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  1. Rob P

    I know it will never happen, but would be hilarious if Disney just picked up gave Florida the double bird and relocated the whole operation to another state. 😆

    1. Victor Nazarian

      Large corporations should not be involved in politics and government. It is always inappropriate for the head of any mega corporation or other large institution to say they will use corporate resources to influence the way government works or impact duly elected leaders when they exercise their duty. Disney should focus on providing products and services for their customers, not on politics. If they have employees with needs they should take care of that in-house.

      1. Nat

        Tell that to Desantis and his party’s Supreme Court lemmings when they ruled on the Citizens United case. They made corporations people.

        Sounds like an /r/LeopardsAteMyFace situation.

      2. Travis Weberling

        God Forbid Victor, that the CEO of WDW uses his 1st Amendment rights to speak out against a bully, which is what Desantis is, he’s a bully just like Trump, & just like Trump, I bet Desantis wouldn’t be talking so tough if he didn’t always have bodyguards around him.

    2. Travis Weberling

      Rob P, I wouldn’t be surprised if actually does happen down the rd, I mean WDW is 1 of the biggest employers in our state, if they as a company left, it would alot of people economically & job-wise. & the way I see it, we need WDW more than WDW needs us, & I bet if WDW made an announcement that they’re leaving here, there would be a bidding war from the other states to get them.

  2. Dekal

    I would love for them do to it and Disney drops them the bird and moves to state not run by a killer.

  3. Janice

    Looking forward to a great, insightful, and of course civil political discussion here.

  4. Jerry

    Good. Chapek should have kept his big mouth shut. All this woke garbage Disney is doing has crossed the line. Revoke Reedy Creek and then have Congress take away Mickey’s copyright in 2024. That should be more than enough to force Chapek out. The guy is a clown. All this controversy he stepped into over a bill that bans inappropriate discussions to kindergartners? Are you kidding me??? That’s the hill Disney wants to die on?

    You are supposed to go to Disney to have fun and be entertained…(and spend too much money.) You don’t go in order to get lectured on social justice and politics. If Disney wants to push political agendas they should not be getting special tax privileges!

    Walt would be totally ashamed at what’s become of this company.

    1. S

      Walt would’ve ratted out Crooked Bob to McCarthy and the HUAC as communist spies.

    2. Travis Weberling

      Jerry, The CEO OF WDW has every RIGHT under our constitution to speak his mind on ANYTHING that our bully of a Gov does, just like the rest of us do.

    3. Patti

      Totally agree. There was a time when Disney provided a fun, magical vacation experience for families. They aren’t fun anymore. Anything DeSantis does to them now they’ve completely asked for.

  5. Walt

    Interesting that DeSantis only wants to go after those who criticize him. He’s not going after the Villages or any of the other thousands who have similar deals in the state.

    Does Florida prefer Castro’s approach in Cuba?

    1. Jerry

      The Villages is not a company. And they didn’t openly declare war against the state the way Disney did. Chapek basically said he would use Disney corporate resources to overturn the parental rights bill. If he’s going to do that, the state is perfectly within their rights to revoke any special tax breaks and tax privileges.

      1. Walt

        Holding Company of the Villages Ltd.

        My argument has nothing to do with views on the law Florida passed. My argument is based companies and citizens have the right to speak out in the USA without political retribution.

        If Florida wants to end breaks for all companies regardless of statements or views, that would be true integrity and honesty.

        Political retribution is not the American way.

        1. Jerry

          Have you not been paying attention? No one has free speech anymore. You get banned from the social media for having the “wrong” political opinions.

          And you want to talk about double standards? It’s also very hypocritical of Disney to be attacking Florida for this but then ignoring human rights abuses and slave labor in China. Why doesn’t Chapek come out publicly against China the way he comes out against Florida? And why does Disney continue to do business in countries that are anti-LGBT?

          1. Pete Salisbury

            Yet here you are on public social media offering your opinion.

          2. Jeremy

            You need to learn what free speech means. The 1st Amendment strictly applies to the government. Social media is privately owned. Freedom of speech does not exist in private industry and never did. Just as you have the right to kick someone out of your private home for saying something you don’t like, they have the right to kick you off of their private platform. Freedom of speech only means that the government can’t lock you up or seek retribution for what you say. Literally, it can’t restrict your freedom one cause of speech. That’s all. Again, the 1st Amendme t does not apply to private industry and social media is private. You have no fundamental entitlement to use social media. They can legally ban you, me or anyone else at will.

  6. Nat

    That’s not how free speech works Gerry. Ignortant fool.

    1. CmonDisney!

      Who’s Gerry?

  7. Fred Mcmaster

    Gop in 2016 ” We believe political freedom and economic freedom are indivisible.This means relieving the burden and expense of punishing government regulations.” Gop 2022 Except Disney…we want to regulate them. How dare they speak out politically! Now they cant be free economically or politically they must follow what we say or we will regulate them!

  8. Jarvis

    Governor, just do it, don’t consider it. Disney getting deals other businesses don’t get, then mouths off in support of grooming very young children.

    It is really sick.

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