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Tom Hiddleston as Loki

Credit: Marvel Studios


  1. Vickie

    They should have never killed off Hiddleston’s character in the first place. Did they not see his popularity? Were they just blind? There was 5 years they did not use Hiddleston at the MCU. Missed opportunity. Now, his fans are just glad to see him back. And they won’t be happy if Tom is abused. WE are not ready to see him go!! Long live Loki/Tom!!

    1. NeLum

      Agree 💯

      1. MJ Mack

        Yes I totally agree loki won’t be the same without Tom Hiddleston

    2. Stefanie Yates

      I agree 💯! Tom made Loki. No one else can do such a great job! He made a bad guy that is likable and people can relate to(like being in the shadow of a sibling, vying for a parent’s approval and attention). No Tom no Loki! Team Tom Hiddleston!!!

    3. Luana

      Totally agree!

      1. Diane

        Totally agree there is no one that can play Loki like Tom Hiddleston

    4. Danielle.D

      Nooooooo they can’t. Tom Hiddleston made Loki and your going to lose a bunch of fans if you try and replace him with someone else.

    5. Lori Bighems

      Hallelujah. There is only one Loki and it’s Tom Hiddleston.

  2. Bob

    Hiddleston is to Loki as RDJ is to Iron Man. Anyone else would be a poor substitute (variants excepted of course).

  3. Ann

    No Tom? No way. There’s only one. They never should have killed Loki off. That was a stupid thing to do. They easily could have given him a happy ending in Endgame but stupidly decided against it.

    1. Alyvia

      Loki is only loki because of Tom Hiddleston, there could never be a loki Without Tom. I love loki, but if they use a new actor for him me, and probably others, wont watch the episodes/movies. Thats my opinion, and others may not care, but we loki fans do. Long Live Tom/Loki!!!

  4. Deb

    Tom Hiddleston is Loki. Anyone else would be entirely unacceptable. He is truly the “villain” we love 💕 to hate!

    These actors, and their film identities, are NOT interchangeable cogs. The MCU asked them to play these characters and they did … and did it so well that they now OWN these characters.

    No Tom … no Loki.
    No RDJ … no Iron Man
    No Chris E. … no Capt America
    No Scarlett … no Black Widow

    That’s just how it is!

    1. Akuin

      I love Natasha don’t get me wrong here. But Yelena is the best.

      Black Widow is easier to pass around because it is a title that is passed around. And I think Falcon Winter Soldier is a pretty good ease in to Sam being the new Captain America…which is also a title that gets passed around.

      Beyond that. Yeah 100% agree. Hulk, Thor, Loki, Ironman, and Spiderman. All perfect.

      I wish they would pass on captain Marvel to a new one tho…that woman is frustrating out of character. It has nothing to do with “woke” either. Her personality and attitude is just…sandpaper….and she has insulted and frustrated the women who came before her with her crowing.

      1. Thriller

        “ And I think Falcon Winter Soldier is a pretty good ease in to Sam being the new Captain America…which is also a title that gets passed around.” Nope, that’s why I have not watched any of the new stuff. Only Chris is Captain America. Anyone else is a cheap knock off.

      2. Tracy

        I like the current Captain marvel very much, to me she’s excellent; and to others she probably is too.

        1. Tiffany Gutierrez

          No, I think she is bleh.

        2. Dawn

          The character itself is abrasive, due to the fact of being on her own and fixing the other worlds. She pays the role exactly how it needs to be played to get where she is going. The Marvels will be interesting, but sadly I fear that they will be stretching it a bit thin by incorporating too many characters of the same ilk in a stand alone film.

      3. Froli

        No more Tom, but the alligator’s getting a show?! What a sensible, intelligent decision.

    2. Antonina

      💯% AGREED!! 💆💟✔

      1. Kelly V

        I look forward to seeing who they tap for Loki in the future. Don’t get me wrong, I love Tom as Loki, but I want to see Tom in other things, like a comedy.

    3. Liv

      No Tom, No Loki.

  5. Ron

    Tom Hiddleston IS Loki. There can be no other.

  6. NeLum

    Tom Huddleston. Period.

  7. Prefer Tom to remain for MY $ but I’ll support whomever provided they don’t f it up

  8. Andres

    No one can play Loki other than Tom Hiddleston. He needs to br back in the Marvel movies!!

    1. Brenda Mussehl - Stewart

      I don’t watch for Loki .. I watch for Tom Hiddlestons Loki

    2. Katarzyna

      Musi, koniecznie.

  9. Ronnie

    These actors are the mcu characters. The characters are the actors. One and the same. Example: If I read a Loki comic, I see Tom. If I read Daredevil, I see Charlie Cox.

