The parks, Disney +, marvel movies, ESPN etc etc due to thier woke stances and forcing of their perverted sexual agenda on young children and in reality to all of us….Walt would be mortified as to what has become of his Dream sadly it’s over as the company now is full of activists and perverts and endangers children at every turn…Goodbye Disney it’s a shame

    1. CJA

      Please crawl out of the Fox hole.

      1. Anna

        Do not blame Fox. Try reading the bill before making an ignorant comment.

        1. Cindi

          I have read the entirebill. It’s a disaster. It’s another nonsensical windmill non-issue. Just more bs to rile up DeathSatan’s uneducated low brow knuckle dragging base.

          1. Robin

            Wow, who sounds like a name calling judgmental hater here?

    2. Keil Miller

      When the CEO spreads lies about an anti grooming bill and the president literally says she’s trying to inject LGBQRS+#$@! every chance she can because her kid doesn’t know what gender they are… I can’t support Disney anymore.

      1. Michelle

        I agree, and when someone like Bill Maher is very vocal about how Florida is doing the right thing protecting young children, you know the left has gone WAY too far left. He says the left is showing no common sense.

        1. Kyle

          Ok… BYE!!!
          No need to stay!, MOVE ON

      2. Jeanie

        Great ! Hope you can leave Florida soon. We don’t want your kind contaminating our state. Have a safe trip out !

    3. Steve

      LOL, “DUMP”, you don’t have to go into EACH article EVERY day and comment MULTIPLE TIMES to let everyone know you’re “done”, buddy…
      nobody cares!!!
      If you’re done, just leave!! Don’t come back tomorrow again ok?! Lol

    4. Travis Weberling

      @Dump Disney, I agree with what you:re saying EXCEPT for the part about ESPN, to me they run as a seperate business from Disney, & unlike Disney, ESPN & it’s family sports networks give the fans what they want when it comes to sports coverage, hell the company just signed the best football broadcast team in sports in Joe Buck & Troy Aikman to do their MNF broadcasts.

  9. Raymond

    I absolutely agree. I was practically born in Disney territory (first home in Celebration). I went there every weekend, usually to Epcot and Animal Kingdom. I remember how small of crowds they had and how diverse things were. Epcot was A LOT more educational than what it is now with Chapeks idea of just putting names people would recognize ruining let’s say the Norwegian pavilion as it’s just a cash grab to get money from little children who like Frozen. Test Track is NOTHING like how it was with Disney’s previous sponsor. They’re removing all my favorites left and right. I heard people pay up to $60 PLUS $15 for Gene+ AND their entrance ticket. It’s ridiculous. At this point Disney is just a shell of its former glory.

    1. TechSavvy

      I’m not sure where you’re getting the $60 from. The only additional price on top of park tickets is the OPTIONAL $15 Genie+ service. Unless you want park hopper, which again isn’t necessary and has been around forever.

      1. Scotty

        Disney Parks were originally created for the common workers and families as Walt couldn’t afford entry to the old parks of his childhood?
        I have seen the cost of Disney parks entrance fees jump over 500% and now Genie+ is a charge to get on a ride no matter how you call it!
        My family was going to gather at Disneyland but after sticker shock of many we decided that not all could afford the low rate $2,000 rooms let alone $500 tickets and then hassle with Park jumping!
        Oh yeah – Not EVERYONE has a cell phone to access
        the Disney apps and scheduling!
        Go back to what was working in the 80-90’s before more old timers say goodbye and keep their $$_ – this is what Eisner-Disney mentality really understands!

  10. We have visited Walt DisneyWorld for 20 years now travelling from the uk and are die hard fans, but this year when we go it will be the first time ever that we won’t be doing the parks, in all honesty it sounds too stressful having to book reservations, be ready at 7am with thousands of others hoping to be able to book the first ride,on our phones all day, we are not great with technology so it would be a nightmare for us, and it’s such a shame as we love it so much. We also found there will be no magic band waiting for us ( we stay onsite) and we now will have to pay a daily parking fee at the Disney resort which when you think most brits will go for 2 weeks adds up to a lot. I think we have had our best times visiting DisneyWorld as I’m pretty sure any future holidays there will never be quite the same again.

