Comments for ‘Spider-Man’ Actor Bashes Tom Holland, “I Was In the Good Ones”

tom holland as spider-man

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  1. R Drew

    No honestly I like the Tom Holland better because he fits the character more; no disrespect towards Tobey I liked his take on it but it wasn’t embodying the whole essence of the character. What really infuriates me is that Campbell wants to run his mouth like he made the movies I’m sorry but if you’re gonna be a jerk and blowhard like that it is hard to have any respect for you. So if you want my honest answer about the trilogy I do give major props to Tobey Kristin and the rest of the other cast members also to Sam Raimi for at least trying to bring the series to life but I have to say for future reference I would exclude Bruce Campbell from any future Marvel movies.

    1. MrBob

      Here’s a quarter, but yourself a sense of humor.

  2. Jake

    If you take what Bruce Campbell said as serious, get a sense of humor. He is obviously joking about this.

    1. Jonathan

      Thank you, was just about to say apparently the writer doesn’t know Bruce Campbell’s cynicism

    2. Pooe


  3. Jack Meoff

    Who is she? Never heard of Bruce Campbell and that’s how unimportant he is.

  4. RoC

    Bruce Campbell is a B movie legend and a quick witted person. Brisco County Junior still holds up as a great TV show. He was great on ” Burn Notice” and his books are enjoyable to read. Sam Raimi gave him his break in Evil Dead and they have been friends forever. I liked the Tobey McGuire movies over the other ones just as a personal opinion. I think Bruce should have had a cameo in this last movie, just because.

  5. mjk333

    Why is this being reported this way? Does the writer not realize Campbell was being funny, or does the writer think they’re going along with the joke?

    1. MrBob

      Exactly! 👍

  6. Bob Boogie

    He either has to be joking or he is majorly delusional.

  7. Lawrence

    Campbell is obviously joking here …and knowing Campbell’s sense of humor and context is important. It’s so Tongue-in-Cheek ….

  8. Divide The Magic

    Classic ITM reporting… blowing a minor event out of proportion just to divide fans into a pointless debate.

  9. Dawn

    Campbell was in some of the Spider-man movies? LOL, never noticed.

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