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tinker bell (left) captain hook (right)


  1. Alan Mcfee

    This is totally outrageous. Disney has lost it completely! People have lost sense of humor. Disney better wake up, not Woke up, before their parks are a ghost town.

  2. DisneyFan

    I agree with those speaking out against Disney. If Disney keeps catering to the 1% who consistently do nothing but find things to complain about, all of their characters, movies, tv shows, rides, etc. will eventually be deemed “problematic”. Disney needs to put their foot down and put an end to this nonsense now. It’s gone way too far, and that includes the Splash Mountain “racist” accusations as well. If you don’t like something, don’t watch/ride/listen etc. There is no need to make everyone miserable just because you are a miserable person.

  3. Evie H.

    Disney has lost its mind, they need to grow up and bring Tink back. People will find anything to complain about these days and if Disney caters to every little thing then there really won’t be Disney anymore, just a bunch of “woke” characters that no one will watch.

  4. Tink B.

    Disney has lost it, they need to grow up and stop acting like children that cry at every little thing. They will find every character/movie/song/etc. “problematic” and soon there won’t be Disney anymore, just a bunch of Woke characters that no one will watch

  5. Andrea

    I have been an avid Disney fan for years. An annual pass holder as well. I had already decided if they don’t change and soon I’m not renewing my disney+ when it comes up in November and all of this makes me not want to go to the park. The Exe utices need to get back to making magical experiences and stop making political statements. They are turning off their core audience and it will hurt their pocketbook.

  6. Ken

    Quit being gutless Disney, and stick with the people and not the whimpy woke crowd. Time to put on your big boy pants and refuse to appease these clowns, they are ruining your parks, your movies, your merchandise. When will you stop ?

  7. Stop with being butt hurt over everything, if you don’t like it ,don’t watch it ,disney will lose more than you gain if you keep bowing down to these people.

  8. Cathy

    When is America going to wake up????? We all grew up on Peter Pan and we all turned out okay. Enough is enough. These people are ridiculous. We have gone after things like the wench in Pirates of the Caribbean. If anyone watched a pirate movie. There were wenches. Now she is a pirate. If you don’t like something do watch it. Don’t go on the ride. Stop trying to change the past because you don’t like how it looks. Stop digging and finding things wrong. In other words. GET A LIFE AND LEAVE OURS ALONE!!!!!!

  9. kpc

    OMG Has everyone forgotten that Disney did not write Peter Pan? It is a story that was over 100 years ago. Remember it is a STORY!

  10. Joe Schmo

    I think what we have going on in our current society is people are offended so much these days over any little thing because they are unable to love themselves. They are projecting their self confidence issues on these characters because they truly need help. Those that are offended by everything need to understand why they are personally offended and work towards bettering themselves instead of dismantling everything that makes them uncomfortable. Anyone here that has a Career knows how important personal development is. Getting out of your comfort zone is the best way to grow. These folks don’t want to grow they want to avoid it. They don’t want to understand the timeframe these stories and characters came out. I understand changing truly stereotypical dipictions. But they are grasping at straws.

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