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Pepper Potts, Valkyrie, Scarlet Witch, Captain Marvel, Mantis, Shuri in 'Avengers: Engame'

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  1. PL

    There’s an infinity of difference between utilizing female characters and pandering. The scene in Endgame, where all the heroines pointlessly and inexplicably teleported to the same place, linked by nothing more than gender, was the very definition of pandering. Hopefully they can do better in the future by not making a character’s sex their defining trait.

    1. Ellis Hugh

      Agreed. And by contrast, the smaller one in Infinity War featuring Wanda, Okoye and Natasha was done well and resonated with the entire audience.

      Focus less on diversity box-checking and more on telling great stories about great characters. For an idea of what that looks like, see Netflix’s Arcane series.

      1. J

        Pandering to the audience that wont even go to see the movie. More woke garbage.

  2. This may come as a surprise, but men and women are different. Most of us don’t like seeing women killed in battle, especially women who have children or plan on having children.

    Is this the best Hollywood can do – – pretend that the only way a woman can be a real woman is to go into battle? Their nessage: to be a real woman, you must act like a man.

    1. Caleb

      The main thing is the disparity between the two genders on who watches action movies. Men mainky watch action movies. The predominant sex that watched the marvel series has been men. Thats why movies like iron man, thir ragnarock and the winter soldier will be more successful than female movies.

      1. Rok

        Remember changing the dynamic in the last Fantastic Four movie? We saw how successful it was. The future of movies changing the sex or gender and incorporating them into established characters will be much the same. Look at the demographic on the majority who buy the comics, magazines, movies, and games. Seemingly this is the way forward the Marvel Studios wish to pursue. I wish them well in their new endeavors. I feel the profits that could be made won’t be,. Alienating the majority of fans to wait for this “phase” to pass by, or go to a DC Movie.

    2. TB

      Newsflash, but women have been serving in combat for quite some time.

  3. Ellis Hugh

    Focus less on diversity box-checking and more on telling great stories about great characters. For an idea of what that looks like, see Netflix’s Arcane series.

    1. Tomas

      100% this.
      Arcane is one of the best shows I’ve ever seen…
      And it literally includes every single aspect that would make a SJW cum in their pants.
      The difference is that it’s DONE RIGHT.

  4. Jerome Maida JR

    Whining about “representation”. Sooo boring at this point.

  5. KevKa

    The author of the article found it “staggering” that there were only a couple of female-led Marvel movies? Really!? How are people letting “identity” ideology blind them to the painfully obvious? Or is it a choice? Like, “Oh man, readers of my article are gonna think I’m SO PROGRESSIVE if I say this, and all of the virtual pats on the back that I get will really give me the self-worth that I need!”

    Maybe that’s harsh and I apologize if so, but come on, there’s a very clear demographic regarding who watches comic book movies, and if you ignore that immutable fact, then you will only be pandering. If you don’t believe pandering = box office poison, please see what happened to Ghostbusters for a history lesson on what happened the last time someone tried to change a franchise to being female-led.

    There are TONS of great female characters in Marvel. Too many to count. But if you don’t include some male characters to cater to a predominantly male audience, then you’re going to do nothing more than have the audience completely revile the female characters you tried ramming down everyone’s throats.

  6. Chris Wood

    Marvel has great female heroes. Sue Storm! Storm, Jean Gray and Rogue from the X-Men. Time to bring them in, instead of this pandering to diversity. Disney already ruined star wars, I guess the MCU is next.

  7. J

    Completely agree with the comments above. Marvel committing suicide by pandering to the woke crowd. Here’s a thought, stay loyal to the fans who made you who you are!

    1. M.R.

      It’s all over. They’ve ruined Star Wars, Star Trek, Dr. Who and I’m certain I’m leaving something out. Marvel is next. Ever wonder who is behind the scenes and what their social engineering agenda is? Maybe the more important question is why?

  8. Nospam Puhleas

    Great comments. I’m actually surprised there aren’t more woke warriors on here slinging poo.

  9. Juny

    So, what the author got from the polarizing comments on the cringey, pandering moment in endgame when every single female just so happened to be together was that the msheu should focus more on female led movies? Who is this for? Comic books & action movies are predominantly supported by males.

  10. Loco

    Woke Disney is the problem

  11. Kairos Curze

    How does this equate to changing history? They’re not changing anything and if they are you didn’t mention it in the article. Do better.

  12. Josh

    Oh my God the story arch was the men who the franchise was literally built on. How misogynistic and ridiculous. I’m all for some female super hero movies but downey and Evans were the face of the mcu and two of the most polarizing characters male or female in the history of marvel. My god pump the brakes

  13. Tomas

    Carol is not the “female Star of the MCU” she’s barely more than a side show.
    Black Widow is OBVIOUSLY the female star of the MCU.
    Wanda and Gamora are also ahead of Marvel.

    If you set aside the hero part and just look at prominent female characters almost all of them out rank Marvel.

    Nebula and Mantis would probably be behind her and she she’s probably roughly at the same level as Wasp.
    Was probably being the least popular character if you asked the public would lose by tie breaker.

    Cpt.Marvels entire existance is a pandering, there are a small subsection who loves her, not for her character or cuz of her movie but for political ideological reasons which is retarded and really shouldnt count but it’s probably impossible to differentiate these from the equally few who actually like the character so we’ll just have to give them all the benefit of the doubt.

    But even WITH these ridiculous votes, Cpt.Marvel is still one of the most hated characters in the MCU and for good reason.
    She’s absolute garbage and it’s a fakking insult to Scarlett that she got a movie before Black Widow.

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