Comments for Will Smith Violently “Assaulted” Chris Rock at Oscars, Actor Canceled

Will Smith at Oscars 2022

Credit: ABC


  1. B

    I never realized Will Smith was such an a-hole. Hollywood’s little Putin.

    1. Azza

      Chris Rock was Hollywood’s little NATO/US for provoking him.

      1. toast

        you idiot

        1. toast

          to Azza that is

        2. I slap somebody’s face in a black tie affair now I got to go back to my auntie in Bel Air

  2. Jaxx

    No one watches this garbage any more, so they had to do SOMETHING to get some attention.

    I fully believe it was all staged. Make believe is what Hollywood does best, after all.

    1. JS

      I do actually agree with you. Like almost everything coming out of Hollywood lately, this whole thing seems fishy.
      At first thought it was definitely real, but I’m not so sure anymore. If did feel like they were trying to do something to get people talking to help maybe increase viewership next year. But this is all just speculation.

    2. Susie-Q

      It sure looked to me that Will was trying to hide a smile/laugh as he walked off the stage, as if this was all a joke.

      1. Academic

        What do you expect from someone who has never been to college? He has no class.

    3. JAXX, you got that right!!!

    4. Mike burger

      Jaxx thank you this is exactly what I’ve been saying.from the 1st minutes.Will Smith ALWAYS HAS TO BE THE CENTER OF ATTENTION back in Philadelphia his HATRED ON WHITE PEOPLE AND GAY PEOPLE WE’RE TERRIBLE now years later remembering him QUOTE LET’S BEAT THE F–CK OUTA SOME WHITE SISSY BOYS FAGGOTS I’ll settle BEATIN UP ANY SISIE FAGGOTS QUOTE maybe we all should’ve listened to Mr Rozno more LOL mjb

  3. Kevin

    Would LOVE to see how different the outcome of something like this would have been if a white actor hauled off and punched Chris Rock. Will Smith is just another Hollywood Elite hypocrite. Takes a cheap shot at Chris Rock and then says he’s a “Vessel of love”. Smith is still just a ghetto thug all these years later. I hope he enjoys his affirmative action Oscar since the only reason he won is so the Academy didn’t have to hear his wife whine about how unfair it would be if he didn’t.

  4. Randy W

    Every single person who said Smith should be arrested has been White. Biggots coming out bold on social media, ready to tear down any successful people of color. I say this as a “white” observer.
    The academy is to blame, the dress rehearsal should have filtered Rock’s statement and made him stick to the teleprompter. Its an awards show, not a comedy roast.

    1. Kevin

      By the letter of the law what Smith did was assault. But yeah, “racism” and it’s the fault of everyone else but the guy that committed the act and he should get a free pass because he’s black. SMH. Take your white guilt elsewhere.

      1. Randy W

        No Kevin, he’s at fault but there’s more than one person to blame for the whole thing. Do you think that these awards shows go unscripted? What do you do if someone starts insulting your mother or wife to her face, in front of you? Awkwardly chuckle?

        1. JS

          I absolutely love Will Smith and would hate for this to ruin his career, but what he did was pretty bad. The joke was very much in bad taste, but only Will is responsible for his reaction to this. I’m just confused too because he laughed at the joke at first. I respect him for sticking up for his wife but you do not assault a man over it, especially on live television. What kind of role model is that for all the kids watching this? I hope the parents of every kid who saw this has a serious talk about how this was not okay and we don’t solve disagreements with violence.

          1. Kevin

            EXACTLY JS! I agree especially with your comment about him being a role model to impressionable kids. Him being one means he needs to hold himself to a higher standard then the way he acted last night.

        2. Kevin

          Nowhere in your original post did you ONCE say Smith was at fault. You blamed everyone and everything else BUT him. Not sure what your “these awards shows are scripted” argument has to do with anything as they always go off script in some form or another. It’s not like this is Smith’s first awards show. As to your question, I wouldn’t go haul off and use physical violence on the person. I have more self restraint then to resort to acting like a thug and sucker punching someone.

        3. CJA

          So the little woman has to be protected against WORDS?! Talk about a sterotype. Jada’s eye roll was more than enough to put Rock and his dud of a joke down.

      2. Tee

        We are taught as kids that we are responsible for our actions and will be held accountable for what we do. What we are not addressing is the freedom of speech. I’ve been to a number of comedy shows
        That joke really was not bad. It was a GI Jane joke in which Chris was actually complementing Jada by comparing her to the beautiful Demi More Character. If he was offended his responsibility was to control himself and address it afterward lol n a non volatile way. That S*** was embarrassing.