    1. TechSavvy

      You don’t have to get Genie+ and even if you did get it, you can only book once every 2 hours so no need to be on your phone “all day”. Even still, there are plenty of helpful articles on how to make it work without Genie+.

      Magic Bands are also optional and not necessary.

      I do agree with you on parking at resorts, but I believe that’s because people not staying there have been taking up spots.

      1. James

        They should of made it like Paris and just made all the rides a la carte or better yet like Universal were it cost like $120 bucks with a limited amount of passes sold. When everyone is buying genie plus it negates the purpose of genie plus. Also if you aren’t staying on property genie plus is useless as all the hottest attraction go within that early access period for resort guest.

        1. Passholder

          $120? Maybe when the park reopened. It’s been over 300 every day this month. Each person.

      2. Alan

        Well I think a lot depends on the age group of the guests, we are in our sixties, so we find it more difficult than a more younger age group, we never used our phones at all for many years at the parks, just enjoyed them, if not needing the genie + means a 90 minute queue that’s never gonna happen for us I’m afraid.

      3. What idiot decided carrying & using a mobile phone in the water parks was a good idea. Sand & water do not go down well with pho as, & where do you put them when you are in the water?

  11. Still a Fan

    “Disney Genie is free, but for an extra charge, Guests can upgrade to Genie+, which allows them other access to reservation systems and the option to purchase individual Lightning Lanes for rides, essentially letting them pay to skip the stand-by ques.”

    Part of this is incorrect or at least poorly worded. You don’t need to buy Genie+ to have access to purchase the Individual Lightning Lanes, they are separate things. Genie+ includes the vast majority of rides in the park, and the individual lightning lane purchases are only for basically the newest/ most popular ride in each park. The current individual lightning lane lineup is:
    *Seven Dwarves Mine Train
    *Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure
    *Rise of the Resistance
    *Avatar Flight of Passage

    I’ve bought Genie+ before, and while it is a bit of a learning curve, once you understand it it’s pretty helpful. Took my family to MK and we managed to pop off like 6 lightning lanes and waited less than 30 minutes for everything else.

    As far as waiting on the phone for customer service, maybe apply for a job and help alleviate the problem yourselves?

    1. Get Real

      Brilliant idea! I’ll quit my 6 figure job to work a very unfulfilling one for $15/hr.

  12. Truth

    To all you privileged white people more concerned with Disneyland then the ongoing war in Europe, it’s time to grow the hell up. So tired of Americans complaining about their vacation when people on the other side of the world are cowering in fear of bombings. Jesus your privilege is showing

    1. Anna

      Get off playing the race card. Get a life. It’s getting old. I have been to Disney multiple times and have saw many different ethnic groups. Please with your stupidity.

  13. Nick

    We’ve gone to disney every year for the past decade (minus 2020). Returning in 2021… it felt different. There are so many things one could blame for the “magic” being gone… ans the truth is…. they all are probably right. It’s subjective to the individual.

    For us. It comes down to price and bang for our buck. Our trip in 2021 was about 10k when all in. When the trip was over, it was the first time I felt like it was wasted money and it could have been better spent going somewhere else. The food quality went down. Customer service was terrible. And everything felt run down.

    Since then, seeing the new Genie service pop up…. elimination of the magical express… and prices go up even higher. Youre getting less value for your dollar. So, we are passing this year and next. Beach house this summer and mountain home this fall. Then Europe next year. Its sad because going to Disney was our favorite thing to look forward to.

