Comments for MORE Depp Texts About Amber Heard’s “Rotting Corpse” Surface In Court

johnny depp wearing sunglasses

Credit: ABC


  1. Amy

    I support Johnny all the way. Heard is about money. This has to stop and Johnny be given his life back

  2. Stacey

    Absolutely Johnny Depp!; Amber Heard a vile excuse for a human being and is money hungry to top it all off!! Give him his life back. She needs to crawl back into the hole she came from..

  3. Quesha

    I am for Johnny! The fact that it has been outed in court that Heard INDEED HAS BEEN THE AGRESSOR and even admitted HERSELF that she attacks Johnny physically to keep him from leaving the argument shows what a complete psycho she is. What’s been exposed in court is proof enough that she was lying to the world. The Dr. said they were mutually abusive, but only according to information provided by Heard when Johnny wasn’t around to defend himself! She even asked the Dr. if she would “have an advantage if she filed for divorce by claiming domestic abuse!” Advantage of what? CLEARLY she set this up from the beginning! Her ex-assistant detailed her verbal abuse to her, spitting in her face and yelling at her. Verbally abusing her own mother and her sister to the point Amber’s own mom had allegedly said she was afraid of her. Amber is in way too deep now and I hope Johhny comes out victorious.

  4. Rochele

    Johnny Depp!!!

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