    2. Bianca

      He should be arrested because he assaulted someone! Stop pulling in the race card when race has nothing to do with it 🙄🙄

      1. Mike burg

        Bianca your so right Understand Will Smith is a disgraceful little WUSSEY tattletale gossiping he has a repretation for being violently attacking someone than always bringing someone’s Race ( COLOR INTO IT) His TRUE COLORS are SURFACING ever heard the old saying ALL DARKNESS COMES TO LIGHT !

    3. Okiegirl

      Violence in any form should NEVER BE CONDONED!! No matter what color!!

    4. Sensible_American_1234

      Nonsense. I am blacker than you, and I totally support the idea of arresting this thug of a man who has gotten drunk on his own fame and success.

    5. Mike burg

      Randy w IT might seem like every single white person are the only ones saying will Smith should be arrested HE SHOULD BE no matter what color someone is violently attacking someone is wrong if this was in opisite how many of US BLACK PEOPLE. would be forming rioters that a violent White person wasn’t Arrested for criminal violence yeah the award’s show no different scipped why was this not caught changed no one will ever know the truth like anyone’s going to admit to anything either way LISTEN RANDY W WILL SMITH EVEN IN PHILADELPHIA was violently attacking someone always taking Quote let’s beat the F–CK OUTA SOME WHITE SISSY BOYS called WHITE PEOPLE CRACKER’S SNOW BALLS SLAVE DRIVERS he’s a WELL KNOWN GOSSIPING TATALTALE he’s never understood if you throw rock’s stones people can throw rock’s stones back BUT HE’S ALWAYS WIENING IF A ROCK STONES TRHOWN BACK I can say this do this but you can’t .

  5. J. Tancredi

    Is Disney going to pull all ties with Will Smith or do they condone violence?

    1. Randy W

      Have you SEEN The Lion King? Yes Disney condones violence, and profits off of it. The own ESPN, which often hosts boxing matches. Kind of obvious.

      1. Kevin

        Are you REALLY comparing the Lion King and a sport like boxing to an actor and role model acting like a thug and sucker punching another man because he got his feelings hurt? Seriously? If you can’t see the difference there really is no hope for you

    2. Mary

      It’s funny that Disney cut all ties with Johnny depp even tho there r recordings of his ex admitting to starting the fights and hitting him. What’s fair for one person should be fair for the other!

  6. JS

    I adore Will Smith so this was very shocking and disappointing. He does need to be held accountable but I hope he gives a proper apology and can move on from it and hopefully it won’t ruin his career. However, if he does get out of this fairly unscathed and Hollywood doesn’t “cancel” him, I really hope they can see their hypocrisy and allow Johnny Depp to be exonerated. If they can forgive a man for assaulting another man on live TV then they can forgive, neigh, apologize to a man who was falsely accused of abuse then proven to be the victim.

    1. Linda Ward

      If Will Smith just stood up + yelled at Chris Rock, it wouldn’t have been so bad. But that was quite a slap he delivered + was unnecessary. I hope Chris Rock learns from this.

      1. Kevin

        You hope Chris Rock learns from this?!?! Victim shaming much?

      2. Mary

        So now all comedians need to be extra careful in their comedy acts! Never know who will come up on the stage now, if this goes unpunished, they have opened a door for more of this type of stuff!

        1. Tee

          I am sure comedian around the globe are discussing this horrible situation. And we can best believe that they will be well protect. Any one that even think about about walking onto the stage will get their butts kicked and removed.

      3. Okiegirl

        VIOLENCE IN ANY FORM SHOULD NEVER BE CONDONED!! Would you say that to a victim of domestic abuse?

      4. Tee

        There is nothing for Chris to learn. The GI Jane joke was meant as a compliment. We have the right to express ourselves in this Country. It’s called Freedom of Speech. He need to rethink bringing criminal charges and sue not only that thug but the Academy for allowing him to volate that Stage by walking onto it uninvited and return to his. Really, As much as I respected Will in the past, this type of behavior can’t be tolerated The bottom line is Will had no right to be up there

  7. Byron

    What a bunch of hypocrites.
    People yell and scream about ill and sick people being picked on for any reason. Yet Chris Rock does it and Will does something about it and you blame Will. They are both guilty.
    Chris for a poor taste joke, (assault) and Will for battery.
    Color does not matter, it is the actions of both, they were both wrong period.
    Also if you watch Chris rocks response to the battery from Will Smith, it looks staged and part of the show. They were both smiling.
    Funny how people are so quick to blame.

    1. ConnieWms

      100% agree with your comment. I get Chris “is a comedian” BUT as a PROFESSIONAL and respected comedian he should have known about what he was joking about. Some comments I have read support him by stating “he didn’t write the joke he was just reading the prompts.” I don’t care if he wrote it or not he had the choice to deliver or not. At his level of performing/acting he knows how to read a prompt and if he didn’t KNOW why or about Jada’s illness than this should not have been delivered. He could have googled her situation backstage to find out why the writer’s wanted Chris to tease her and then made a decision to say it at a later time; like after Will accepted the award because he could have tied that in to a movie line of the two playing in “GI Jane II”.