    We always did a 1 night stay at a new hotel for our trips, then followed by a week at another hotel. That way we could see if that hotel would be our week stay next time. That first day, sitting by rhe pool after we get in and enjoying drinks before heading to the boardwalk that night was my favorite tradition. Sad it’s gone

    1. James

      Nick I agree with you this last December when we visited was a huge disappointment. Everything felt very nickle and dime. This was the first time I felt kind of ripped off and my wife constantly complained about me being on my phone the entire time due to using genie plus versus enjoying being at Disney. The biggest disappointment was how many and how often all the rides kept breaking down. If it hadn’t been for us buying the after hours Christmas party are 2nd day at magic kingdom would have been a waste due to how many rides kept breaking down. We rode haunted mansion three times and two times it broke down with one involving us being evacuated. I’d say that day every ride we rode broke down on us at some point. The only one that didn’t was the river boat. Current Disney leadership is running the company into the ground and insuring that future generations don’t have a strong connection to the brand as they are making it harder and harder for families to afford and enjoy their product. Short term gains over long-term loyalty and profitability. Walt was about creating affordable family experiences and Disney has shifted away from affordable for many families.

      1. Dr. M

        I agree, current leadership (Chapek) is running it into the ground. He’s more concerned about a quick profit than he is about the Disney reputation, or about creating an experience that will want people to come back again. My last 2 visits (January and February this year) were terrible. My son lives in Florida, and I drive down to visit him for a few days about once a month. We would take a day or two to visit Disney. (I used to be a season pass holder.) But no more. We are done with Disney. Customer service is gone, Genie + is awful, the parks are dirty, rides keep breaking down, the food is not as good and the prices are getting out of reach. My son and I are now starting to spend our tourist dollars elsewhere when I come to visit. And I have been telling my friends and family to not visit as well (they come to me for Disney trip planning advice since I was a diehard Disney fan who used to love the parks). As I explore new non-Disney things to do in Florida, I will be recommending those to my friends and family instead. Disney will one day discover that short term profits do not necessarily equal long term gains.

      2. Janet

        2021 was our last trip. We tried to get on multiple rides, and the ones that weren’t broken down had lines so long it wasn’t worth the effort. It was our most expensive Disney vacation so far, out of 25 years of going, and the worst. I can’t help but be concerned that the money is not being spent on maintaining the rides and equipment. Based on what we saw on our last trip, poor upkeep of the grounds and rides, it seems like a disaster waiting to happen. Lord knows they’re making enough money that the parks should be in the best shape in its history. We won’t be back for a while.

    2. Robin

      Absolutely agree. We were going to do a WDW trip in May, but have decide to skip it for now and go elsewhere. I still hope to return someday.

  14. James

    I will say we went to Dinsey the moment they reopened and it was the best trip we ever had. I know it was a once in a lifetime thing, but after 16 years of loyal Disney vacations the price increases and cut backs have gotten to be too much. For the same price or less we can travel internationally and have started doing so. We’ve got a week in Paris coming up which yes we are spending at day at Disneyland Paris, but 8 months later we are spending a week in Dublin, London, and Edinburgh. These trip cost the same or less than visiting Disney in the US and we live on the Alabama Gulf Coast. What’s truly crazy is DLP has better merchandise than US Disney Parks. Heck in 2023 we are shooting for Tokyo. One day we’ll be back to WDW but hopefully it’s after Disney relearns the value of loyal consumers. I’m not wealthy by any means my wife and I both work and have college degrees we just never had kids and traveling is what we consider fun and spend our money on. We’d actually bought a condo years ago in Orlando but living in Orlando is much different than visiting Orlando and found we were happier being tourist versus residents and moved back to our old home town in Alabama.

