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tobey maguire as spider-man

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  1. 1. TASM
    2. SM 2&1
    3. SM No Way Home
    6.SM FFH
    7.SM HC
    8.SM ITTSV

    1. JS

      I like that you have Spider-Mans 1 and 2 tied. I have a hard time determining which one is better, though they would both be at #1 for me with No Way Home at a close second.

    2. Robbie Machine

      Funny how you placed TASM1 and TASM2 that high. They’ve always been the worst films in Spidey history. Just because Andrew Garfield gave a good performance in No Way Home doesn’t change the fact that they were bad films…

  2. Juliana

    Actually spiderman 2 isn’t when Harry and MJ are dating. That’s in the first movie. MJ is engaged to John Jameson and about to marry him at the end of the movie and realizes she loves Peter after she finds out he’s spiderman

    1. Robbie Machine

      You’re right and wrong.

      Harry was indeed dating her in the first film, but finding out that he was “Spider-Man” wasn’t what made her realize that she loved him. Mary Jane had always loved Peter, but he had been treating her very badly by constantly cancelling plans with her, leading her on, only to push her away again, and she thought that Peter was acting like a sociopath. It was when she found out that he was Spider-Man and led a double life when everything made sense for her…

  3. Lou

    “All” the Spider-Man movies? This is Spider-Man Strikes Back-erasure 🙁

  4. Robbie Machine

    I really despised how you placed Spider-Man 3 at the very bottom.

    My rankings would be:

    1. Spider-Man 2
    2. Spider-Man 3
    3. Spider-Man
    4. Spider-Man: No Way Home
    5. Into The Spiderverse
    6. Spider-Man: Far From Home
    7. TASM2
    8. Spider-Man: Homecoming
    9. TASM1

  5. Keith Morris

    Harry learned Peters identity at the end of Spiderman 2 so he wasn’t trying to keep him from learning it in spiderman 3. Everyone who reviews Spiderman movies obviously never read the comics because they all seem clueless about what made Gwen so important.

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