      Will SLAPPED Chris Rock not punched him as I would have expected my husband to do if someone was teasing me in public, in front of millions of viewers, audience, cameras around the world. That was a lot for anyone to take in. Violence is never the answer but sometimes the stress of a situation can bring out the ugly in anyone. Again, I repeat myself, Chris is glad it was only a slap. Had it been myself walking up there it would have been a punch! (as the author of this joke of an article would have the readers believe).



      Each needs to apologize and then be done with it. It is between the two of them to press charges or not. Not the academy. Not the viewers.

      1. Tee

        Chris was complimenting Jada. Demi Moore GI Character was absolutely gorgeous. Chris was hinting that Jada should be consider for the main character in a GI Jane 2 movie.

  8. Marquita

    Chris didn’t file a police report so I guess it’s water under the bridge. How could he make a statement about someone suffering from alopecia when he has a entire documentary that centers around black hair? This wasn’t chris’ first time taking a shot at Jada either. Only difference is Will didn’t react that time.

    1. Sensible_American_1234

      No public figure at the Oscars is off-limits. Not even Jada, alopecia or not.
      Will Smith was a thug and deserves to be punished for his thuggery. I won’t be surprised if he loses fans and become radioactive after this.
      His behavior was inexcusable.

      1. Tee

        Chris did not want to file charges at that time and did not want Will removed from his seat by LAPD during the ceremony. He felt that would make a bad situation worse. The LAPD mention he can file them later if he choose to.

  9. WM

    He wasn’t canceled.

  10. Anon

    “Will Smith Violently ‘Assaulted’ Chris Rock at Oscars, Actor Canceled”

    Just sign up middle schoolers to write your content from now on. They will have more journalistic skill and integrity than the clowns you have right now.

  11. akg55

    If Will Smith had actually hit Chris Rock, Chris Rock would have fallen on the floor. Will Smith did not actually hit him. One of those movie tricks, that is all.

  12. ChrisGotRocked

    This article is in shambles. The first half of the article they keep insisting that he punched Rock. Then the second half they switch to saying he slapped him. The hashtag they are using isn’t one of the trending hashtags for this event, and Will is not being cancelled on Twitter. Clearly someone wrote this article on a coke and Red Bull fueled bender last night and did no proof reading before submitting lmao

  13. This isn’t the first time that Chris Rock went after Will Smith’s wife. She has a disease in her scalp and Chris Rock has known this. Let him attack his own wife verbally and I am sure she would probably smack him to.

    1. Sensible_American_1234

      Cry me a river.
      Do you even know what alopecia is?
      Pls Google it. And Google her video online. It is a tiny patch of hair missing on her forehead. It is not a disease per se, and does not need to be treated.
      Chris Rock did nothing wrong at all. He was hired to pike fun at the guests, and that’s what he did.
      And, BTW, Jada is not just “Will’s wife”; she is an actress and a member of the Academy. She was a guest in her own right.

      1. Chivalry is not dead!! Just slow as hell. Only after he quit laughing long enough to look at her did he mount his white horse to defend her??

    2. Tee

      Chris joked about other folks that night. Nothing can justify the violence we witness Sunday night. You don’t lay hand on folks ever unless for self defense. It’s a great way to get your but kicked or worse.

  14. Janie

    While I believe that Will Smith could have used his words to defend his wife against the verbally abusive statement that Chris Rock made, I applaud the fact that he was willing to stand up for his wife. Making fun of someone because of a medical condition isn’t funny, it is cruel.

  15. Thomas

    My mother has alopecia (the condition Jada suffers with) and female hair loss is a huge thing that upsets and triggers women and something Jada has struggled with. Will, while maybe a little OTT, slapped someone for cracking a poor taste joke at his wife’s condition’s expense. I would hope if someone came for me because of how I looked they’d retaliate for me in the same way. If it was a full blown fist-fight I’d get the uproar, but you cross a line, someone sees red. Violence isn’t the answer, but I don’t blame Will at all. I also don’t think he should be stripped of the Oscar, Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey never had their Oscars removed an he did a hell of a lot worse than Will Smith did.

    1. Michael Lewis

      I agree, but I would have slapped the guy too. It was a very poor joke.