  15. I was such a huge parks fan that between 2005 and 2018, I went multiple times and brought my friends. But in 2018, I started to see small signs that things were going to start crashing–they were overexpanding (just like before 9/11), buying everything up, making ridiculous changes like charging for hotel guest parking (just up the rack rate and don’t tell us is the classier way to go), and I was right. They can blame the pandemic all they want, but it was going on long before this. They “fixed” things that weren’t broken. Rabid fans eventually adjust to change, even if we complain at first. But all these changes at once–at a time when people need stability? There was nothing more people needed in these chaotic times than to go to something familiar–something nostalgic, comforting, stable. Had they made the best effort to keep things “the same,” they would’ve made a killing on people coming back, and introduced these changes one at a time. Instead, they destabilized their own products and experiences (I’d like to know where these marketing people got their degrees, quite frankly–if they didn’t see this golden opportunity, I can’t say I think they’ve got the best people in that department). I didn’t need to read stories about this. I had friends who went back as things were returning and reported to me that it was exactly what I thought–stressful, not worth it, and basically, magicless. This is going to be a disaster in a few years when they wake up and realize they’ve lost not only the rabid park fans, but rabid park fans who would’ve taken our children, ensuring another generation of rabid park fans. The parks are built on nostalgia. But, they applied a typical marketing standpoint–“oh, we’ll lose some people, but that’s okay, because we’ll get new younger ones with all this new stuff” and were too obtuse to see that this particular business doesn’t work that way. It’s all about the die-hard fans passing it down. Like die-hard grandmothers taking their grandkids. You lose the die-hards, you’ve lost the ball game for the next couple of decades. I will not be going back, and will enjoy all of my videos and photos from my past trips instead. I’m done.

  16. John De

    It’s great to see Disney’s plans are working….they’re making poor people thinking twice about going to the parks and staying in their resorts. On the present course, park attendance and resort stays will be drastically reduced and a Disney stay will be much more pleasant, but at a much greater price…

    1. Alan

      Poor or Sensible!! It’s not always because you can’t afford it, sometimes the time arrives where you just have to say enough is enough!!

    2. Travis Weberling

      @John De, I hear what you’re saying, BUT there’s going to come to a point where they’ll be charging too much for pretty much everybody except for the upper 1% to afford to go to Disney & stay at their resorts & etc. Hell, i wouldn’t be surprised if it already feels like to some people who want to go to Disney, that they might have to take out a personal loan from a bank or something in order to afford to go to Disney for a couple days or a weekend.

  17. Glen

    I’ve always spent my vacation at Disneyland, and I understand that they occasionally have to raise their prices and I was cool with that. But, since the parks returned after the shutdown, they dramatically increased their prices, took away ALL of the perks associated with staying on property, implementing a reservation system that “clearly doesn’t work”, eliminating a fast pass system that has always worked very well, and replaced with this Genie+ system that is literally ruining the Disney experience, while simultaneously charging an extra fee to ride the more popular rides. Meanwhile, creating a toxic environment by bringing politics into the park that was already very inclusive. All of these reasons are driving die hard Disney fans away to find a new place to have fun. The Disney magic doesn’t seem to exist anymore.

  18. Bret

    How are disney’s COVID Policies affecting the ride times compared to before COVID. I find it hard to believe that with capacities of the parks being lower than before that the wait times are so out of control. What is the real story behind long wait times and poor customer service?
    Time to hit the reset button! Fire the CEO and the Genie!!!!

  19. Barbara Belzer

    Was there when it opened and was very affordable and AMAZING ! Have been there over 100 times over the years. No more. 50th Anniversary coming for 50 years and rides closed for refurbishments, rides breaking down almost once a day or more. Prices are no longer affordable. It’s chaotic. We’re DONE !!! Get a new CEO ! Maybe Josh D’Amaro 👍👍👍

  20. Pat

    Our family of 5 just visited for Spring break March 27-April 2
    Our trip was as good as it can be under todays conditions tickets and park reservations ahead of time, family suite at All Star Music, used our car for transportation to parks, no Genie, and used DAS. We did everything we wanted with DAS acting like old fast pass. Our only disappointment was not being able to run 5k (closed within 5 min of opening) and trying to get table serve reservations 60 day in advance. It was a good trip but doubt we will be back for many years due to expense. There was a time we were even passholders and visited often

  21. chuck

    Once my Annual Pass expires we are done .Ever since the Covid with all this making reservations and prices that went up twice already along with food and hotels plus they give you less food too .It really not worth it anymore .Disney really looking bad even in Politics .The Magic is GONE . All because of CEO Bob Chapek

  22. Scott

    Went to DL when the Genie + wasn’t functioning- every line moved well, and the times listed were consistently reasonable, and the times were longer than actual. Now, the times tend to be longer than posted. The park was better without the LL – purely a money grab.