  10. Kerstin

    Tom Hiddleston hat Loki gross gemacht. Kein anderer hätte so gut in diese Figur gepasst. Loki ohne ihn geht gar nicht. Sein Sterben war ein großer Fehler . Genauso wie seine Umbesetzung. Loki forever.

  11. Brender

    I don’t watch for Loki .. I watch for Tom Hiddlestons Loki

    1. Felicia

      Tom Hiddleston is loki, I only watch because of him, and you will have millions of angry fans who are willing to cut all ties to marvel and Disney if they replace him..PERIOD! You listening?

    2. Melissa reep

      No Lou is the biggest part of any show he plays in to me better then thor if loki ant in it in won’t watch it and do not replace him toms the only ones who can play loki

  12. Lizeth

    Tom is Loki is like saying Johnny depp is not captain jack! Am sorry replacing him will be marvel big mistake

    1. Luana

      Tom Hiddleston IS Loki.
      One and only.
      Nothing more to say

  13. Tom Hiddleston is Loki. They cannot replace him with anyone else. That’s just the way it is.

  14. I get that Hiddleston only wants to stay with Loki (a character he knows more about and cares about more than any of us) as long as their is growth and he feels Loki’ s stories aren’t being repetitive. Tom is far too talented an actor to stay with something that isn’t challenging and new. That said, I feel a slight panic at even a small intimation from him that it might be his choice to move on. Tom Hiddleston’s Loki may very well be the only one fams will accept, so writers for the MCU should come up with fresh stories and deeper e plorations of Loki to keep Tom on board.

  15. Prakritik

    No tom Hiddleston is the best one for loki

  16. Debbie

    I wouldn’t want to see another person play Loki! It would just seem weird!

  17. Mona

    I can’t see anyone else in this roll but Tom, and to be truthful I really don’t want too. He just brings out this spark to the character and you can tell that he loves it. Not many actors have that spark of dedication that he has. MCU please never replace him as Loki, because the character just would never be the same.

  18. Ole_69

    I can live with Iron Man being Tom Cruise and Captain America being Falcon but there’s no way I’m going to live without Tom Hiddleston not being Loki. It feels unnatural

    1. Tawnya

      Tom Cruise for Iron Man is a joke and an insult to the character. Iron Man is not a replaceable character at all. If they replace him ot would make more sense to replace him with his daughter or the kid that helped him in the Iron Man movie.

      1. Dawn

        Tom Cruise is already being talked with about the role. I agree that it’s not a good fit, and there are others which would be better suited to step into the role (heck, even turning him into an AI of RDJ would be a better idea).

  19. Cass

    If they get rid of Tom I flat out refuse to watch any more Loki stuff. He is Loki. Like Ryan is Deadpool and Robert is Tony. There are just some actors you can’t replace

  20. Savannah

    I adore Tom Hiddleston as Loki, always have. Obviously he won’t he able to play Loki forever, but I will definitely be sad to see him go, whenever that may be.

  21. Tawnya

    They keep getting rid of the original actors for many characters. Iron Man, Black Widow, and now possibly Loki. At this rate they will soon start losing fans. I love Tom Hiddleston as Loki, no one can replace him. Wake up Marvel/Disney and see that you are slowly starting to destroy a great franchise by getting rid of original actors.

    1. Tawnya

      I forgot to include Captain America as one of the ones being replaced.

  22. Karen

    No one can replace Tom

  23. Charlene

    Nobody else could embody Loki like Tom did. This isn’t doctor who where you just replace the main actor for another one. Tom is Loki, I wouldn’t watch it with any other actor in the lead to be honest.

  24. Cynthia Price

    No Tom, no Loki! In my opinion, there is no one else in the world who could play Loki as convincingly as Tom Hiddleston.

  25. Batithi Jayaweera

    Without Tom Hiddleston, there’s no Loki…❤
    Tom Hiddleston is Loki… that’s it😡
    You can’t do this to Loki fans… don’t play with their emotions.
    Don’t ever change the actor…

  26. Batithi Jayaweera

    I’m begging you. Don’t change the actor…
    Tom Hiddleston as Loki is irreplaceable…🥺💔
    He’s the one and only Loki… ❤can’t watch anyone other than Tom in that place 😭

  27. Pukuana

    Tom is Loki, Loki is Tom…. there is no other that can replace him ever even if they have other variants it will never be the same and if Tom is written out of the role the show will lose ratings and money, so many people will stop watching!

  28. Quiller

    If Hiddleston is done with the role, I recommend Tom Ellis from “Lucifer” to replace him. He would be fantastic as Loki.