    2. ConnieWms

      So glad someone else feels the same as myself. My household of four adults (2 men; 2 women, over 30) argued over this: them vs me. I hope your mother is doing well BTW. While I don’t totally approve of how Will reacted I can understand it and people need to slow down, step back and see the entire stressful picture. Here is what I see: a professional comedian and friend standing up in front of thousands of live attendees, in front of millions of tv viewers, in front of cameras airing over how many countries and he disrespectfully jokes about a loved one (be it wife, husband, child, parent not the point) knowing of an illness causing this joke topic. As difficult as it may be to hear yes has a laugh line to it; more so if it was a choice in style than a condition. So a laughter takes places then when the sight of the person targeted is seen upset, hurt, maybe even mad the first and immediate reaction is to stand up and defend the honor of the target. But not in private since the offense was not done in private but again, ‘in front of thousands of live attendees, in front of millions of tv viewers, in front of cameras airing over how many countries’ as was delivered. Will released a pressure valve that may have been building since the beginning of this disease and to be publicly insulted as she was, was a last straw. I do not agree with either of the men’s actions but I do not feel Will should be charged for anything nor his award taken away. The award and his actions have no connection. It wasn’t like he paid off the committee to give him the award. It wasn’t a Pete Rose gambling on his team situation. Will talent in his performance for this category out shinned the other nominees fair a square.

  16. John smith

    I have no doubt that Chris Rock had no idea that Jada had a disease. Will Smith is a fake and a phony as he laughed at first and then saw Jada get upset. He is proud of what he did. Shameful!!

    1. Tee

      I agree. Will appear to be less happy these days. I saw him on his wife show. I think things are a bit too much for him


    Primadona Smith does it again, It is all about hime. Chris should press charges and the Academy should also do something. This was uncall for. Cracking jokes is part of their business, Smith has done his share in the past. Never liked him since he had his follow actor fired because it was not always about him.

  18. Mr White

    Just some ghetto dudes fighting, while Hollywood applauds pretending to be woke.

    Imagine if it was white straight guy, they would be cancelled straight away.

  19. Michael George Lewis

    I would have slapped him too. Keep his wife out of it.

  20. Hypocrites…bottom line. And you idiots defend Smith, who i enjoy his movies but was way out of line.

  21. Kris

    If you are “canceling” somebody who stood up for his wife who had an autoimmune disease, you are the problem. A “joke” about someone’s medical condition is called bullying! Stop defending the bully! Chris Rock got what was coming to him!

    1. Okiegirl


  22. Denise

    Well written. I’m appalled by Smith’s behavior.

  23. jo

    Will should not have hit anyone. His actions were provoked and I can see why he defended his wife. Emotions can boil over sometimes. A better option would have been to go on stage and take the mic, and tell everyone humor is only funny if all parties are laughing. Making fun of somebodies illness is not funny. Chris was just as wrong, maybe more. Would have been better to use words not a smack.

    1. ConnieWms

      I agree with you that would have been 100% better than what took place however there is so much pressure being in front of thousands of live attendees, in front of millions of tv viewers, in front of cameras airing over how many countries, I am sure there was no time to think about how to “properly” react to that. I think it was bad taste for Chris to either write that joke or read that joke whichever took place he too was equally as wrong in this situation. And you are right it was bullying. In all the years of watching various awards yes there is the teasing but NEVER, EVER at the expense of someone’s health situation.

  24. Heidi

    I see that a lot of people are saying that Will Smith should be arrested over this incident, but why shouldn’t Chris Rock get into any trouble for the joke he made about Jada. Will was defending his wife who was offended by what Chris Rock had said, so that is why Will slapped him. Why doesn’t everyone who wants Will arrested stop and think….would I defend someone I love from a verbal attack? If someone you loved was made fun of, would you just sit there and let it happen? Never judge a person until you have been in their situation. The G.I. Jane joke that was made was insulting to Jada because of her hair loss and it hurt hearing Chris Rock making the joke, so that is why Will protected her. Will Smith didn’t assault Chris Rock in a way to result in an arrest, so stop acting like he needs to be. It was one slap and nothing more, it wasn’t like he went up there and continually beat on Chris.

  25. Jamie Coughlin

    They gave him an award and a standing ovation. That is hardly being canceled.

  26. M

    He went to catholic school and was accepted to MIT before cutting his first tap album. His dad wqs a hvac guy and mom wqs in education. They would take vacations to mt rushmore. He aint ghetto…if he were ghetto he would have closed his fist and chris would be kn his ass. His is an privileged punk thinking to be black he gotta act out rap songs. And his son tweets “thats how we do”. I hope his rich skinny ass dont think he can karate kid someone because he will get an ass whooping or worse. Which is what will needs.

  27. Julian H

    It was a lazy bad joke, but Will Smith over reacted, he was probably attention seeking, not cool man NOT COOL, for an adult your behaved like a child with that potty mouth to boot.

    You just made yourself very unlikable. What an idiot.

  28. Julian H

    It was a crap joke, but Will Smith just made himself look like an attention seeking idiot. Grow up man – NOT COOL and keep your potty mouth to yourself.

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