    I may be minority, but I WAY WAY prefer the reservation to the parks method. I can actually walk in the park now. It was wall to wall people before- couldn’t even move sometimes. Much better crowd flow now!

  23. Victor Nosarian, Yes I strongly
    agree with that!

  24. Another factor with over crowded parks, that Disney in Orlando has opened up more Hotels and resorts and they are huge! More rooms means more people hping to the parks! If they keep building Resprts or Hotels there definitely won’t be any room at all in any of the parks! It will all be so crowded, that there will be no fun for anyone!!!

  25. Brooke

    This is 100% executive management, not customer service, cast members, etc. Chapek has cut positions, entertainment, the overall budget, just to squeeze more out for himself. We now work for free for Disney – by using our cellphones all day be it to order food, mobile checkout at the stores, make reservations, etc. Chapek does not care about Disney fans, parkgoers, Annual Passholders, the Disney corporation itself, the magic, the legacy, and he cares the least about the employees. He is a epic disaster. He is only benefitting from peoples need to finally go on a vacation, and get out of their homes. Once that well runs dry; which I expect will be this year, the party is over for Darth Chapek. He is the complete antithesis of Walt Disney.

  26. Lawson H

    While I agree the parks should be kept politic free, Disney themselves have not held to or even attempted to tow that line. Creative industries always lean left, it’s a given. We all know it. But the recent events in Florida have caused absolute havoc on my families outlook on Disney. None of us are going back anytime soon, and we have been going for ten years. Of our close family and friends, none of them are going either. I have a running tally of 22 people in my close circle that have canceled Disney+ as well. It’s one thing to keep politics out of the parks and accept that Disney will have its biases creatively (anyone seen the DJT hall of presidents statue? Lol), but it’s another to openly push agendas and against agendas put in place by elected officials. Is it wrong? No. It’s a free country and I believe everyone can speak their opinion like we are right now. Are you free from backlash due to that opinion? Absolutely not. As for me and my family, we will give it 5 years or so to see if they can get back to the way they were.. if not, then it was fun while it lasted.

    1. Kevin

      Ohhh my God already, NOBODY CARES!!
      TRUST ME! You and your bigoted, homophobic and holier-than thou “friends” can go elsewhere! I PROMISE, me and the friends that believe everyone should be treated EQUALLY are going to start going to the parks to fill your poor little gap. NOW, MOVE ON!

  27. Bryan

    You know it reminds me of a story someone on ITM posted it was about how rise was posted at a 80 minute wait but the wait was actually 10 times shorter at only about 8 minutes. Disney is just a cash grab, they want people to pay and they are not afraid to show that. Not only did they cut entertainment because of the virus, but the quality of rides have started to decrease.
    It feels like and I’m going to take this quote from a youtuber, “that Diseny thinks their guest are idiots.” I’m sorry, how is it possible that soem shows weren’t open while Universal literally had all entertainment options open minus posiedons fury because they were doing updates. Another thing that the youtuber said is something like ” Bob Chapek used the virus as an excuse to put these new systems in place and see how many cuts in entertainment people would be fine with.

  28. I love hearing all these whiners………..
    JUST DON’T GO……..
    IT’S THAT EASY………….

    1. Bob

      Dude… shut up. Wondering how you can “hear” reading comments. Here’s a thought… just don’t read or “hear” the comments!

    2. S1

      No we will not “just not go.” I will seize the company in a hostile takeover, buy 51% of the stock, overthrowing Cheapek and the board and making it great again by destroying everything they worked for, and even slandering them. Disney under my rule will ask “What Would Walt Do?” again to get things done again like they did after Walt’s death under Card Walker, Ron Miller, and even the first few years of Michael Eisner until Frank Wells died.

  29. Kayleigh

    Well, things may have changed. But it doesn’t always have to be in a certain stressful way for fans; either individually or as a group. With enough planning, the magic is still there. I believe in it completely.