    1. Frank


    2. Jasper

      I agree. He’s perhaps the only actor I’d enjoy watching as Loki. The only other fit. Though I’d keep seeing Lucifer xD

  29. Michele

    There is only Tom Hiddleston. That is it! Period. He is the one and only Loki forever.

  30. Carol


  31. Agoston

    I think that Loki just is a role, but the real Loki is Tom Hiddleston indeed.

  32. Robin

    NOT IN MY LIFE TIME!!! Keep tom in.

  33. Debbie Rosner

    TOM HIDDLESTON IS AND WILL ALWAYS BE LOKI. Realistically I know that Tom can’t play the God forever, but it seems too soon for him to hang up that hat. Personally I can’t stand the Loki TV Series. I just can’t watch it. The whole premise is ridiculous. There are SO MANY WAYS to have advanced the Character of Loki without having turned the one character into gazillions. Tom, YOU ARE LOKI AND WE LOVE YOU. Say your name? LOKI! LOKI! LOKI! LOKI! LOKI! LOKI! LOKI! LOKI! LOKI! ….

    1. Danielle.D

      They better not. I have a feeling if they do they are going to lose a bunch of fans and people will stop watching
      . I love Tom Hiddleston as Loki and no one can play him any better.

  34. Frank

    While I like all of the vsrient loki introduced in the series I will probably stop watching once they replace him completely. The variants are all cool but to me he is loki 🙂

  35. SG

    If Tom’s out, I’m out and I know I’m a typical fan. Most of us will lose interest fast.. pay attention Disney.

    1. Pat H

      Well, I won’t be watching because Tom brings Loki to life. He is the heart and soul of Loki. Shame on you Marvel you have just lost a fan.

  36. kay

    tom hiddleston is to loki as rdj is to tony stark. there is no other way.

    1. Deene

      Tom is Loki! NO-ONE can replace him!! Nobody can make Loki more alive then Mr. Hiddleston!
      The same with all our Avengers heroes, they are not replaceable!

  37. Tammy

    No Tom, no Loki. Tom leaves I cancel Disney+.

  38. Kate

    There’s no way.Tom is Loki and Loki is Tom. I mean No Hate towards Other Actors but No one can play Loki Except Tom Hiddleston.He Is The One And Only Loki We Will Ever Accept.That’s all I want to Say. Marvel..Please Listen To Us For This Once..

  39. Jamie

    We gave already seen other great lokis, quit whining

  40. Danielle.D

    They better not. I have a feeling if they do they are going to lose a bunch of fans and people will stop watching
    . I love Tom Hiddleston as Loki and no one can play him any better.

  41. Jasper

    If they replace Mr. Hiddleston I will probably not watch any Marvel movies or shows related to Loki anymore. I won’t actively avoid seeing the new actor in other big movies, but I honestly watched all of Thor’s movies just because I wanted to see more of Loki. When I watched the Avengers I loved how Mr. Hiddleston acted out the role of Loki. Without him I never would’ve become a Marvel fan in the first place. But now they start replacing and killing off the characters I love. The role models and Idols. The superheroes I grew up with, that helped me make it through hard times. When Loki and Tony died, I felt something break. Both of them are my favourite characters and I felt like a three year old who just got told that Santa isn’t real. Like someone ripped apart my childhood. A part of me wishes that Marvel would’ve just given them a happy ending, but another part of me knows that that wouldn’t fit the characters. Loki wouldn’t stop making chaos just because he and Thor get along. He’d still get in trouble or make trouble himself, purely out of boredom. And Tony wouldn’t just sit by and let Far from home and and No way home happen. He couldn’t just sit out. Same with Steve. I hate that they made him go back and stay with Carter, but at the same time I feel he finally got his happy ever after. Some fans call the action selfish, but when everything seemed lost and he was the only one who still stood against Thanos, he was ready to fight him alone, wounded and probably scared shitless, knowing that the fate of the universe was now on his shoulders. He would’ve fought until his last breath. I believe going back in time and being with the person he loves after everything he had to go through, is an act he deserved to do. I just hate how he left Bucky alone. And without really telling him. Bucky seems so lost in TFATWS, it hurts. He’s been through a lot as well. And after everything he thought he’d finally be able to settle down with Steve and have his best friend back. But Steve took the first opportunity he had to leave him, leaving him alone again. That hurt. And it must’ve hurt the character as well. But Steve had his happy ending. And I’m glad he did.
    It won’t be the same if they re-cast Loki, I’d never be able to actually see Loki in someone else. If it’s Mr. Hiddleston’s decision though, I’ll have to respect that and will support him, whatever he’ll do afterwards.

  42. Stacie

    Tom is Loki. No one else is fit to wear his horns. If they replace him with another actor I will cancel Disney plus. Long live Loki!

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