Comments for Protest Breaks Out at Disney After Lack of Response to “Don’t Say Gay Bill”

dont say gay bill protest

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  1. Sexuality is a private family discussion. This is not the responsibility of the public school system.

  2. Holidayless

    Why do liberals always have to be outraged at something? Do they wake up and say “What can I rage against today that is none of my business”? Seriously, the bill is about not teaching kids about sexuality from Kindergarten through Third grade. Can’t you wait to indoctrinate kids until the 4th grade or do you think by the 4th grade they have made up their minds on their sexuality by then. Let me just say, why can’t you keep politics out of the classroom. Furthermore, I say we need to stop with all the “special” days/weeks/months cause it is only causing division. We don’t need an African-American Month, Pride Month (I think you can tone down the in your faceness since I can’t go anywhere without seeing a letter of the alphabet displaying their lifestyle), Cancer Awareness Month (trust me we are aware there is cancer out there), Women’s History Month, Military Appreciation Month (this coming from a veteran), National Ice Cream Month (we can enjoy this delicious dessert all year, why a month dedicated to it), and so on. Just dedicating a timeframe is isolating another group during that timeframe. Who’s with me?

    1. Ohlongjohnson

      There you go making sense again!

  3. Christian

    Liberals attacking thier own. The schools ARE trying to turn your kid gay.

  4. Christian

    Liberals are normalizing child abuse. Look at those signs.

  5. david

    I honestly couldn’t care less what a large multinational company has to say on the latest hot button issue of the day. Companies are not people and really don’t need to take a stand on anything other than treating their workers right and putting out a quality service or product that makes me want to spend my money with them. Anything else is just fluff and wouldn’t register with me at all.

  6. Elizabeth

    Our kids don’t need to be taught this in schools at all. Parents should be responsible for their child’s sexual teachings. Not outsiders.

  7. Ohlongjohnson

    Why does a third grader need to hear about 4N4L sex?

  8. Love and Peace

    It is not Chapek’s duty to tell a certain political group that he is “on their side”. What if he is not on their side… Then that same political group should be happy if he says nothing? No. They are not happy. They are not happy unless he would embrace and promote their particular religious beliefs.

  9. Bxmamipr

    Why would Disney have anything to do with this? No corporation wants to take sides in a polarizing issue. They want everyone’s money. I have to agree, the things people are “offended” by now are so ridiculous. People are offended by literal science. Ummm I don’t think you can change that, it’s how life exists, just saying. People must wake up and try to think of something to get “offended” by. The sexual discussions have no right to take place in schools at all. It has always been a private family matter, and up to the family on when and how they address these topics. Has anyone thought about what is in the best interest of the children? At that age they literally lack the mental capacity to understand these things. It just causes confusion. Plus, no child needs to know these things at that age, let them enjoy innocence and childhood. Parents now use their children to push political agendas, which is sad.

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