  30. Kate Brown

    I’ve been a Disney fan since my first trip at age 7 and 49 years later owning disney timeshares, stock, going several times a year…I am about to call it quits. I Hate…I do mean Hate the way Disney is being run, the changes and rules…Fun and Enjoyment went out the window. Walt would be turning in his grave!
    Reservations for parks…a Joke! Customer service is all but Gone! The filth I have seen at parks, hotels and even restaurants is appalling.

  31. Suzan Miles

    I am a DVC owner for 20 years, stock owner, and love all of Disney. My family of 4 just went in January and spent 5 days there and 2 days at Universal. Very disappointed in Disney from the food to transportation and parks. Will be a long time before I go back if ever. Universal was way more fun, no reservations needed, service was good.

  32. Benjamin Collins

    If we have the mindset of 1 hundred fifteen percent customer service daily, then these employees are just like us, it’s completely hard to fake a positive mindset when cast members don’t feel it.

  33. M C

    They should just go back to the old days where you paid an admission and that got you on all the rides. We are some of those 30 yr fans and are done with all the new greed programs for constantly more money here and there beyond the admission price.

  34. John

    Used to go EVERY year. WAS a true Disney fan. LOVED IT…. Last visit was Dec 2021! Absolutely was NOT the same. Restaurants not open, so many rides not operating, the holiday decorations were even lacking! I have no desire to spend any more money with Disney Parks. They’ve become way too greedy for my liking! The “Genie” service and “Lightening Lane” are a HUGE RIPOFF! Disneys lost me! Sad because when I first started going 25 yrs ago…. It honestly was magical! Now it’s pathetic! Bye Bye Mickey!!!!

  35. Caleb

    Went to Disney with wife’s family group of 14 in 2012, my family group of 13 in 2015, and then just our 6 plus my mother in 2019. Was planning to go back with the 13 (plus an additional 3 first timers) in 2021 but waited because of pandemic. Decided to cancel altogether because of all the reasons previously mentioned. Now that we’re older and the kids are bigger, we’re making the kind of money that we can afford to stay at luxury resorts, eat at restaurants previously unable, and visit a full week instead of just a few days, but Disney lost us. Hope they wake up. Would love to go back some day.

    1. Caleb

      2013 first time, not 2012. Really thought we would start going every other year starting in 2019, but like I said, no more. We’ve visited Universal, Cedar Point, King’s Island, and Busch Gardens since our last trip to Disney. Planning on trying Dollywood this summer. For the money spent, these other places are a MUCH better value. And while Disney USED to be a better overall experience, that is obviously no longer the case. Good luck Disney.

  36. Mary

    It’s time for Disney to return to what it was created to be, a child safe family friendly park. Stay out of politics. Protect our kids. I will not be purchasing any Disney products for our grandchildren. How disappointing Disney.

  37. Joni

    If we have to make a reservation to get into the parks, Why is it getting so much more crowded???? Don’t they set a limit? Can’t they set a limit? Where it’s comfortable? Why pack us in like sardines? Oh right the money!!!! 😡

  38. Nicholas reale

    I love how a small very vocal minority says they are not going to Disney anymore. Ok. If they don’t want to go great it will free up more space for the rest of the people who still want to go.
    I’ve gone three times this past year. If one are of the park is crowded go to another. Universal is just as crowded but nobody is complaining as much as on this site.

    1. Get Real

      Lol @ Nicholas. Your ignorance is showing!

  39. Joseph

    For me it’s the political garbage Disney is involved in. Such a sad time. I used to go several times a year but I’m a Christian and won’t support evil

    1. Jeanie

      Great ! Less people in line you in line while you take your Christian love for your fellow man elsewhere. Thank you !

    2. Ugh

      Lol. Another holier-than-thou Christian who “loves all” as long as they align with his beliefs. Unbelievable.

  40. Jeanie

    Trolls. There’s nothing wrong wih Disneyland. These articles are right wing political attacks by DiSantis and his hoodlums because Disney supports LGBTQ rights and does not support the DiSantis regime of censorship, attacks on women’s rights and creation of a servant class in Florida. Disneyland is great ! Just like it has always been and welcomes ALL people into their parks. Go Mickey and Minnie !

