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kylo ren with lightsaber

Credit: Lucasfilm


  1. Steph

    Of course the resident AWFUL (Affluent White Female Ultra Leftist) Reyblow is all gaga over this thing that no one who is acyually a fan cares for. Theres no money in the Daddy Butcher so go back watch Twilight or the Batman since it’s thats the actor that started this crap.

  2. Mr. Shanntastic

    When Disney scrapped George Lucas’ sequel trilogy story, Star Wars died until Dave and Favreau revived it. The ST will always be “what could have been”, unless they retcon the entire thing using the same special effects that brought us the Luke we all wanted, but that will never happen.

    1. CJ

      Nailed it! 🤘🏻

      I’m fine watching
      Star Wars I thru Star Wars VI, Clone Wars, Rebels, Bad Batch, Mandalorian … Favreau & Filoni are the duo rescuing this intellectual property from ‘you know who’ for me!

      1. Tyler

        Jon Fatrolls hasn’t made anything good since Iron Man 1. He has no creativity which is why most Mandalorian episodes use plots that have been over used since the 70s. He can’t write dialogue to save his life, the main characters skill level is wildly inconsistent, and everyone ignores the fact that it’s very poorly written because they like the down syndrome frog.

  3. Eric Draven

    The White Slavers slit the throat of their prize. It’s dead, didn’t you get the memo?

  4. CKD

    Star Wars Haters are NOT Star Wars fans. Haters would find something wrong with anything that isn’t the OT and would penalty hate that if it were introduced today. As a SW fan since ‘77 haters are tiresome and bad for the fandom. I am very proud to say that I now have 3 generations of SW fans in the family. Bring on another trilogy! Bring back Rey and Ben, Finn, Poe, Rose. Go to Naboo and the Cloud City and new places. Let the generations fall in love with SW and leave the haters behind. MTFBWY.

  5. Maxman

    Daisy Ridley needs to f*** off. Kylo Ren didn’t need to die at all. He could have survived and atoned for all the wrong he did. Rey needed to die so BADLY. It’s the only thing she wasn’t good at

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