    1. Ralph

      Ssshh.. don’t mention the other agendas that Desantis is in favor of, such as treating women as inferior.. it’s too much for most of these simpleton minds to handle. All they can handle is.. “gay baaaaad… desantis guuud”🤪🤪🤪

  41. Jillian W

    The Genie definitely was not my favorite change. I liked being able to book them earlier. Now there’s no sleeping in ever while on vacation, instead let’s force people to wake up at 6:45 if they want to book the popular attractions for an additional cost than you already paid for the genie+ service. Also, with the previous fast pass, if you canceled one, you could replace it with another. Now if you cancel one of your genie attractions, you have to wait until it’s been 2 hours from your most recent booking OR use your other LL pass.

    Then the crowds-we went in February, not peak season at all, and the crowds were insane. I’ve gone to Disney numerous times throughout my life, including multiple Christmas trips, and you’d never know COVID was a thing as it was the most crowded I have ever experienced.

    I love Disney and we had considered doing DVC, but after our most recent trip, I’m good on Disney for a while.

  42. Pat

    Don’t get me wrong, the parks bring in a lot of revenue, but when you have your so many irons in the fire some things are gonna suffer. Things won’t change until they see a major loss of money at the parks

  43. Jason

    Executives are responsible for customer experience. The Lightning Lane implementation proves they are inept at improving the experience and now expect the customer to pay to improve their own experience.

  44. Robert Blake

    I have been a long time Disney park visitor having grown up in Tampa. My family and I have been more times than I can count as have my children and grandchildren. I am now done with it all. The CEO’s greedy decisions and actions along with the forever rising prices in every single area only a few of many reasons. Now with the Disney Management being exposed on video, for no longer just making kids movies, but now to be actively directing a social agenda into the films that is not necessary, and it is, by itself, reason to abandon the Disney business. I no longer respect the organization and I have sold my Disney Stock and ended disney plus streaming because I will no longer support their new direction and their blatant greed. On another note , it is also so sad to see the parks now catering to the wealthy, particularly the foriegn wealthy and to gouge them above and beyond for greaert profit, and it shows that Walt’s dream of a place for a middle American family to go spend a day together and have everyone enjoy it, is now lost forever. I hope the whole business bankrupts into total failure.

  45. Jay

    It’s a combination of things. While Covid has seriously contributed and accelerated change, Disney has been in a transition period for the past decade from what it used to be to the future of the brand. I think so much change in its operations and identity in such a small frame of time has people shaken up. Growing pains. The pushy crowds are steming from post-Covid demand. People have been locked up for two years. It will level off in a year and a half or so. All parks are like this. Disney fans just tend to be a little spoiled by its amazing service its renowned for. One could wait a while until the crowds die down, but Disney has been hyping this 50th as well. It does kinda suck to that end that its having a tough time handling the hype its pushed. However, with the new attractions opening, this may be a new normal at least for the next 5 years. Unless enough people get pissed off that is.

    1. Jay

      All that being said I’m glad I went when people were still scared to come out last year lol

  46. Steven Arnold

    Refuse to support this woke ass, overpriced , BS place. Walt must be rolling over in his grave.

  47. V K

    Disney has been my HAPPY PLACE since it opened. I am now D.O.N.E. Price hikes and all the radical Covid changes were one thing, but now they are so far to the left, I can’t stand it! I sold my Disney stock and cancelled our June trip. Disney used to be wholesome family entertainment but not anymore. Poor Walt, must be turning over in his grave!

  48. Mickeymouse3

    Prior to Paycheck running Disney and D’Maro running the parks, Disney as a whole seem to be running pretty smooth. Guest could make reservations in advance, be it food, resorts, fastpasses whatever. They could show up at the parks whenever. Sure the parks had busy and crazy busy seasons, but they were still manageable. Then along comes these two, who tipped over the apple cart and started selling bruised apples and anything else, at a higher cost.
    How about going “Retro” and returning to things that actually worked?
    It’s a nice dream, but Paycheck will never allow his ego to do what worked. Especially since it was Iger that had made it work.

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